1 - The Originals 3x06 Beautiful Mistake Joseph Morgan Klaus

We start off this week 24 hours in the future, with Aurora in Klaus’s bed, and Klaus looking very perturbed about a phone call and with Aurora. She tells him to stop being such a Debbie Downer. She will tell him everything she knows.

What you need to know:

Rebecca is in Morocco, chasing down a way to get Kol back. Freya discovers this using one of her signature locator spells and astrally projects herself into Rebecca’s living room so they can talk over drinks.

It seems Freya isn’t the only one who has followed Rebecca to Morocco. The Strix have arrived, in the flesh. They kill Rebekah’s witch body to flush out Rebekah in her real body. When she does wake up in her coffin, she goes looking for her former self, and as The Strix expected, walks right into their trap. She gets her fight on pretty well for someone in a body that has been in a coffin for six months. With a little assistance from Astral Freya, she gets away.

The Strix track her down before she can make off with the key spell to bring Kol back. This time, they are prepared for Freya and have their own witch at their disposal to send her astral form back to New Orleans. It looks like Rebekah is going home after all, just not on her own terms. Aya has daggered her.

Elijah and Klaus’ fight is over, leaving Freya to follow the aftermath (I guess that’s inevitable when neither opponent can be killed). They explain to her that after their little squabble about the past, they’ve discovered that Lucien and Tristan are indeed working together against them. Klaus is determined to find out where Aurora’s loyalties lie. Elijah finally explains why either of the sired progeny would have ill will toward them.

Finally, we find out why Tristan was sired. As bait, along with Aurora and Lucien, Elijah compelled him to believe that they were the Mikaelson trio on the run from their father Mikael. The first time they were daggered, the compulsion wore off and the three were justifiably ticked.

You can tell Freya is the new addition to the family because this kind of behavior still surprises her. More tequila, please!

Camille, after being arrested by Detective Kinney, is intercepted by Lucien who is trying to find a little piece of black magic he believes to be in her collection of relics. He compels Detective Kinney to ensure her cooperation. Kinney is compelled to cook, bleed, and apparently make sarcastic quips about it while he does so. Leave it to Logan Echolls Detective Will to bitch while being compelled.

2 - The Originals 3x06 Beautiful Mistake Cami Lucien

After making several attempts to outsmart Lucien, Camille finally gives up the precious medallion to save Kinney’s life.

Camille is defeated and a little horrified as Lucien reminds her that when it comes to vampires and humans, the humans always lose. Poor Cami. I wouldn’t blame her if she ran far, far away from this supernatural little town. Maybe she should?

Meanwhile, Klaus is giving Aurora a tour of the city. She knows she’s being sussed out, but her twisted feelings for Klaus pull her toward him. On the last stop in his tour, he shows her the Mikaelson abode. We discover it was his art studio 200 years ago. He sealed it up in an effort to cut off his feelings for her. He admits to never being so wrong about anything, and they fall into bed together.

What I’m Loving:

Claire Holt (Rebekah’s original body) is back, and not just for flashback scenes! I hope that even though she’s been daggered, she’ll pop up a few more times before the season’s end.

3 - The Originals 3x06 Beautiful Mistake

What’s coming up:
Now, we know from Aurora that the trinity’s plan and the weapon they seek is not to kill The Originals but to lock them away forever so that they can’t affect any of their sire-lines. We don’t know what that means for the prophecy. The other unstable variable is Aurora. She saved Rebekah from The Strix, but is she really on the siblings’ side? How will this romantic reconnection continue to play out? I doubt Tristan will be pleased with any of it.

We’ve also learned that The Strix are after Davina. Probably so she’ll help them with this weapon and its unbreakable boundary. It will likely be up to Hayley and Marcel to keep this from happening. More barely-there, back burner story lines for the likeable characters we’d like to see more often.

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