While we’re counting down the days until the premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life my friends and I have been passionately discussing and ranking Lorelai’s love interests, and while we all agree Luke is THE ONE we thought it would be fun to make the lists and poll anyway.


The Pros & Cons of Christoper Hayden 


Pros Cons
Rory’s dad. Flakey, not active enough in Rory’s life.
Independent. Sherry.
Witty. Immature.
Lorelai’s first love. Has awful parents.
Takes Lorelai to Paris and they spontaneously get married.  Constantly asks for Lorelai’s help with Gigi.
Understands Lorelai on a deeper level than anyone else.  Jealous of Luke.

The Pros & Cons of Max Medina 


Pros Cons
Good teacher. Boring.
Gives Lorelai 1000 yellow daisies. Tries to parent Rory.
Safe.  Lorelai doesn’t love him.

The Pros & Cons of Alex Lesman 


Pros Cons
Knows all about coffee. Just disappears!
Friends with Sookie. Outdoorsy.

The Pros & Cons of Jason “Digger” Stiles


Pros Cons
Hard worker. Stereotypical “rich guy.”
Good sense of humor. Lorelai has to sleep in the guestroom.
Cute supermarket date. Sues Richard.

The Pros & Cons of Luke Danes


Pros Cons
Makes the coffee. Broke up with Lorelai after her parent’s vow renewal.
Feeds Lorelai & Rory. Kept April a secret.
Protective. of Rory & Lorelai. Always grumpy.
Takes Lorelai to his sister’s wedding. Very closed off.
Made Rory’s going away party a success. Didn’t want Lorelai in April’s life.
Kept that horoscope from the day they first met. Doesn’t have much town spirit.
Made Lorelai an ice rink & a chuppa. Isolates himself on his “dark day.”
Dependable. Hates coffee.

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