by Kathy Kitzmiller, Jennifer Beaudoin & Christy King

In honor of our beloved Shandle being off this week Grey’s decided to not air. Just kidding. Shandle is however in Iceland this week so be jealous, and Grey’s is on a break this week! I have two guest watchers with me today, both are super fans who hang out with Shandle and myself in our Seriously Shonda Facebook group.

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 6, “Get out of Jail, Free”

Kathy: Hi Jennifer! I am so happy you are here with me this week. I hope you’re ready, this week was bananas!

Jennifer: Hi Kathy! I’m so honored to be allowed to fill in for Shandle this week. I love your recaps, I hope I do it justice!

What we loved:

Kathy: Right off the bat, we get Sally? I missed Sally. Her little opening monologue was amazing.

Jennifer: Sally is kind of I-love-to-hate-her. The show needs her to balance out Fitz, but sometimes I just wanna slap her and her holier than thou attitude!

Kathy: The really sad thing is, she isn’t far off from the reality of what we see on TV news channels now! Definitely a love-to-hate relationship.

Jennifer: So true. I wish it was a caricature, but it isn’t.

Kathy: Ambush is right! I mean, really, Mellie. Though, could you expect anything less?

Jennifer: Yeah that was coming a mile off. How was she surprised by it?

Kathy: And how did CY not see it coming?? He is usually right on point.

Jennifer: He was too busy trying to marry Liv off!

Kathy: A wedding! *squeeeee* Is it perfect? No, but come on Liv.

Jennifer: Nope! I’m not in the love camp here. Liv deserves so much more and she needs time to decide!

Kathy: Wait, wait, wait. Did I just find myself in a Scandal recap with a non-Vermont fan, or was it just the shotgun wedding proposal you didn’t like?

Jennifer: *ducks* I’m #teamJake. That doesn’t mean I hate Fitz or Vermont, just that I think the sun is better. That being said, it was mostly the shotgun wedding aspect. Our Liv deserves so much better than a quickie hush-hush Oval Office wedding with none of her friends there.

Kathy: Well then, now that I have sufficiently clutched my pearls…See, I think I might see her differently. I don’t see her friends there, like, at all. I see them totally alone for their wedding, so the Oval Office idea didn’t really throw me.

Jennifer: I don’t see her as a big white wedding person, but this hush-hush Oval Office wedding wasn’t because she wanted it that way, ya know? She was hiding it, she was ashamed. That’s different than eloping or choosing a small intimate wedding.

Kathy: Oh snap, Papa Pope! Finding out Elise tried to kill Papa just blew my mind. Did he really think Olivia would give two craps about him on the phone? Calling Quinn? GTFO.

Jennifer: I was so caught off guard by this. The whole thing, Elise, the beating, Quinn. I was with Liv here. Hang up on the bastard.

Kathy: UGH, can’t Jeannine just leave us alone? You messed with Fitz, then you killed Derek. Just go away – YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!

Jennifer: OMG YES! Go away!!! I was hoping you caught that she is also she who killed McDreamy.

Kathy: Perfect Pretty Penny will forever be burned in my brain.

Kathy: The VP – she scared the crap out me when she cackled. I love her so hard. I really hope she doesn’t quit. I loved that David gave her the pep talk of all pep talks.  I see your white hat David.

Jennifer: I totally thought she had gone mad for a second, and then David, oh David. Wine coolers?! Loved it.  You wear that white hat so well, my friend. The VP got Poped by David. How awesome is that?!

Kathy: The gang is back together. Abby and Liv! I missed them together. I get Liv’s struggle here. I think Abby really understands her better than anyone. Huck and Quinn – it’s just all too much for my Scandal-loving heart.

Jennifer: Yes. I loved the gang back together. It made me sad to have them blame Harrison, though. I loved Abby meeting Marcus and then just acting like he wasn’t there. Poor Marcus didn’t have much to do this episode, but seeing the Gladiators back together was worth it.

Kathy: I think he will grow to shine later on. I am really loving him being added to the crew.

Kathy: Fitz in a tux? Rose petals? I. Think. I. Might. Explode. I love that they had a totally real conversation about marriage and proposals. It didn’t end with a happy moment, but it was real.

Jennifer: I loved Liv here. She was so real. Like, it’s too soon and it might not be what I want, don’t make me make this choice now, don’t. Fitz in the tux and all that didn’t ring true for me. Their proposal should be at a picnic in the middle of nowhere all alone (or as alone as they can be), not over the top cheesy.

