By Shandle Blaha

Orphan Black 4x7 Sarah & Felix

Ghosts of the past

This was a hard episode to watch; seeing everyone so broken after Kendall’s death was heartbreaking. Siobhan blames Sarah for Kendall’s death and isn’t afraid to let her know it, calling her an orphan, which leads Sarah to leave. While on her binge of alcohol, drugs and sex, Sarah keeps seeing Beth’s ghost and contemplates suicide. Thankfully, Kira is able to pick up on Sarah’s feelings and tells Siobhan, who calls Felix who had already been out looking for Sarah. He finds Sarah on the bridge, just leaning over the edge watching the trains, while Beth’s ghost tells her, “There’s more than biology between us, Sarah. There’s something else. You can feel it, too. Bring us together, Sarah. We need you.” Sarah arrives back home; she and Siobhan share a tender moment while Kira plays Minecraft.  Suddenly MK’s goat-masked face appears on her computer screen and Kira says, “You’re the girl in the shadows.”

Orphan Black 4x7 Beth

The science of desperation 

Meanwhile, Cosima feels responsible for Kendall’s murder, telling Scott it was all her idea. They are devastated to have lost all their work on a cure for whatever is killing clones, but then remember they still have Sarah’s implant. Cosima locks Scott out of the lab and prepares to implant the bug into her own cheek, saying that even if she dies it will be worth it to save her sisters. Just as she’s about to put it in, Felix calls and tells her that Krystal saw Delphine get shot, but that she wasn’t dead. This gives Cosima the hope she needed and she stops.

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Alison is determined to throw Gemma a perfect party but she is also hurting and lost. In a rare moment of vulnerability, she drops to her knees to pray and cry, but then Donnie finds her. Donnie tries to get her to talk but she keeps refusing, so Donnie, trying to be helpful, invites their Reverend to the party so he can talk to Alison. They are just about to blow out the candles when the police burst through the door and arrest Donnie on drug charges. Alison comes face-to-face with the man who murdered Kendall, Detective Duko, who likely led them straight to Donnie and Alison as revenge for Art beating him up.

Donnie (KRISTIAN BRUUN), Det. Collier (JOE PINGUE), and Alison (TATIANA MASLANY)

Swan song

Rachel is finally able to leave her prison and wanders up the stairs. She discovers a defeated Susan and a book titled On the Science of Neolution, by Percival Westmoreland. Susan explains they are staying in his house, that the rooms where Rachel has been kept were originally his. She tells Rachel there is nothing more they can do now that Kendall is dead and Evie is in control of Neolution. They talk with Evie, trying to compromise, but Evie tells Rachel and Susan it won’t be like Helsinki but that her “self-aware” sisters will be dealt with. That is Evie code for “hunted until they are killed.” Rachel offers to help but Evie scoffs at her. The next day, Rachel falls, hitting her head, and sees a swan–which reminded me of Helena referring to Susan’s husband as Swan-Man. I’m not sure what it means, but I know it will come out eventually.

Orphan Black 4x7 Rachel

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