Orphan BlackSeason 4, Episode 2 – “Transgressive Border Crossing”

By Heather Dyer

Orphan Black 4x2

Last week we traveled back in time to meet Beth and discover her role in unveiling the mystery of Neolution and her clone sisters. This week we’re back in the present, where Sarah re-traces Beth’s steps in an effort to find the mysterious M.K., who warned Sarah to get out of Iceland.

“They’re coming.”

The show opens with Sarah and Kira hastily gathering their belongings after M.K.’s phone call.  Siobhan and Kendall are skeptical about the call from someone they don’t know. They’ve stayed alive so far only trusting a handful of people, after all. What if it’s a trick to flush them out into the open?

“What about Daddy?” Kira asks. Yes, what about Daddy, my TV soulmate? “He’s out of the country,” Sarah explains. DANG IT! Come back soon, Cal…

Kira peers out the window and announces: “They’re coming.” Sure enough, headlights appear in the distance. This puts everyone into high gear, and they know they’ll need to destroy any evidence that they might leave behind. They’ve got to burn the place down. No problem! If there’s one thing Siobhan knows how to do, it’s light shit on fire.

Orphan Black 4x2 Fire

Mah Bebehs

Orphan Black 4x2 Bebehs

Back in the states, it’s time for Helena’s prenatal checkup, and she’s posing as Mrs. Hendricks so that she can use Alison’s health insurance. Helena reports to the nurse that she is “a little tired, and many farts.” True that, sestra. True that.

The exciting news? Helena is having twins! Imagine Alison, Donny, Helena and two little babies all in the same house. This is a recipe for awkwardness. I can’t wait.


Felix! Felix! And his naked bum! Whatever. We love Felix and his bum. He definitely has some resentment toward the Clone Club mission, though. When Sarah finally presses him on it, honestly she’s kind of bitchy. He tells her he is looking for his birth family, and this should be exciting news, right? Not to Sarah, who believes she’s the only family he needs. Poor Fe, he’s gone traipsing all over the globe with her on her quest, but she can’t even muster any interest. What is wrong with you, Sarah?  This is Felix we’re talking about! 

Following in Beth’s Footsteps

Sarah, whose hair is a magnificent combination of I Fell Asleep On The Plane and I Spent Seven Hours Styling This, goes with Art to Beth’s apartment to try and find some evidence of Beth’s investigation into Neolution.  They discover hidden surveillance footage of Beth and Paul, and we see the pregnant woman Beth interviewed at Club Neolution, so that’s where Sarah is headed next.

Let’s Talk About Worms

While Sarah is hanging out in the Club Neo bar, waiting for a lead to fall into her lap, a man mistakes her for M.K. and pulls her into the back of the club to show her a video that M.K. contacted him about seeing. Sarah acts the part and sees a video of some guy who has a worm implanted in his cheek (sound familiar?) and I have to tell you, I did not watch all of it. I got squeamish when they tapped the worm and it wiggled. Gah! Apparently they tried removing it and it killed the guy. Robo-worm-assassins: that’s exactly what this show was lacking.

The guy with the video realizes Sarah is not M.K., and she manages to steal his phone when she escapes.  She uses the information to go to the meeting with M.K., but M.K. is paranoid and will only talk to her on the phone. Then, just as Sarah is about to leave, the Neolution EMTs show up and lock Sarah in. They pin her down and look at her cheek, inside and out, but they are clearly hoping for M.K. instead so after they inspect her, they let Sarah go.

Orphan Black 4x2 EMT hold

If you remember, Dyad kidnapped Sarah and Kira and experimented on them, so Sarah races home to see whether there is a robo-worm inside her, too. There is, of course, and it wiggles when Siobhan presses on Sarah’s cheek. Gah! It’s reasonable to assume that there’s one in Kira as well, but Siobhan has wisely protected her from all of this and sent her to her room.

So what do you do once you find out there is a robotic worm inside you that might kill you at any moment, and that will kill you if you try and remove it? I expect Sarah will spend some time in the new super-secret lab at Rabbit Hole Comics, where Cosima and Scott will try to figure out what it is and why it’s in there. We’re going down the rabbit hole once more, sestras.  Hang on!

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