By Heather Dyer

rachel and sarah

Well, Clone Club, the season finale did not disappoint. We got a little of each of the sestras, the reunion we’ve been waiting for, and a cure for the Leda illness. However, it’s never easy for the Ledas. Not ever.

The good news? Cosima is finally able to generate a cure for herself, Charlotte, and any number of Ledas we haven’t met yet. It’s a sweet, hopeful moment, but a short-lived victory for Cosima because as soon as Susan confirms the results, she shuts Cosima out of the database, cuts her off from communication with the outside world, and makes plans to jump-start the cloning business again.

Donnie and Alison, after leaving home to shake their surveillance team, are holed up with Helena at her yurt in the wilderness, where Alison is probably suffering from food poisoning. This is a holding pattern for these characters until next season.

Rachel is operating with deadly focus and making a power-grab for Evie Cho’s position. Evie tried to defend herself in front of the BrightBorn board, but remember the cheek bot that she so willingly got implanted? They used it to kill her. Evidently there are people even more ruthless than she is. Rachel is more than happy to step in and take control, vowing to merge the cloning capabilities of Leda with the technology of the bots before heading off to deal with Susan Duncan.

Our little ray of sunshine is Krystal — still mostly in the dark about the whole conspiracy — and she has some of the best lines of the night. She reaches out to Felix with information about Delphine, but says she has to know the truth about what’s going on before she spills the beans. So he takes her to a little cloak-and-dagger meetup at Rabbit Hole Comics, and introduces her to Sarah, her clone. She doesn’t buy it. “This is what you think I look like? Even if you could drag a comb through that hair, she’s like a 7 on a good day, and I’ve been told I’m a 10.” She believes she’s in the middle of two big players in the human experiment game: Estee Lauder, and that Swedish company, Neolution. Everyone nods and tells her how right she is.

What Krystal contributes to the meeting is that she’s seen Delphine get shot in the parking garage by our old friend Duko. After he was scared off by an approaching vehicle, Krystal went over to help Delphine but was pushed aside by Dr. Van Lier, who gave her medical attention and whisked her away in a paneled van. Van Lier is the interim head of BrightBorn now that Evie has been “removed.”

Cosima and Charlotte manage to escape the lab and are making their way through the woods toward the encampment that was marked in Charlotte’s drawing. However, it’s dark and they are both sick, so they stop for a rest and end up passing out. The man from Rachel’s visions shows up and takes them the rest of the way to the campsite, where Delphine is waiting. Finally, Cosima and Delphine are reunited! Cosima is weak from hypothermia at this point and requires immediate medical attention from Delphine.


Sarah worries about Cosima’s safety, and she and Siobhan trick Van Lier into walking into a deserted alley, where they divert him into Cal’s old truck.


I still miss you, Cal!

They find out Rachel is headed to the island, and Siobhan arranges for a helicopter to fly Sarah out there. Alone, which is the best way to approach murderous psychopaths, right? Right. When she arrives, she finds that Rachel has tried to kill Susan. She follows Susan’s blood trail to the lower level of the house, which for some reason always looks like the set of Legends of the Hidden Temple to me.


She finds Susan, but Rachel sneaks up behind her and beats the shit out of Sarah with her cane, and stabs her in the leg with a knife. Sarah manages to escape, and the last we see of her, she’s out on the beach trying to make a getaway. She calls Siobhan for help, but it’s Ferdinand who takes the phone, since he’s holding S. and Kira hostage.

This is where we’ll pick up next year for Season Five, which will be the final season. I expect we’ll finally get some specifics about how Neolution plans to change humanity, and the sestras will have to unite like never before if they are going to end Rachel’s plans once and for all. Until 2017, Clone Club!



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