While we’re counting down the days until the premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life my friends and I have been passionately discussing and ranking Rory’s boyfriends. I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons and want all of you to vote so we can set this matter to rest.


The Pros & Cons of Dean Forester 


Pros Cons
Rory’s first love. Cheats on his wife with Rory.
Gentleman who always carried her books. Kind of clingy.
Built her a car. Not intellectually stimulating enough for Rory.
Loved his little sister. Judges Rory for partying with her friends.
Hardworker. Never felt comfortable in her world.
Protective Treated Rory like she was fragile.
Cute in a puppy-dog way. Leaves her at the 24hr dance.
Punches Tristan. Has jealousy issues.

The Pros & Cons of Jess Mariano rory-jess

Pros Cons
Challenges Rory. Wrecks Rory’s car and breaks her arm.
Intellectually her equal. Brooding and angsty.
Charming when he wants to be. Rebellious.
Independent. Gets angry when Rory isn’t ready to have sex.
Convinces Rory to go back to Yale. Secretive.
Writes a book and tells Rory it was because of her influence. Sucks at communicating.
Brings Rory food from Luke’s. Lorelei doesn’t approve of him.
Saves Rory from the sprinklers. Treats Luke like crap.

The Pros & Cons of Logan Huntzbergerrory-logan

Pros Cons
Charming. Gets arrested with Rory.
Intelligent. His father is an asshole.
Gives Luke a present to give to Lorelei on Valentine’s Day. Entitled and arrogant.
Protective. Privileged.
Daring. Was a player.
Adventurous. Gives Rory a proposal ultimatium.
Calls Rory “Ace.” Hedonistic.
Gave Rory a rocket when he moved to London. Lets his friends influence him in negative ways.

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