Kathy: Watching Mellie learn about Papa, I was wondering if she would ever find out.


Jennifer: I was so surprised she didn’t know. For some reason I thought she did. Mellie was a bit over dramatic for me this episode. The whole scene with her and Fitz ,though, and the signing of the divorce papers made me cringe. They are so volatile together.

Kathy: I completely agree. I hate watching them fight. It’s like being at a friend’s house when their parents fight. It makes me so uncomfortable.

What could have been better:


Kathy: I love that she thinks Jake is her person. He might be her sun, but I really don’t think he is her person. I didn’t like how cold he was to her. I thought they were friends, but he keeps going back and forth. Now he’s running? And taking the chance that his “wife” is going to show again? Alive?

Jennifer: See, I actually get this. He is her person in all areas except Fitz and love. He can handle Fitz and crisis, Fitz and politics, etc., but not Fitz and love. He broke my heart being so cold to her, but I get it. I was pissed about the running. How pissed is he going to be when he finds out Liv got her dad out, and that’s why Elise is dead?

Kathy: I do not look forward to that scene at all.


Kathy: That Oval scene – it was dizzying. Everything is about to change.

Jennifer: The scene is why I didn’t love this story line. This is not what Liv deserves. She is so much more than his wife.

Jennifer: Can we take a second to acknowledge no Elizabeth? I know it was a big story this week, but Cy is just in now? No fallout? And Finn’s mom last week was all big and strong and this week she’s barely a mouthpiece?!

Kathy: Yeah, I think they clearly wanted to keep us focused. I think we haven’t seen the last of North, but I agree. To see zero fallout is odd, especially for this show.

What we are looking forward to:

Kathy: Um, everything? Always?

Jennifer: Right? I almost wish I was a few weeks behind so I could binge.

Oh, Shit! Shonda Moment:

Kathy: All of it, the final scene, the photos, the ring, the tunnels…and then he walked out, alive, not drooling….y’all Tom is back. This is not a drill! Tom is back!

Jennifer: TOM!! She let Tom out?! Are you serious?! I think my jaw hit the floor.

Kathy: I let out the loudest gasp and had to rewind three times to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me.


Favorite Lines:

“I don’t recall.” – Mellie

“We see you, Grant family. Bonded by sin to Olivia Pope and her criminal minions. The scales have finally fallen from our eyes, and for that, dear members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, we as lovers of liberty salute you.” – Sally

“Have you stopped to consider how insane this idea is? A shotgun wedding on the heels of a quickie divorce? You may as well turn the Oval Office into a drive through wedding chapel.” – Olivia

“If you take the stand you could end up going to jail.”
“And if I get married? What in the hell do you think this is?” – Abby and Olivia

“You’re not ready, and you know what I think? You’ll never be ready.” – Fitz

“No wedding dress, no flowers and no vows, and I’m keeping my name.”
“Good, ’cause I’m only marrying you for your money.” – Olivia and Fitz

“My life would have meant something , if it wasn’t for you.” – Mellie

“You can’t prosecute a man for sleeping around…we’d have no presidents!” – Susan

“…You are my white knight.” -Mellie

Check out the promo for next week:

How To Get Away With Murder, Season 2, Episode 6, “Two Birds, One Millstone”

Kathy: Christy, it is so nice to have you back with me! I missed you!

Christy: Talk about bananas. It not only went bananas, but through most of the show I was all “Peel banana, peel, peel banana…” I felt like I was at a football game. (Not really, but the visual I just gave you of me was totes worth it). Anyway, thanks for having me back. I always miss you. And an entire living room filled with people to give “the look” to every time I am about to go batshit from this damn show.

What we loved:

Kathy: Holy flash forward scene of crazy. Frank is so scary. I am scared of him. Then we meet his family and I think, maybe he’s not crazy. Or, does it make him crazier? Screw it. I’m clearly #FRANKEDUP over Frank.

Christy: I was so #FRANKEDUP I practically had to pause and rub one out.

Kathy: Sexy is all over this episode. Is it hot in here? I think Murder has the sexiest sex scenes of the line up.


Christy: For real, though. That was INSANITY. I damn near lost my mind. I thought last week’s Frank scenes were hot, then this one made me want to do anything possible in the universe for one night with Frank. Then she’s snooping? Case? What case? Who is Annalise? Where am I? I would lose my everlovin’ miiiiind.

