Shandle is a contributing writer and assistant managing editor at Sweatpants & Coffee. MJ is a TV Fanatic who’s childhood nickname was “The TV Guide,” she also blogs at Daisy & June.  They’re back to discuss the emotional rollercoaster in the amusement park that is Shondaland. Get out your Olivia Pope giant wine glass, and pour yourself a drink. Spoiler warnings, as always!

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 11, Episode 11 – “All I Could Do Was Cry”

What we loved:

Shandle: Nothing. I loved nothing about this stupid, sob-inducing episode. The title says it all: ALL YOU WILL DO IS CRY.
MJ: I had one – one tiny, small moment of peace in between my tears that made me half smile: Mer and Maggie. The other 42 minutes? Ugly crying all over my blankie. I couldn’t even soak up the whole Hunt and Amelia moment because it was too close to the sob-inducing scenes. I had to pause and rewind to see it again because I missed their quick but meaningful glance.
Shandle: Okay, maybe I loved Maggie offering to watch Mer’s kids, and saving Brenda. And Hunt holding Amelia’s hand.
MJ: Speaking of blankies – I normally am not a fan of Jackson’s mom but this episode made me want her to tuck me in after all my bad dreams. She was so comforting, soothing, and sweet.
Shandle: She was surprisingly comforting.


What could have been better:

Shandle: Everything. Dammit, Shonda! Jackson and Avery need some motherfluffing rainbows. And a damn death certificate? SERIOUSLY?!
MJ: As difficult as this one was to watch, it will go down as one of my favorite fucked up story lines. *ducks tomatoes* It was real, it was a real heart-wrenching story. No head to toe injuries from a bus, no crazed gunman in the hospital, no drowning off a dock or planes crashing. It was horribly within reach, as far as story lines go, and that’s why I love/hate it so much. It was haunting. Also, question: where in the hell was April’s family?
Shandle: That is a very good question, maybe Shonda realized having Mrs. Torkelson talking about God’s choices when the baby was dying would cause us to throw things at our TV?
MJ: Well, it annoyed me because she has been there for EVERYTHING. Then this, we don’t see her at all? I just found it really odd.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: WHERE IN THE HELL DID MEREDITH GO?! Are Richard and Avery’s mom going to rekindle their romance?
MJ: She went to DC right? For “emergency sex?”
Shandle: Oh, you didn’t see the preview?! Maggie asks her where she was because Derek called her several times. Mer was NOT with Derek, at least according to the previews.
MJ: OOOHH SNAP! Nope – I watch via Hulu so previews are not something I am privy to. Interesting. Can’t be Christina, can it?
Shandle: Ohhh! Maybe! She has definitely been in need of a Person.


Oh Shit, Shonda! moment:

Shandle: The intern that was not an intern at all.
MJ: I kind of felt that, but I thought something more sinister was on the way. Shonda has me scared of everyone.
Shandle: Yeah, when she was sitting there eating her yogurt I was scared she had a bomb on or something.

Best Lines:

“God, Yahweh, Buddha, E.T., whatever … show up for [April], please. She loves you. She needs you.” – Avery about April


“Babe, if it’s just gonna be us, let’s make us an adventure.” – Brenda’s husband

“Wendy do you believe in God?”
“Yes, but he didn’t, Michael didn’t believe.”
“It’s okay you can believe enough for the two of you. You have lost somebody and you are hurting, but you will get through this. You can survive this. You are strong. It’s okay. You are gonna be okay. I promise.” – April and Wendy

“I know what it is to walk into a hospital OR with little or no chance of success. To do all of the planning and hoping and labor knowing that in the end it may amount to nothing. It’s impossible. But it is what is asked of us. And if you can’t do it, if you are not willing to keep looking for light in the darkest of places without stopping even when it seems impossible you will never succeed.” — Amelia to Dr. Edwards

“He squeezed my finger, and then he let go.” – April about Samuel


Scandal, Season 4, Episode 12 “Gladiators Don’t Run”

What we loved:

MJ: Loved, hmmmm . . . well, I loved it all, but I really liked seeing her mom actually do something to protect her. Even if there was a secondary agenda.
Shandle: Me, too. She acted like a mother for the first time in her adult life. I also loved Abby yelling at David and at the end him telling her that Olivia isn’t her only friend. I totally ship Dabby.
MJ: I wish they would get back together already. Abby talking to Huck and Quinn broke my little heart though — and yet I was also was like “well, what did you expect Abby?”
Shandle: Yeah, I mean she was an original Gladiator but jumped ship when Olivia left.


