by Kathy Kitzmiller and Shandle Blaha

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 7 – “Something Against You”

What we loved:

Shandle: I loved that Meredith put Callie in her place, because she is right. When she was teaching her, Callie complained. When she sends her off to do menial work, Callie complains. And if she weren’t romantically involved she wouldn’t be worried about it at all. Callie needs to butt out, because not even Penny wants her fighting her battles for her. I’ll even admit, begrudgingly, that I liked that Penny stood up for herself to both of them.

Kathy: Me, too. I was cringing watching, but when PP came out with it, I was like well, then. Callie is getting on my damn nerves right now.

Shandle: Word. I love that they discussed sexism and racism and how the women and people of color feel working with white and male doctors and how patients react to them.

Kathy: I loved it because it was exactly what people needed to hear. Including myself. That entire monologue was so on point, I found myself rewatching it to hear those words again: “If you feel uncomfortable doing it, check your white privilege and don’t do it again.”

Shandle: Exactly. I think that is a great simple baseline to check yourself. Richard being Arizona’s wingman was ADORABLE.

Kathy: I love seeing him being so fatherly with all the characters. I miss him so much all the time.

Shandle: I loved that moment with Meredith and Owen. And how she snubbed Riggs. #youcantsitwithus

Kathy: When she mentioned Cristina I about died. It feels weird to hear her name again and to see Mer keep her promise. It just got me. #OnThursdaysWeWearScrubs

Shandle: Me, too. It feels like they just don’t talk about her enough.

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: The “Doc Knocker” thing. I have feelings. I was not a fan. She was inappropriate, but I feel like it was a trope that didn’t need to happen and was offensive to women.

Kathy: Yeah, that entire story line felt odd to me. In Shondaland we see feminism in every single script, which I guess, really, if I am being honest…in the world of equality, that type of woman is possible. It just felt entirely out of place.

Shandle: WTF was with Mer and Amelia and the matching Amish braids?

Kathy: I completely missed that! I think I was making a point NOT to look at their hair this week for fear of seeing a new ’90s look.

Shandle: It was like an episode of Heidi.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: I want answers about this Riggs guy and why Owen hates him.

Kathy: Yes, it is clearly something serious. I am worried about what this will do. To everyone. And even though she turned him down, was I crazy? Was there something there with Mer and Rigs?


Shandle: I want to see the aftermath of April and Jackson sleeping together.

Kathy: The look on their faces when it was over. It was hard to see that.

Oh Shit, Shonda! Moment:

Shandle: Owen and that PTSD episode.

Kathy: That scared me. Seeing Hunt like that again. I am really worried about that. I don’t want to see him fall apart, or worse, hurt someone again.

Best Lines:

“Well, I thought that I could treat her like any other resident. But that was really hard because I wanted to punch her in the face. Like, a lot.” – Meredith

“I fix brains. I give you the soft gooey center. The hard candy shell is your department.” – Amelia

Maggie: “It just means I’m going to have to train another alpha male not to pee all over the place.”
Meredith: “I hate it when they pee.”
Amelia: “Derek peed a lot.”
Alex: “Come on, we’re not like that.”
Meredith: “When you got here you peed everywhere. It was disgusting. You had to be trained.”
Alex: “Nobody trained me!”
Meredith: “We trained you. It was subtle. You didn’t notice.”

“I made a promise to Cristina that I wouldn’t let you go dark and twisty, that I’d be your person if you needed one. Do we hate him?” – Meredith

“Check your white privilege and don’t do it again.” – Maggie

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 8 – “Rasputin”

What we loved:

Kathy: First of all, let’s just mention that Olivia is all of us, and Fitz knows it.

Shandle: I love how Cy conned David into doing exactly what he wanted so easily. It was funny.

Kathy:  Come on, David. You were duped, man. He should know better than that by now. As many times as he has been put in the middle of OPA and The White House?

Shandle: You’d think he’d know better! That’s why I found it so amusing. He was so quick to “fix” it and ride off on the white horse, he didn’t even consider he was being played.

Kathy: And fricken Cy ! “Oh that? Riiiight you were looking into that.” All the LOLz, Cy. All of them.

Shandle: Susan accidentally running into David on purpose. She is seriously so cute. It is giving me middle school flashbacks.

Kathy: She is all of us. The almost going back to say something and deciding last minute not to…yeah, been there, and been that awkward.

Shandle: She is all of us! She is the part of us we keep locked away because it isn’t chic and put together.

Shandle: That moment between her and Rowan was so cryptic, but like Liv. I felt like I believed him.

Kathy: I believed him. I was Poped. Papa Poped.

Shandle: Totally #poped.

Shandle: When Fitz found out. Not letting us hear it, just seeing their faces with that song. Wow.

Kathy: That was some kind of poetic justice. We could make out some of what she was saying, but it didn’t matter. The pain in both their faces was heart wrenching.

