Sunday, June 26, marked the beginning of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Shark Week is an annual week long celebration of the apex predators of the ocean, sharks. Shark Week was started in 1988 by Tom Golden as a way to education the public about the importance of sharks and help with conservation efforts. Over time is has become hugely popular on social media and the programming has taken more of a fun approach with mockumentaries and docufiction, which have garnered criticism for the network. Despite the criticism of junk science, it is still the longest-running cable TV program ever. You can check out Discovery Channel’s website for a full schedule of shark-related shows and other fun stuff, and if that isn’t toothy enough for you, Netflix also has more ridiculous shark B-movies for you to choose from.

You can’t talk about Shark B-movies without mentioning Sharknado, the popular Syfy movie that launched a franchise and revitalized the career’s of Ian Zering and Tara Reid. The first movie takes place in Los Angeles where a water spout sucks sharks out of the Pacific Ocean and drops them all over L.A.

Sharknado 2: The Second One, has the sharks falling from the sky and terrorizing New York City. Celebrity cameos include: Vivica A. Fox, Mark McGrath, Matt Lauer, Kelly Osborne, Kelly Ripa, Al Roker, Kurt Angle, Downtown Julie Brown, Perez Hilton, Michael Strahan, Andy Dick, and Billy Ray Cyrus.


Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! Storms cause the sharks to tear up the East Coast from Washington, D.C. all the way to Florida. Celebrity cameos include: Bo Derek, Frankie Muniz, Mark Cuban, David Hasselhoff, Ne-Yo, Lou Ferrigno, Lorenzo Lamas, George R.R. Martin, Kathie Lee Gifford, Penn & Teller, and Jackie Collins.

And don’t forget Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens premiers July 31 on SyFy.

If you can’t get enough of shark-related weather disasters, don’t miss Avalanche Sharks; a ski resort is terrorized by a prehistoric “snow shark” that is uncovered by an avalanche.

Shark Lake: A black-market exotic pet dealer let loose a shark in Lake Tahoe, and now it and its family are terrorizing the vacation town of Lake Tahoe in this thriller starring Dolph Lundgren.

3-Headed Shark Attack stars Danny Trejo fighting off a three-headed great white shark that eats its way through a research facility and a party boat.

Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark features a mega-shark threatening life as we know it, and the government’s response is to create an exact robotic copy to battle it.



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