What could’ve been better:

Shandle: I do not like Andrew getting off, but I do like that Fitz is protecting Mellie. #Mellie4Prez
MJ: I actually really loved Fitz and Mellie. Their complete understanding of each other was really touching, which is weird, I know. I would totally vote for Mellie.


Shandle: I also really need Greepy Gus to get Hucked up. (#HUCKEDUP)
MJ: #HuckedUp — ded – that is my new favorite.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: I have a sneaking suspicion Papa Pope bought her. I am anxious to see if I’m right.
MJ: GET OUT OF MY HEAD, SHANDLE. I feel like there is no way he didn’t know about this and no way he wouldn’t do something. As jacked as their relationship is, he wouldn’t let that happen – especially when it means he could have something over her AND Fitz.
Shandle: Exactly. He is the most power hungry person I know. How better to control Fitz and America than with Olivia?


Oh shit, Shonda! moment:

Shandle: HUCK! HOLY FUCK HUCK! Twice! First the two BILLION dollars and then the #HUCKEDUP blood bath.
MJ: Poor Huck, all he wants to do is live his damn life and he keeps getting into these situations where he HAS to be the bad guy. The scary, good looking, over the top bad guy. I think Huck is a little #HUCKEDUP himself.
Shandle: I am still wondering about his family! This better not derail that.
MJ: Yeah what the flip – can I get some bread crumbs on that please?

Best Lines:

“I have money! I have two billion, four hundred thousand, eighty-seven dollars and thirty-eight cents….I figured it was back pay, for my time in the hole.” – Huck to Quinn and Jake

“Everyone loves a sale.” – Olivia to Gus

“You will, however, be my bitch until the end of time.” – Cy to Lizzie

“We sleep better when she’s laying between us.” – Mellie to Fitz about Olivia


How to Get Away With Murder, Season 1 Episode 12, “She's a Murderer”

What we loved:

MJ: I loved watching Bonnie this episode. You could see the wheels turning in her head. I have a feeling we will see Annalise – connect with each one of the kids to hold them close you know? Gibbins she has, now Asher and almost smarty pants.
Shandle: Bonnie figuring things out and her telling Annalise that Hannah is smart, basically warning her. She may have loved Sam but her loyalty is clearly to Annalise. I also loved Annalise and Connor’s talk about how they were both worriers.
MJ: Yes, as a fellow #worrier myself I found myself nodding along during that scene with everything she was saying.


What could’ve been better:

Shandle: I am suspicious about this Rudy guy and what Rebecca knows.
MJ: This is on the top of my looking forward to list. The only thing I found lacking this episode was the side case. Aside from the hilarious chocolate and wine line, it dragged for me.
Shandle: I liked that it showed Annalise kicking ass in court. And let Frank punk Asher about being in the mob.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: Annalise’s mom!
MJ: Yes! We have heard nothing but semi not-so-nice shit about her, so I am interested in seeing if it’s true or not. I really can’t wait to see what develops with this roommate storyline. I feel like it will be the next big thing.

Oh Shit, Shonda! moment:

Shandle: She framed Nate! Was he in on it though? That call was suspicious. Was that “I need you” to Nate begging him to take the fall for murder or was that to Frank telling him to get the fingerprint for the ring?
MJ: Yes, I for real thought it was the SIL or Bonnie she was framing. This is a huge Oh Shit moment for me. I was hands in the air, mouth dropped shocked.
Shandle: I was SURE it was the SIL, too, and then Nate opened the door and I gasped. Then, as he’s being arrested, the look on his face, almost like he was expecting it.


“From here on, you’ll all be painted with your own scarlet A – for Annalise.” – Hannah to the students

Best Lines:

“We know you suckle at the teat of our dear old professor.” – Connor to Wes

“You gonna arrest me because my grief doesn’t look the way you want it? Go ahead.” – Annalise to the detective

“When in doubt, shut your mouth.” – Annalise to her students

“Oh snap, somebody better get the cheddar, we got ourselves a RAT” – Douchey to Frank

“Chocolate and Italian wine always go well together” – Mobster to Annaliese

“Better than the sister obsessing entire life over her brother. How’s the saying go? Incest is best, put your brother to the test.” – Annalise to Hannah (#Greepy?)

“She’s doing what she said she’d do. She’s taking care of us.” – Michaela to the group


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