Previously:¬†Meredith was caught in the middle, Alex got a win, April and Jackson adjusted to life as parents, we found out Laurel was pregnant, Frank killed Bonnie’s dad and Eve said goodbye.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 13, Episode 5 – “Both Sides Now”

Laughter is the best medicine

This episode was filled with so many small hilarious moments that made me laugh out loud.

  • Maggie and Amelia fighting over Stephanie; comparing her to shoes, snow plows and hands.
  • Granny June saying, “Screw her! No cuts!” in response to Bailey asking if Chelsea can have her liver.
  • When Amelia asks Meredith how she told Derek about being pregnant in a moment of serious dark humor, telling her she was off the hook with Ellis because he was dead.
  • Deluca’s awful self-pity gland joke.
  • Arizona calling Richard old.
  • Owen and Riggs changing Harriet’s diaper with surgical precision.
  • Maggie telling Stephanie her bad joke would have killed the astronaut.
  • Richard calling Granny June a “selfish old biddy.”
  • Meredith saying “Old ladies don’t know how to share.”

Pee on the stick


Amelia annoyed me a lot this episode. I cannot figure out if she actually wanted to be pregnant or was relieved she wasn’t. First of all, don’t tell people you’re pregnant if you haven’t even taken a test yet! Three days late, even if you are “never late” does not equal pregnancy. You’d think a doctor would know this. I was glad she finally decided to share what was going in with Owen, but when it was negative she seemed relieved, which confused me. She had a horrible loss when she was pregnant before. I would expect her to have some conflicting emotions about it, but the easiest way to deal with your emotions about a possibly pregnancy isn’t to go around telling everyone you are pregnant if you aren’t even sure you are! Meanwhile, Owen spends the episode making all of our ovaries flutter by being so cute with Harriet and later telling Amelia all the ways they can fix up their home for their own baby.

Hospital (B)Romance


Jo and Deluca spent way too much time flirting this episode, and it made me irrationally angry. Yes, he was all cute with his “your self-pity gland is showing” and passing out cookies, but dammit, Jo, you need to figure out your shit with Alex. Alex gets to move on and be happy first! ALEX DESERVES TO BE HAPPY, SHONDA!


Riggs was too cute this episode, too. He is making it way too hard to hate him right now. First, he offers to share his AC with her, and then he’s all sorts of adorable with Owen, changing Harriet’s diaper like they were doing a surgery.

Get your Joy on

This episode focused on a joyful Bailey giving a sweet old lady a long-awaited liver. Of course, because Grey-Sloan Memorial can never have nice things, a young woman named Chelsea comes in and she also happens to need a liver. Bailey reluctantly asks Granny if she’d be willing to pass her liver on to the young woman, but Granny June literally says, “screw her.” It was a shock to everyone who was sure she’d pass it along. After all, she made cookies and knitted gifts for the staff, what kind of Granny wouldn’t allow a younger woman just starting her life to have a liver when she was almost 80? Granny June! This causes tension between Meredith, Richard, and Bailey reminiscent of early seasons of Grey’s Anatomy where they were all sharks in the water. And in a surprise twist, Alex is the voice of reason for Meredith talking her out of brow-beating an old lady into giving up her liver. Meanwhile, Maggie is doing a risky operation on an astronaut, and when he dies, his liver saves Chelsea. Sweet astronaut Andy dies without getting his last wish to hear a joke, but Granny June and Young Chelsea live on.

How to Get Away with Murder, Season 3, Episode 5 – “It’s About Frank”¬†

Past & Present


  • Frank was in jail for attempting to murder his dad.
  • Sam convinces Annalise to help get Frank out on Parole.
  • Mary J. Blige does Annalise’s hair.
  • Annalise attends A.A.
  • Annalise drunk dials Nate while he is in bed with that other lawyer.
  • Annalise threatens to sue to get her job back.
  • Bonnie thanks Franks for killing her father.
  • Bonnie and Frank hook up.
  • Frank disappears, again.
  • Laurel tells Annalise that Bonnie is with Frank and demands to know if she really tried to have Frank killed.
  • Maggie violates HIPPA telling Oliver and Bonnie how pregnant Laurel is doing.
  • Michaela’s Southern roots show.
  • Simon was the one behind the killer flyers.
  • Wes wants to break up with Maggie to be with Laurel.
  • Bonnie tells a mystery person on the phone that Laurel is pregnant.
  • Oliver tries to call Connor but gets Michaela instead.
  • Whoever died in the house fire is male.



I totally ship Bonnie and Frank. They make so much more sense to me than Frank and Laurel ever did. They are both dark&twisty in all the right ways. Watching Bonnie hug him, comfort him and sleep with him, it just made so much sense. I was just as heartbroken as she was when she woke up and he was gone. They were supposed to go on hikes and have babies, dammit! We finally learned more about Frank’s past, too. He was put in jail at age 13 for attempting to kill his father over a TV? I’m still not convinced we got the entire story there, but it was interesting to see Sam back on the screen in the flashbacks convincing Annalise to help get Frank out of jail.

Son of Sam


Annalise was spot on in the flashback with Sam about him wanting to be a father-figure to Frank. I actually missed her dynamic with Sam and it is kind of sad to know how it ends with them when in these flashbacks things seem so good (minus his need to spread his seed and guilting Annalise into it.) That moment where he tells her she is all needs and they share that toast when they first move in is precious, and it shows us that Annalise wasn’t always so so dark and callous.

Annalise in A.A.

Annalise is still trying to get her license back and attends an A.A. meeting where she runs into the university president, SURPRISE! They probably have a lot more in common than either of them want to admit. Later, she goes up and starts to throw away all her alcohol but instead ends up dancing around cradling her vodka bottle like a baby. Watching her like that was dark, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it was amusing. It was even sweeter when Wes showed up telling her he would protect her. And why was Mary J. Blige doing Annalise’s hair?

Mad Michaela 

Thanks to Michaela’s thieving ways, we finally solved the mystery of the killer flyers being posted around campus! Simon. I knew he was slimy. They tell Annalise and she is relieved to know it was just some dumb kid and not someone with more sinister motives, though that doesn’t stop her from going straight to the university president and threatening a lawsuit to get her job back. Michaela’s angry inner Southern girl accent was probably my favorite part of this entire episode, because I can relate. I am from Virginia but do not have a Southern accent unless you piss me off. I think Michaela is my new BFF.

Wes & Laurel

Wes basically confessing his love to Laurel on the step was adorable. I want them together! I imagine, though, that we’ll soon find out Laurel is pregnant with Frank’s baby and that’ll put an end to my Wes and Laurel romance before it even really starts. I also really like Maggie, she is so…normal. I think Wes could use some normal in his life.

Dead or Alive?

University President




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