By Heather Dyer

Sarah’s still searching for someone to remove the bot from her face, Alison schemes to get more information on Neolution, and M.K. reveals her darker side. Let’s check in with the sestras.



She’s trying to use Ferdinand to find Susan Duncan, but he won’t give any information unless Sarah tells him who tipped her off in Iceland (M.K.). Sarah isn’t about to hand over her sister, and turns to Dizzy for help in finding M.K. Sarah ends up telling him that she is a clone. I like Dizzy so I hope he’s trustworthy, and Sarah needs a new sidekick for when Felix is trying to have his own life. She’s still unsupportive of Felix’s connection with his birth family, but at a family meeting with S and Fe she begins to see how self-centered she’s been to Felix. He agrees to help her once he realizes she’s got a potentially murderous wormbot in her head, because he’s awesome like that.



Every scene with Helena is a gift. It’s like Christmas morning every time I see her crazy Shakira hair and pink-rimmed eyes. This time she’s making a poster collage of babies (“very cuddly”), but when Donnie explains how stressful the fertility treatments for him and Alison were, she decides to leave the Hendricks family to spare them any additional heartache during her pregnancy. She buries the container with her formerly frozen embryos in the back yard, says goodbye to her “leetle science babies,” apologizes for not feeding them “liquid nitrogens,” and departs as “Ave Maria” plays in the background.

This is television gold.


We’ve seen her as an almost child-like recluse, hiding from the world, but now a lethal side of M.K. is emerging. She rigged a bomb under her trailer door to kill intruders, and once she finds out Sarah has been working with Ferdinand (aka the Topside Cleaner who killed her clone-sister Nikki), she sets a trap for him. This scenario is well thought-out by M.K., featuring another weight-triggered bomb, gasoline and candles, and even a Power Point presentation about Ferdie himself! She manages to get him to cough up his bank account password, drains the Ferdinand-and-Rachel-Honeymoon-from-Hell fund and leaves him to Sarah and Siobhan, who deactivate the bomb.

mk and ferd


I love how this whole experience continues to challenge Alison and Donnie, both individually and as a couple. When we first met them, they were having trouble in their marriage, and now look at these two. Burying bodies, digging them up, lopping their heads off, and putting them into designer insulated bags. There’s nothing like a good murder to bring people together. Good on ya, you crazy kids.

This week, after a brief moment of normalcy with a friend at the coffee shop, Alison is accosted by Trina, the formerly pregnant girl from Club Neo, who mistakes her for Beth. She chastises “Beth” for not keeping her status as a Carrier a secret and visiting the fertility clinic. Alison is tasked by Sarah to investigate further (because Sarah’s too stressed out), and she comes up with an ingenious plan for Felix and Donnie to pose as prospective parents at the clinic. This is all kinds of delightful; honestly I wish the show had given more time to that than Donnie and Alison’s phone sex, which was still entertaining, in a cringe-worthy way. Donnie name-drops BrightBorn to the doctor after submitting his, um, “sample,” and quickly receives information on the program. Basically, Neolution is using this fertility clinic to further their “controlled evolution” agenda, so I’m guessing that at some point this season we’re going to see a whole room full of Charlottes.



While she and Scott extract a tumor containing the bot from Dr. Leeki’s decapitated head, they vent their feelings about the head of Dyad. Scott complains that Leeki never gave him a raise, not even once. They are able to remove the bot and once they put it under a microscope they realize it’s almost entirely synthetic. Plus, it delivers a substance which glows in the dark, and it may be changing the very DNA of its host.


The Ice Queen has been clinically analyzing the data on Charlotte’s illness and despite her growing relationship with her mini-me, tells Susan that the information on not treating Charlotte is more valuable than another failed course of treatment. Susan and Rachel are alike, after all. Susan was willing to give up Rachel in order to disappear, and Rachel is willing to sacrifice Charlotte’s life for science.

Speaking of kids, where the heck is Kira? Where are Alison and Donnie’s children? Is Kendall running the worst day-care ever someplace off the grid? I can picture her chain-smoking and yelling at them to turn down Spongebob because she can’t hear herself think.

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