Shandle: I loved Fitz this episode, until the end. He trusted Liv and had her back. He stuck it to that evil dictator. He called off Jake from killing Rowan.

Kathy: Fitz was amazing this episode! I am a little frightened of him at this point, I don’t know why that final scene felt so creepy.

Shandle: It did feel creepy!

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: Jake and Olivia. Everything was so loaded and he was cutting her so deep. I think Huck is right. His guy is out.

Kathy: I am going to say it. I am pissed at him. I don’t get this. This woman shows up, and after just two episodes we are supposed to believe all this anger he has in him? It just pisses me off. Huck was right – he let his guy out, and you know what? I do NOT like his guy.

Shandle: Me, either. I like our Sun. His guy is like Darkness.

Kathy: Dude, Shandle, that was a beautiful analogy.

Shandle: I do not like that Fitz just moved Liv in like that.

Kathy: It WAS creepy, yes? And she looked so confused and tired. It just screamed creepy. And speaking of creepy? Can we talk about how flipping creepy Tom was in the elevator real quick? Ew.

Shandle: It was…it was almost like she was trapped in an abusive relationship? And yes, Tom was totally #greepy. I’m glad he got himself dead.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: Seeing how Liv handles the way Fitz has forced this life on her.

Kathy: Yeah, and to what end. Was it really what he said, or are there ulterior motives at play here? I’m also really looking forward to seeing Mellie’s next play.

Shandle: There was a serious lack of Mellie in this episode.

Oh Shit, Shonda! Moment: Huck showing up!  Seriously, how, who, why????

Best Lines:

“You want me to put my foot in my mouth.” – Susan

“Yes.” – Fitz

“Why didn’t you say so?” – Susan

“What do I know? I’m just a woman. A woman a seat away from the Presidency.” – Susan

“He used some Jedi mind trick.” – Abby

“I’m an overpaid babysitter for the queen of the nerds.” – Liz

“I forgave you, didn’t I?” – Fitz

How to Get Away With Murder , Season 2, Episode 8 – “Hi, I’m Philip”

What we loved:

Shandle: Dark horses with the wins! First Oliver and the straw, and then Asher with the wire tap. His dance was the best.

Kathy: That was cracking me up so hard, and yes, I am loving this! I also loved seeing Laurel step up in a big way. I felt like each character this week shone in different ways. Also, there was so much silent shade thrown this week. Rolling eyes, side eyes, all the looks. It was awesome.

Shandle: I love how Annalise and Laurel’s relationship is progressing. She really does trust her. I agree. I like how she chose Laurel and Asher to be her “new Bonnie and Frank.” I feel like they all really stepped it up this week and earned her respect.

Kathy: Not just that, but I think she might actually respect her as well. I don’t know that I have ever seen her look at anyone else like that before. With Bonnie, it was like she was so fragile she was going to break. When clearly Bonnie is about to break at any moment.

Shandle: Bonnie is like a porcelain doll.

Shandle: I love how they stuck it to Sinclaire. I even liked Frank’s mafia-esque tactics.

Kathy: I flipping can’t stand Sinclaire. I really can’t wait to see her bite it. Ooo, that makes me a bad person.

Shandle: Nah, she’s an expendable obstacle this season. Also? Annalise and Nate kissed and made up. And well, so did everyone else.

Kathy: So. Much. Sex. Everyone has sex all the time. Reminds me of the old intern days of Grey’s.

Shandle: Yes! Also? Can we just take a moment to appreciate Nate’s body? I’m not usually one for the muscles, but dayum.

Kathy: I blushed. I am pretty sure I also checked the heat in my house.

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: I missed Bonnie.

Kathy: Me, too, I didn’t like seeing her like that in the shower, and honestly, I was surprised no one went over there.

Shandle: Um, that painting was weird. I feel like I missed something.

Kathy: Omigosh! Ok good, ’cause I was like, “Ummmm, I don’t get it.” I mean, I get it, sort of. I get that they are in on it together, but that whole thing was weird.

Shandle: It just creeped me out. And him suddenly remembering the gun or whatever the hell that was? Shady. Poor Michaela can’t pick a good guy.

Kathy: Yes, and also how do you “find” a gun…in a closed vent…in a room you obviously never go in?

What we’re looking forward to:


Kathy: Wait. We do?

Shandle: Unless the previews are full of lies, YES.

Kathy: WANNNNHHHHH, I never get previews. I think this will be an excellent time to add next week’s preview for all the Hulu watchers of the world. And me. Ok, selfishly asking really for myself.

Oh Shit, Shonda! Moment:

She knows Philip! She totally killed her parents!

Best Lines:

“Get on board, or you’re the next dead body out there.” – Bonnie

“I said I was sorry, and I meant it, but I’m not going to spread my legs as some sort of payment.” – Annalise

“Ten years for killing your parents is a deal I can get behind.” – Annalise

“The defendant has the legal right to be stupid.” – Connor

“Good luck in getting the jury to believe the inbred weirdo didn’t do it.” – Annalise

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