By Heather Dyer

Orphan Black 4x6 Cosima Fire

Episode 6 was a roller coaster of emotions, Clone Club. From Beth’s assassination attempt to Krystal’s conspiracy theory to that horrible death, this week’s show put us through the wringer!

We start with another look back to Beth’s investigation, and thank goodness, because this whole time I’ve been wondering where she went in a blonde wig and why she came back with blood on her hands. She’d traced everything back to Susan Duncan and was determined to eliminate the problem at the source. She thought that if she killed Susan, she and her sisters would finally be safe. Beth didn’t realize the scope of the Leda project, did she? When she confronted her at gunpoint, Beth saw that Susan was emotional about Leda, felt that the clones were her family, even said she loved them, and I believe her. As repulsive as Susan can be, she genuinely believes in the elegance of science. Beth reconsidered killing Susan, realizing that the true enemy is Evie Cho, who had given Beth false information, hoping Beth would carry out what she could not do. Susan found Evie in the back of a limo and beat the crap out of her. Totally satisfying! Unfortunately, Beth took Evie’s words to heart when she said that the only way the other Ledas would be safe is if Beth took her own life.

Fast forward to the present day, and Krystal is at the police station asking for protective custody because her life is in danger. You see, BrightBorn and Dyad are cosmetic companies who are doing stem cell experiments on humans. They know Krystal is a whistle-blower and they’ll stop at nothing to silence her. Art overhears her and gets her to an interview room before she can attract any attention. Felix is recruited to calm Krystal down, but she’s still very jumpy and full of self-defense techniques. When Felix approaches her, she panics and pepper-sprays him.

Sarah and Cosima make a deal with Susan and Evie to hand over Kendall’s genetic code plus all of their research in exchange for removing the bot from Sarah and allowing Cosima to work with them on a cure for her illness. They don’t consult Siobhan about it because they expect her to say no, and she would because she’s both smart and paranoid, two things that have kept her alive. A leap of faith doesn’t always mean you land on steady ground. Sometimes it’s just a leap into thin air, which is where this one was headed.

Sarah finally gets Evie to take the bot out of her cheek, in a suitably icky scene. It felt a little anti-climactic, given the amount of time this season has spent on that storyline, but it’s a relief not to have to talk about face bots anymore, frankly. Sarah hops out of the surgical chair and heads to Felix’s to pick up Kendall and get her tucked safely away somewhere.

Orphan Black 4x6 Evie, Cosima & Sarah

Susan demands to be present when Kendall’s blood is drawn, and when she lays eyes on Kendall for the first time, she appears to be star-struck. Cosima has figured out a way to hand over the genome about Leda but not Castor, so that Castor will die out, and after Kendall’s blood draw, Kendall leaves and Scott gets to work on the project. He’s almost finished when Sarah interrupts, telling everyone that on her way in she found Kendall’s cigarettes in a pool of blood outside. They immediately suspect Susan, and take her and her bodyguard captive. Sarah destroys the genetic samples so that Susan can’t use them.

At the same time, Cosima is at BrightBorn to hand over her hard drive of information to Evie Cho. She asks about Delphine but Evie says she doesn’t know her. Suddenly Evie’s assistant enters saying that Susan’s out of communication, and they immediately suspect the clones and take Cosima captive.

In the meantime, Scott heads back to the super-secret lab at Rabbit Hole Comics, and discovers that a virus has destroyed all of their records, and it had to come from the hard drive provided by BrightBorn. Everything is gone. They are back at square one.

Our favorite police union representative, Detective Duko, is in custody of Kendall, waiting for Evie Cho out in a remote field. He’s actually kind to Kendall, getting her a blanket when she’s chilled. When Evie shows up with Cosima, it almost seems like she regrets what she’s about to do. Not enough to change her mind about killing Kendall, of course. Kendall is in the back of a van with some extremely flammable material which will ensure none of her genetic material will remain after the fire they will set.

Orphan Black 4x6 Kendall

They allow Cosima a short farewell, and it’s heartbreaking. I cried like a little baby. Those jerks!

After Kendall is dead, Evie walks up to Cosima and tells her that Delphine Cormier was shot to death in the Dyad parking garage. Cosima completely falls apart at this point. I don’t really know that Delphine is dead, though. We have two reports that she was shot, but we all know what happens on this show. I won’t believe it without proof, and neither should Cosima.

Evie gives back Cosima’s cell phone (tapped now, I’m sure) and says to tell Sarah that The Original is dead, the data is destroyed and this is all over. She hopes the Ledas will all return to their separate lives and forget about Neolution, but I predict that what she’s set in motion is a wave of revenge. By killing Kendall, she’s going to tick off every single one of the Ledas, plus Siobhan. We haven’t seen Helena in a few weeks but when she finds out about Kendall’s death she’s going to want to skin somebody alive. Something tells me the sestras are going to unite and wreak some serious havoc on BrightBorn, and I for one can’t wait.


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