By Heather Dyer


Well, Clone Club, if we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, last week was the bottom of the pit. Thank heaven for Felix, who pulled not just Sarah but also Cosima back from the brink of destruction. Now that everyone’s back in the game, where do they go from here?

Donnie Fought the Law and Did Not Win

Donnie is in jail now, arrested for his involvement in the whole prescription-drug-soap business. He tries to act like a tough guy, but there’s a Neolution bodybuilder there who is keeping an eye on him. He holds Donnie hostage for Detective Duko in order to coerce Alison to give up information on where to find Sarah.

You Have a Clone Call

Cosima and Sarah are recovering from their downward spirals over the last few days while Kira sits nearby playing on her computer. It struck me here in this scene, as it did many times in this episode: Tatiana Maslany is such a talented actress that I forget for long periods of time that multiple clones in the same scene is Tatiana playing multiple parts. So, when Sarah and Cosima are talking to MK, all three of them are the same person. Please, please, somebody give this woman an Emmy already.

Anyway, MK interrupts Kira’s game to talk to Sarah and Cosima and play a segment of a video call she hacked between Evie and Susan, where Evie announces that the Leda program is over and Sarah and her self-aware clone sisters are going to meet their end. Cosima asks Mika to put her in touch with Susan.

“This is the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for.”

Later, in the lab, Cosima and Scott are trying to get back on track with their research, and now that Cosima knows Delphine is still alive, she’s focused and ready to roll. They have agreed to work with Susan to try and find a cure, but when Rachel enters the picture, Scott is not havin’ it, and she’s quickly dismissed from the project. Cosima postulates that if they take the egg from a Leda and a sperm from a Castor, they may be able to reproduce the stem cells needed to generate a cure. They need a Leda capable of reproducing, which obviously means Sarah, and Ira, well, he’s around, so he gets elected. Sarah’s not thrilled with the idea of more people prodding her with needles, and she’s definitely not excited about working with Susan Duncan, but Susan’s got the resources to complete the project, so what choice do they have?

In Case You Forgot How Scary S. Is

Siobhan is still reeling from Kendall’s death, and she’s dealing with it the only way she knows how. By finding Duko and blowing him off the planet. Kira tips Sarah off about Siobhan’s little “errand,” and Sarah calls on Art to help her out. Siobhan has already followed Duko and has him literally in her sights, when she sees Alison pull in and meet with him. Duko is threatening Donnie’s safety, and Alison now has to choose between keeping her sister safe or keeping her husband safe.

Jesus Christ, Superstar

Alison arrives at church for rehearsals, flustered. She tries confiding in the minister, but there’s not much she can really tell him. He leaves her to have some quiet time with the Lord, and He seems to have given her some clarity because she calls Felix and asks him to come by the church because she needs him. Siobhan has explained Duko’s contact with Alison, so they are all suspicious of Alison’s loyalties. But the show (rehearsal) must go on, and Alison has to perform while she’s worried about Donnie’s safety. She does it brilliantly because… ACTING! Actually, what you don’t know right away is that Alison feeds Duko information about Sarah being at the Rabbit Hole, and it’s a trap for him. Once Alison gets the news that Donnie is safe, she rocks out, Alison-style.

Back at Rabbit Hole, Duko enters the shop after seeing Sarah go in, and is ambushed by Siobhan, Sarah, and Art. This is what I think about Siobhan: she could take your body apart piece by piece if she wanted to, but she’s way too impatient for that garbage. She’s just going to torture you a little and then put a hole in your head. That’s basically what happens to Duko. S hooks him up to a good old-fashioned car battery and takes out some of her aggression before shooting him with a rifle. She’s not blinded by anger, though, and takes the time to find out that Evie Cho’s plan for the cheek bots is to implant them in millions of people under the guise of gene therapy, but Duko’s not sure exactly what Evie’s end game is.

Swan Song

Rachel is having some serious glitching with her new Neo eye, seeing a swan sometimes and an old man other times. Is it real somehow? I wish I could give you some insight (get it?) into this whole thing, but honestly I have no freaking idea what is going on with this. Please, leave your theories in the comments section, because I am lost on this one.

When the episode ends, Cosima has harvested eggs from Sarah and is on her way to Susan Duncan’s lab somewhere in the Great White North. She’s hopeful for a cure, and I certainly would like for her to find something to smile about these days. I’m just worried about Rachel being there, too. The old Rachel seems to be making a comeback, and that’s never good for the Ledas.


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