Outlander’s Jamie and Claire are one of our favorite fictional couples. I mean, just look at them!

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Has there ever been a swoon-worthier fictional couple? I think not. As such, it’s tempting for those of us in the fandom to wish they were together in real life, right? But let’s face it – isn’t it just the tiniest bit creepy to be so invested in the personal lives of your favorite actors? I mean, they have their own lives! As such, we’ve taken a look at who our favorite Outlander stars are cozying up to when they’re not on set. Check out the real-life partners of 10 members of the cast!

1. Sam Heughan – “James “Jamie” Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser”

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Wow! Sam has people fanning themselves all over the place with his smoldering portrayal of Jamie, but Sam’s real-life Claire, according to the latest rumors, might be Twin Peaks actress Amy Shiels, who has been one of his friends for more than a decade. Sam has reportedly moved on from the woman he publicly dated throughout 2017, MacKenzie Mauzy. New gal Amy is 38, Irish, and loves dogs. We approve!

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2. Catriona Balfe – “Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser”

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Catriona (pronounced like “Katrina”) Balfe has won our hearts as Claire, but who has won hers in real life? Her fiance, Tony McGill! The very private couple had been dating for more than two years before they got engaged over the 2017 holiday season. Mystery man McGill rarely appears in public with her and virtually does not exist on the internet, but we do know that like her, he’s Irish and smoking hot!

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3. Duncan Lacroix – “Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser”

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Our favorite grumbling clansman is famously single on the show (although he did gallantly offer to marry Mary Hawkins when she found herself knocked up with a dead boyfriend, with her other prospect for marriage being Black Jack Randall!) In real life, however, Duncan is extremely secretive about his relationship status, leading some to believe that he is secretly married! It’s all speculation, though, because 47-year old Lacroix has never uttered a public word about his personal life.

4. Tobias Menzies – “Jack Randall”, “Frank Randall”

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Tobias Menzies’ chilling portrayal of evil “Black” Jack Randall doesn’t have us thinking too much about romance when it comes to himself, and we guess that translates to real life, too! In 2005, he was romantically linked to his “As You Desire Me” co-star Kristen Scott Thomas. Since then, however, the brilliant actor has been famously single.

5. Grant O’Rourke – “Rupert MacKenzie”

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Rupert first won our hearts as half of the Rupert-Angus comedy duo, and again after we lost Angus in battle when he so bravely led the remainder of the men before marching bravely to his own death. It’s safe to say that he’s single on the show, as there has never been any mention of a wife and children (and Angus saw fit to leave him “Scarlett the whore” should he die in battle), but in real life? By all accounts, O’Rourke is currently as single as they come.

6. Graham McTavish – “Dougal MacKenzie”

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Graham McTavish cuts an imposing figure as war chief Dougal MacKenzie on Outlander. He’s married on the show to unseen wife Maura MacKenzie and has four daughters, fathers a son with Geillis Duncan as part of an extramarital affair, and is the father of his brother Colum’s son with his wife Letitia by design. But is he quite that busy in real life? Not at all. The Scottish actor has been married to his wife, Gwen Isaac for what appears to be more than a decade (the couple has never revealed their true wedding date) and the pair live in New Zealand with their two daughters.

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7. Stephen Walters – “Angus Mhor”

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On the show, he’s single and Rupert’s BFF for life. Off-screen? It looks like he’s similarly available! Get in line, ladies!

8. Lotte Verbeek – “Geillis Duncan”, “Gillian Edgars”, “The Bakra”

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On the show, Geillis goes through several husbands (all in not-so-nice ways), has an affair with Dougal, and then sets herself up on a Jamaican plantation where she abuses young virgin boys. In real life, however, Verbeek’s life is much more quiet! Or, that is to say, she KEEPS it quiet! She was rumored to have wed a longtime boyfriend years ago, but that has never been confirmed.

9. Laura Donnelly – “Jenny Fraser Murray”

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For many years (nearly 15!), Donnelly dated the guitarist from Snow Patrol, Nathan Connolly (Donnelly/Connolly? How cute is that?!) By May 2015, however, they had broken up and Laura dropped hints about a new love and that she was planning to buy property in Ireland to be near him. Rumor had it that the boyfriend might have been actor Lee Pace from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” but that was never confirmed. These days, however, she’s with writer Jez Butterworth, and they’ve had a baby together.

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10. Nell Hudson – Laoghaire MacKenzie

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As Laoghaire (pronounced “Leery”) on Outlander, Nell is the girl we love to hate! She interferes in Claire and Jamie’s relationship, then snags Jamie as a husband after Claire goes Back to the Future. In real life, though, Nell and her adorable singer boyfriend Will Taylor are already living together, and have been together since they met back in 2011. The two are dog parents, and many speculate that wedding bells aren’t too far away! The two are very open about their relationship on Instagram, so I’m sure we’ll be the first to know!

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