By Heather Dyer

The 15 Best Things about This Week’s Orphan Black


  1. A banner of flags, an old man in the woods gesturing to Rachel to follow him. Man oh man, this is one weird eye implant. I am never wearing contacts again.
  2. She’s living in the wilderness, killing animals and eating them and shit because of course she is. Happy dance, happy dance.
  3. Felix, meeting Ira: “I could scarcely believe it, a Castor who favors slacks.”
  4. The Free Donnie campaign has worked! “Here, hold my undies. They’re dirty.”

  5. Felix is punk perfection, right? I mean, that hair…
    OB felix
  6. Cosima just fertilized a Leda egg with a Castor sperm. Creepy.
  7. Uh oh, somebody is asking about Duko. He’s… on leave. Right?
  8. Helena is out hunting a deer. With a bow and arrow. While she’s pregnant. She’s traumatized a young family who see her walk by with the carcass. HAHAHA! I’ve missed her so much.
  9. Ohemgee it’s Adele. And she gets to meet Helena!
  10. Evie has her very own cheek bot now. I wonder if Cosima can figure out how to kill her with it.
  11. Donnie is a bad man who runs the cell block. Just so you know.
  12. Donnie, packing for vacation: “I brought the Immodium in case you want that crab salad again.”
  13. HEEEEELLLLEENNAAAA! She’s good with weapons, if you need someone to put an arrow through your assailant’s neck. “Donnie Hendrick. You look like roast pig.”

  14. Good old Rachel. Blackmail really suits her.
  15. DELPHINE! I didn’t really believe it, but she’s alive!

Next week is the Season Finale, Clone Club! There are still questions to be answered: Who knows that Delphine is alive? What’s she been doing in that hut? Is that the place that Rachel has been getting messages from? Who is the unfortunate soul who will have to tell Helena that Kendall is dead? Will Sarah brush her hair in the next week?

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