Shandle is a contributing writer and assistant managing editor at Sweatpants & Coffee. MJ is a TV Fanatic who’s childhood nickname was “The TV Guide,” she also blogs at Daisy & June.  They’re back to discuss the emotional rollercoaster in the amusement park that is Shondaland. Get out your Olivia Pope giant wine glass, and pour yourself a drink. Spoiler warnings, as always!

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 11, Episode 9 – “Where do we go from here?”

What we loved:

MJ: I loved seeing the episode following different parallels of motherhood. And Bailey – I loved her story about Tuck – made me feel normal to know all mothers – even Bailey can struggle.
Shandle: Yes, the motherhood stories were great. I loved Alex telling Bailey she is a good mom.


MJ: I also hate using ‘loved’ on this point, but I loved the realistic breakdown of April and Avery. It was so true to itself.
Shandle: It was! April being angry at God was hard but so honest.


MJ: Sidenote – I have to say this was the first time in a LONG time I was actually hooked on the side story line. The mother driving her kids off the bridge, the father and his internal struggle, I actually CARED about them.
Shandle: It was very powerful but simple. Parents struggle daily, and it was nice to shed some light on it.

What could have been better:

Shandle: Herman and her aversion to hope.
MJ: You know, that part really pissed me off. I was glad to see she didn’t break Arizona. I still really dislike Herman – so much so that she is making me like Arizona again.

Best Lines:

“Why is it somehow worse when a woman kills her kids? It’s sexist, women are just as crappy and homicidal as men” – Jo to Edwards about the mom driver

“I had to let her go.” – Hunt to Meridith about Cristina

“I need a person…”


Oh Shit, Shonda! Moment:

Shandle: When Mer tossed the Post-It I gasped!
MJ: Yeah, that and the nanny scene broke my heart.


Scandal, Season 4, Episode 10 – “Run”

What we loved:

MJ: That entire slow motion opening scene, the running and then the apartment. It was like Shonda heard my cries of “What happened, I need to see that again!?”


Shandle: It was amazing! And bonus points for letting us watch Jake run around in his boxers.
MJ: Ha! Super bonus.
Shandle: I also loved the Vermont dream, the good parts with the shower and jam.
MJ: Yeah, then stupid Tom had to show up and ruin all my jam covered dreams


What could have been better:

Shandle: I was sad we didn’t anything about Huck and his family. I am impatiently waiting.
MJ: Me too.
MJ: The bra. I know, I know what?? But really? I can barely keep a bra on all day, if at all and she managed to keep one on that whole time??? And with one wire no less!
Shandle: Haha! That is a good point. I definitely wouldn’t have kept mine on.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: Um, EVERYTHING?! How is Fitz going to respond to the video in the preview for next week?!
MJ: I can’t wait to see him lose his shit.

Best Lines:

Shandle: Abbey’s speech!
MJ: That last line though, whew it had me cheering – “You are the only gladiator in the place – RESCUE YOURSELF.”

“Your father is what…Ike Turner?” – Ian to Olivia

“No she’s not on an island with another man, Quinn” – Jake to Quinn


Oh Shit, Shonda! Moment:

Shandle: I feel like Ian’s reveal should be it, but honestly I called it as soon as I saw him. I was a bit disappointed that Olivia didn’t realize it made no sense for him to be in the room with her.
MJ: Yes – I attribute my ability to feel that to LOST, cause I saw it coming a mile away. I yelled at the TV, “I KNEW IT!!”
Shandle: Shonda is good at making us cry but she can’t get rats past us.
MJ: Yeah! We can smell the rats, you can’t fool us! Although, she fools me at least three times every week so there’s that.

How to Get Away with Murder, Season 1, Episode 10, “Hello Raskolnikov”

What we loved:

MJ: I loved seeing Annalise’s actual reaction to Sam. I was wondering if there would be a break down or not before the cold collected Annalise came out. Also, it was so interesting seeing that she was the mastermind behind EVERYTHING!
Shandle: Right?! We knew she knew, but that she orchestrated it all, damn. I was happy see they saved Rebecca too. She and Gibbins are adorable.
MJ: I feel like so much of what I loved this episode was unspoken – the facial expressions, hidden smirks…they were what I really, really loved.

What could have been better:

Shandle: Bonnie being a bitch to Asher rubbed me the wrong way.
MJ: Aww, poor Asher. Douche boy gets no respect
Shandle: Haha, I think I am having trouble separating him from his Orange Is The New Black character, so I just want to squeeze the doucheyness out of him.
MJ: There is just so much douche to squeeze, and so little time.


MJ: I was super uncomfortable watching the creepy mother/son/lover weirdness between Annalise and Gibbins. I feel like this is another #greepy moment for me. It needs to be decided: will they fuck, or will Annalise just care for him.
Shandle: Yep, total #greepy vibe.

Best Lines:

“You call it crazy, I call it winning.” – Annalise to D.A. Parks


“Women aren’t like men detective. We don’t obsess over every detail of partner’s bodies” – Annalise to the Cops

MJ: Can we just call it, though? Walsh – he had the best lines AGAIN this week.

“Mommy’s Home”

“Listen to what we have to say or we sell you out.”

“Sounds like you might need a lawyer.”

“What’s the matter, not in the mood to confess to murder?”

Oh Shit, Shonda! Moment:

Shandle: When she is waiting for them at the police station, right as they were going to wuss out.
MJ: The entire emotional roller coaster of watching them deciding whether or not they would turn on each other. Whew, Shonda did it again.


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