Grey’s Anatomy, Season 13, Episode 4 – “Falling Slowly” 



Meredith is trying so so hard to be a good sister to Maggie despite having feelings for Riggs. Even though I am still against it (we hate him, remember?), it is breaking my heart a little bit to see her wanting to give in to her feelings and holding them back. Deep down, I think I want to see her fall in love and be happy again. I will say that Maggie is getting on my nerves with her “addiction” to Riggs. The guy isn’t that great, and he turned her down. When does she get over that? Can it be now, please?



I loved Amelia and Owen’s arc this episode. It’s rare that Amelia doesn’t annoy me, but this episode she really didn’t. I was sort of glad she realized how quickly they rushed into the marriage and how much they still have to learn about each other. That moment where she and Owen both shared their deep, dark secrets was one of my favorites of theirs.

Dr. Karev

I get that Alex being in the clinic is saving his job and is also a punishment, but that guy in charge was a real dick. Why call away another surgeon to do something that simple that Alex, who is a skilled surgeon, could do quickly and easily? It seems like such a waste of everyone’s time. I’m not saying he needs to be back in the OR right now, but he can do scut work. I loved that he seems excited about being a doctor again, that that girl’s case awoke something in him I think he’d lost. I hope he doesn’t go to jail so it can keep coming back.



April and Jackson as exhausted parents are adorable. I’m glad April decided not to move out. I think there is still hope there for all you Japril shippers.

Don’t talk about it.

I am not a fan of Jo and Andrew getting all buddy-buddy. I get that they are the only ones who know what they’re going through and need to talk, but I do not want to see a romance come from this. As annoyed as I am with Jo and her secrets, and as pissed as I am about what is going with her and Alex right now, if she Andrew actually do hook up I think it would kill him. Alex has been through enough already.

How to Get Away with Murder, Season 3, Episode 4 – “Don’t Tell Annalise”

Who, what, when, where, how?


  • We still don’t know who is under the first sheet, but Laurel was under the second one, and she is alive and pregnant!
  • Annalise’s license was suspended, and she is trying to get it reinstated by saying she is an alcoholic.
  • Frank killed Bonnie’s dad.

Dead or Alive?
University President

Baby Daddy


Laurel is pregnant?! Thank God she’s alive, but pregnant? Whose is it? Is Frank a Daddy? I have so many more questions!



I feel like this was the last we’re going to see of Eve. Watching Annalise tell her to go let herself be loved was so beautiful but sad. I’m glad the writers gave us that goodbye, though. As for Nate, I don’t know what he was thinking hooking up with that other lawyer, but when Annalise finds out, I am sure she is going to claw her eyes out.



Connor needs to stop being an asshat. Oliver hurt him, and he is free to hook up with whoever he wants, but he does not have to rub Oliver’s face in it.

All About Bonnie


Watching Bonnie step up and do what needed to be done for their client after Annalise’s suspension was badass. That girl can hold her own. It was annoyingly cute that Asher was concerned for her, but I was glad she gave it right back to him about his past, too. I’m not quite sure why Frank killed her dad. I mean, he obviously deserved it, but why now? I feel like Frank is cleaning house, and that scares me. I don’t know that I can see this show without him in it.

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