Kathy: So, now Asher is part of the inner circle or at least in with Annalise. Master manipulation at its best. Question – do we think maybe it wasn’t really Bonnie? This show makes me crazy. There are little pockets of doubt that come up with every scene. Also, I love that Asher calls Annalise “AK.”

Christy: First, I’m glad you brought that up, because I think I’m losing my mind. Didn’t we see Sam go toward …crap…the pretty girl that has the hots for incest is best dude, now that Rebecca’s brotherish is in jail…I thought she dodged and he went down the stairs by accident. But because these jackasses have to cover up everything, they framed Nate and then, well you know. Did I dream that? Because I thought the Bonnie thing was horse puckey meant to keep Asher off their deeds and misconduct.

Kathy: I feel like we just fell down a sex-laced, murder-ridden rabbit hole.

Kathy: I really enjoyed seeing Annalise teaching the students again through the side case. It has been so long I almost forgot she is actually their professor.

Christy: I know, right? It’s a head scratcher. Soooo, in most of her classes, they dissect and work on real people cases, or does she pick a new batch of fresh manipulates to ruin every year?

Kathy: Bonnie and Asher – they need a name. The only that comes to mind is #Basher which does seem appropriate. I know they are twisted, but I do really like them together. His father is such a bastard. I really hate him.


Christy: I like Basher. It’s better than Ashonnie. His dad is just gross. But also, I’m kinda mad at him for making Asher into such a pussy (can I say pussy? If not, weanie. But he’s  both). I like how Bonnie just keeps him in line.

Kathy: Once again, Shonda hits up relevant issues in her story lines. I bow down to her weekly for this. Using a real victim(Cece McDonald) in her story really hit home.

Christy: You know, that is a great observation. I was so busy rewinding and rewatching #FRANKEDUP scenes that I hadn’t even really thought about that.

Kathy: Really sad to see Nate hurting, what a confusing roller coaster his character has been on.

Christy: That poor bastard. I just want to give him a hug. He needs to punch Annalise in her banana valley. Her crocodile tears? Stahp it. I can’t take it anymore.

Kathy: Yeah, that whole thing, it’s just heart wrenching and gross. I feel like she really loves him, but then again, maybe not. I don’t know. I feel like every episode I am left with more questions than answers.

What could have been better:

Kathy: I have zero complaints. Except maybe  Wes and Annalise. I can’t get a grip on their relationship.

Christy: Why do I keep thinking she’s going to end up being his Mom? No matter how many ways it’s clear that’s not possible, I just can’t accept it. My brain always darts back to his head in her lap. She like, looooves him. I love him.

Kathy: I love puppy, too. And yes, I have felt that for soooo long.

What we are looking forward to:

Kathy: Where everything will lead to with Asher’s father. And DUH – who shot Annalise. The secret baby? Was it Frank? Is it all a client? The DA? Is it all an elaborate ruse?  I just can’t.

Christy: I hate to admit this, but I don’t care. I couldn’t care less about anything happening right now besides #FRANKEDUP scenes. I wish I were more ashamed about that. But, I guess finding out what happened the night all the people seem to try to die may be almost as neat.

Oh Shit! Shonda Moment:

Kathy: When Annalise said it was because of Wes’ mother I had to rewind twice because I thought she said because I AM your mother – and I was dying. DYING. Between finally finding out Wes’ backstory and Asher’s maybe-backstory, my head is spinning.

Christy: WHHHHAT?? Hear what I just said a minute ago again. Shit. How did I miss that? “We have to go back!” says me to myself in my best Jack Sheppard voice. If I removed this from my DVR I’m going to hit myself kinda hard.

Favorite Lines:

“So, do whatever you have to do to silence the lambs or I will serial kill you!” – Michaela

“I’ll handle him the way I always do. rRight now I have to handle a bitch.” – Annalise

“A girlfriend. Old ladies can like vag, too.” – Asher

“Cece McDonald, she killed a man for attacking her because she was trans. It was self defense, but she had to take the deal, and she ended up in a men’s prison because she knew no one would believe her. I needed them to believe me.” – Jill

“You’re free, you finally get to be the woman you really are.” – Annalise

“It’s because of your Mother.”- Annalise

“I can’t get up yet. I don’t think my legs work.” – Laurel

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