Previously: Alex got arrested, April named her baby, we learned how the Keating 5 spent their summers and Frank possibly murdered someone.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 13, Episode 2 – “Catastrophe and the Cure”

You gotta have faith.

Shandle: I really loved April this episode, I feel like if that were me I’d be just like her if my baby could go home and I couldn’t. I love that she sang her such an unconventional lullaby too. I hope she takes up Jackson on his offer of staying with him.
Kathy: I feel like this is going some where good. I want to see the two of them happy, just give one couple on this show  a happy ending Shonda, just one please.

Nothing is as bad as broccoli.

Shandle: Seeing Alex with kids is so sweet (and hot) and I am glad Bailey is letting him work in the clinic. He made a huge mistake and definitely shouldn’t be doing surgery or working on anything too advanced right now but I think he needs to be with his family and the hospital is his life. I think if you take that away right now it would do more harm than good. I can’t believe they are trying to charge him with a felony, that seems like a serious over-reach to me given the circumstances. I fully admit that I am biased toward him, though. I still have no idea what is going on with Jo, but I will say I am losing patience. Obviously, she has been through some shit and everything that happened has triggered some stuff for her but the bread crumbs storytelling is annoying me.
Kathy: Well, you know my feels on Jo. I have had nothing good say about her since she came on the scene. This is just escalating it all for me. I was glad to see Alex take responsibility, for what seems like the first time ever. Baily giving him the clinic spot really got me a bit, also hearing Denny’s name gave me a heart flutter so there’s that.

We all make mistakes.

Shandle: I love how Mer is trying so hard to stand by Alex and be a good Person for him, but she came dangerously close to crossing the line when she was talking to Deluca in the elevator. I was glad Bailey called her out on it and Mer let Deluca assist in that surgery.
Kathy: I think she definitely did cross that line, I have to say she kind of ticked me off this episode. Her and Alex have done some crazy stuff to protect each other before I get that, but seriously? In the elevator with Deluca she was wrong. She needs to let Alex deal with this and figure out how to support him without hurting others.

Hospital gossip

Shandle: Maggie asking out Riggs was quite possibly the most awkward thing ever. I’m not sure how I feel about Mer telling him to tell her no, was that to keep Maggie from getting hurt or did she have more selfish motivations? I really need Mer to remember that we hate him.
Kathy: I have to say it, I am NOT into this story line at all. it came out of no where and I’m honestly not buying it. I am not a fan of Riggs to begin with, I don’t understand Mer’s motives at this point and the only person she should be screwing in a car is Derek. #stillbitter

Shandle: Owen and Amelia were cute. I’ll admit that. I even liked her middling trying to get Owen to talk to Riggs.
Kathy: They are adorable. Two broken hearts are finding a way together. I don’t know if it will last, but I love that they are healing each other.

Shandle: I was proud of Ben for saying no to Bailey about being her mole and thought it was adorable that Richard jumped at the chance.
Kathy: Richard misses being part of the crew, its so sad and sweet at the same time.

How to Get Away with Murder, Season 3, Episode 2 – “There are Worse Things than Murder”

Break it down.



Shandle: First things first, let’s break down the important plot points here.
Kathy: I think you mean fall down a rabbit hole, but I’m with you.

  • Annalise calls her PI’s phone, Frank answers and says he had to kill him.
  • Frank stages his dead body to look like a car accident.
  • We learn Sam was Frank’s psychiatrist while Frank was in prison!
  • Annalise asks Nate to find Frank, he thought he had a lead but Frank is good at covering his tracks.
  • Laurel calls Frank lying to him about Bonnie and Annalise wanting him to come back.
  • Annalise is suspended by the university but refuses to accept it and threatens to sue them.
  • Annalise tries to get Wes to move in with her.
  • Connor confesses to murder to help his client and wins his case in the end.
  • Oliver still wants to be alone so Connor goes to stay with Michaela.
  • Michaela admits to Connor that she and Asher are “screwing.”
  • Annalise get’s arrested.


Come out Frank, wherever you are. 



Shandle: I admit I was a little scared when Bonnie told Annalise she would “take care” of Laurel after they found out about the phone calls. I heaved a sigh of relief at the end when she was in the car with both of them trying to lure Frank out with her voice messages. I feel a little bad for Frank too, he seemed so broken after staging that murder. Wow, did I really just say that I feel bad for a murderer? WHAT HAS SHONDA DONE TO MY MORALS?
Kathy: Im sorry I can’t get past the hair and the beard being gone. I missed feeling #FRANKEDUP when he is on camera. Now I just feel sorry for him. He has been manipulated so many times, this latest one just feels cruel.  Crap Shandle, what has she done to us?










Shandle: I’m still not quite sure I understand Annalise’s motivations for asking Wes to move in with her, I’m with him that I don’t buy that she’s just lonely. Is she trying to protect him or herself? Is she scared of Frank? I still find their dynamic a little weird, it’s always been maternal but now she’s like a proud mamma and not a reluctant one.
Kathy: I think it falls back to Sam, she knows what he will do and I think she believes its for her in a way, she believes he will protect her and she needs that right now. We have tossed around the maternal relationship she has with him before so I definitely think that comes into play here as well. I still can’t shake the icky feeling I get though when it comes to their relationship. It’s muddled and kind of weird.

Relationship Advice

Shandle: Is it just me or was Asher extra douchey this episode? I kind of get why Michaela said all that stuff to him about white privilege, though calling him a meatstick while funny was a bit harsh. I think I liked him better with Bonnie. Oliver is breaking my heart, I am trying really understand why he is breaking up with Connor and failing. I thought Wes and Maggie (Meggie? Which is it?) were really cute, I was glad to see him happy. I don’t like that Annalise is lying and keeping things from Nate (again) but her little “who said it was a man?” comment was fabulous.
Kathy: Oh Asher, you ridiculous douchey sweetheart. I don’t know why, but I liked him more this episode than ever before. I am not ready to talk about #Coniver, I teared up when they had that final scene. I wish he wasn’t pushing him away and I don’t want Conner to fall back to his old habits. I don’t know that Annalise will ever be completely truthful with Nate because I think she is scared he will bail. I do not trust the girlfriend. I trust nothing.


Shandle: Why did Annalise want Oliver to wipe her phone clean? And more importantly why was he so upset? It’s not Connor who died, is it? IS IT?! I am going need Oliver to get his shit together and he and Connor to have some hot make-up sex, stat. I am also going to need someone with a law degree to comment here and explain why they arrested Annalise in the first place.
Kathy: That last scene had my head spinning, Does it make me a horrible person to think “please let it be some obsolete freshman”? Again, my morals have been destroyed by Shonda.


Dead or Alive:
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