Previously: Bailey found her Joy, Amelia peed on a stick, Bonnie and Frank hooked up and Annalise got drunk.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 13, Episode 6 – “Roar” 


Waffle Sundays

I love that we get to see Alex shine as a doctor, seeing the problem before it goes to the O.R., he really is good at his job. Him talking to Meredith about him not always being around and him “going away” gave me this awful foreboding feeling. I cannot handle it if Alex doesn’t get out of this legal crap. Please don’t hurt me again Shonda, please. I want waffle Sundays for the rest of my life.

Death and more death

The cases this episode were rough. Amelia losing that boy finally made her come clean about her feelings about a baby, even if it was to the wrong person, was a step in the right direction. I don’t see Owen hating her for being scared and relieved she wasn’t pregnant, but I think he will be upset that she hadn’t told him this before now. I need Owen to stop choosing women who aren’t as excited as he is about making babies, poor guy just wants to be a daddy. April and Jackson’s reaction to Harriett being in the car after that case was adorable though, they see this kind of stuff every day but now, as parents, they have a new perspective about how fragile life is. Alex’s case was even harder, that poor woman knows she is going to die but wants to try to stay alive long enough to have her baby, I hope we see the end of that story somehow, no matter the outcome. I loved seeing Brigid Brannagh though, I miss my Army Wives.


Wise man

I loved that Bailey stood up for Alex against Catherine, but knew she was going to have even more bad news if she was just letting Bailey put her foot down like that about him. I don’t want to say I agree with Catherine that the hospital has lost its reputation as being the best but things are much different than they were back in season one. I do not like that she implied to Bailey that it was on Richard though. That is not going to be a fun conversation to have with her own husband.  And I really don’t like that Leah is back, I never liked her.


The bad guy

Deluca needs to go. I don’t like what he said to Jo at all, I don’t like that he is obviously developing feelings for her. Jo definitely had an abusive ex and that guy is a bad guy but for him to imply that Alex in the same league? NOPE. Take several seats. Alex reacted, stupidly, in anger because he thought you were hurting his girlfriend while she was drunk. Did he fuck up? Yes. Does that make him a guy who “hurts other people”? No, it does not. I didn’t even like that he tried to give Jo some ultimatum about her talking to Alex. She is a grown woman who can talk to whoever she pleases. For someone who is so concerned about the men she chooses he really needs to stop acting like such an asshole himself.

How to Get Away with Murder, Season 3, Episode 6 – “Is Somebody Really Dead?” 


“I like you.” 

This episode was full of hook ups! First, Asher and Michaela. I love them. LOVE THEM. Asher may be douchey, but he’s much more lovable these days, even when he’s mocking Michaela’s accent singing Cotton Eyed Joe. I was proud of him for standing up for himself and not just willing to be the meat stick, he really cares about her and it was adorable when she finally admitted she cared about him too.

I do not want to say this, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Oliver’s date was fantastic and I want to see the second date. He is so used to Connor’s forwardness that he just assumed Tom wanted to hook up, it was awkward but precious.


MEGGY. Her name is Meggy, not Maggie. Anyway, Wes dumps her. She found out about the police looking for him and isn’t happy he kept that from her. I like Meggy, but being involved with anyone in the Keating 5 is such a mess, I appreciate that Wes seemed to want to protect her from their crazy. And finally, the unresolved sexual tension with Laurel and Wes is resolved! I’m really excited to see where that relationship goes and I really hope that the baby is Wes’ and not Frank’s.

“You take another step and I’ll chain you in the basement like Rebecca.”

Bonnie and Connor spent this entire episode blaming Wes for everything bad that has happened to them since he started working for Annalise going all the way back to Sam’s death in season 1. This makes me nervous, not because Connor threatened to kill him, I don’t think of Connor as being a pyromaniac, but because I feel like they are using Wes as a scapegoat for everyone’s toxic behavior and bad choices and that is somehow going to lead to him being the one that is dead in Annalise’s house. The rest of the group is also furious that Laurel knew all about this and kept it from them, which makes Laurel and Wes’ coming together even more bittersweet. Annalise definitely feels guilty for Wes being in the middle of this entire Mahoney thing and confesses to him that she took him off the wait list because she wanted to be a better person.

“He just wants to come home.” 

Bonnie records Frank admitting to killing Wallace Mahoney thinking that would help keep Wes out of trouble but Annalise is still furious at her for going to see him and thinking Frank has manipulated her into trying to get him back into Annalise’s good graces. You can tell Bonnie misses Frank and wants things to go back to the way they were before but I really don’t see that happening, Annalise’s anger at him his palpable. Frank is still trying to fix things, though, in his own Frank-way. He frames Wallace Mahoney’s son (not Wes, his other son) for Wallace’s death and then we see him heading back to Philadelphia.

Dead or Alive?

University President

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