Previously: A new doctor shook up Grey-Sloan Memorial, Amelia told Owen the truth, Frank came back and the Keating 5 aired their grievances to Annalise.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 13, Episode 8 – “The Room Where It Happens” 


Who else needs a tissue? A hug? A freezer big enough for you to put your TV in? This week has been a rough one for a lot of us, and I naively was hoping my weekly #TGIT fest would help soothe me, instead I ended up a sobbing snotty mess on my couch while my husband looked on, confused.

A man comes into the ER badly wounded and an exhausted trio of Meredith, Owen, and Stephanie – who have been up for days – are tasked with saving him. As they get to work lamenting about their individual exhaustion Richard shows up bright-eyed and caffeinated to assist. Richard can tell they are all tense and tired and tries to liven up the operating room by playing a game where they each make up a story for their current John Doe victim, a game leads to most of us sobbing and cursing Shonda.

The Game

In Richard’s story, the patient is Gayle. She’s a mother of three who works hard to provide for her family and plays the cello. Richard has an obvious affection for Gayle that makes sense when he admits that Gayle was his mother who died of pancreatic cancer. Richard passes the game to Owen who explains that when he was in the Army he operated on people all the time and didn’t know who they were and it worked just fine for him. Suddenly Owen has a memory of his sister, Megan. Megan is what is keeping Owen from giving up on this lost cause of a patient because he also refuses to give up on her. Their banter is wonderful and I really hope it means that we see more of her, alive, not just in Owen’s imagination.

They are working furiously trying to save the man but can’t figure out how to save him when Stephanie suddenly has an epiphany of sorts. She’s surrounded by three attending surgeons though and is having trouble finding her voice. Then her precocious past-self manifests right next to her cheering her on, telling her speak up for herself and she does! The man has a rare auto-immune disease and that was why what they were doing to save him wasn’t working.


His name is Carl

Resigned to the fact that he is going to die they start to close him up, but then a nurse shows up and is able to identify him. His name is Carl and he has a family, his wife and two kids are there and waiting for news on his condition. This forces Meredith into a flashback of the day Derek died. Suddenly she’s staring at her own two kids and telling them their daddy is dead. Zola is crying, begging her to fix him because she fixes everyone and while we all lost ourselves in our tears Meredith pulls it together and comes up with a plan to save Carl. They all have their reasons for continuing to push, they’re fueled by grief and strength and memory. They save Carl and as Meredith is leaving the OR thinking about Richard’s reasons for starting the game there is Derek in his ferry boat scrub cap and we all collectively sobbed.

How to Get Away with Murder, Season 3, Episode 8 – “No More Blood”

Full circle

Wes receives a subpoena to appear in court by the Mahoney defense team. They’re claiming he has a solid alibi and want to prove Wes was lying about seeing him on the street that night. Frank, who is back and desperate to get back in Annalise’s good graces, tracks down the alibi witness and it is none other than Lisa Cameron, the woman who gave Frank that case of cash which set off the events that led to her son dying in that car accident. Of course, he wants to kill her; he thinks killing her will atone for what happened in the past, but Annalise tells him “No. No more blood.” Instead, she comes up with a plan involving a cell phone that seemingly makes Wes safe. (I’m not quite clear on what happened there to be honest, I just chalk it up to Annalise-magic and go with it.) What I found interesting was bringing Lisa back into this, with history of Mahoney, Wes’ biological mother and Annalise coming full circle in this tangled web.


Frank is back and not everyone is happy about it. Asher is mostly concerned with his lack of beard (me too boo, me too) and Wes is concerned he’ll come between him and Laurel. Bonnie is desperate to put the band back together though and when Frank and Annalise finally do face off it is intense. Frank tries to explain that Sam had his hooks him in deep, that he loves Annalise, that all he wants to do is make it right. Annalise isn’t having it though, and blames him for basically ruining her entire life and just standing by letting it all happen. He pulls out his gun holding it under his chin, threatening to shoot, as if killing himself will somehow redeem himself to her. Bonnie tries to talk him out of it, saying killing himself will hurt Annalise more, even though she is screaming at him to do it. Now we wait anxiously for another week to find out Frank’s fate.


Michaela’s mom called and she ignored it, Asher played the “dead parent card” on her but she still didn’t give in, so when he sees her phone ringing again with “Mom” flashing on the screen he answers. I’m guessing that isn’t going to end well for him and explains why he and Michaela aren’t together when she finds out about the fire.

Wes and Laurel continue to make our teeth hurt with their sweetness. Laurel assures Wes that she doesn’t care what Frank thinks about them being together and the cat’s out of the bag when Maggie sees the two of them cuddled up at the hospital and later even Annalise gives her blessing.

Just when we all thought we could sport our #Coniver shirts again with pride our favorite couple has another fight. Oliver is obviously jealous of Connor and the other Keating 5 members and is tired of being left out and he resents Connor for keeping him out of the loop. Oliver calls Connor damaged and Connor leaves broken hearted. Later we know he ends up in bed with Thomas, Thomas who turned down sleeping with Oliver because he was positive. I’m going to hold out hope for some poly-love with the three of them, don’t ruin it for me.

Who’s under the sheet?


Another week and we still don’t know who is under the sheet. My money is now on Nate. We saw Connor was off sleeping with Thomas which is why Oliver couldn’t reach him. We know Wes is with the cops being a supposed snitch and that Asher is with Michaela confronting Bonnie at the police station. While Frank is still unaccounted for, I have a good reason for thinking it’s not him. The final scenes of the past show Frank holding a gun up to his chin threatening to pull the trigger and Annalise screaming at him to do it. Why then if Frank the one under the sheet would Annalise collapse in tears at finding out it was him who was dead? She wants him dead. She hates him for killing her son, for manipulating her into trusting him for years and keeping the awful truth a secret. Unless that on-her-knees sobbing was part of elaborate act, I just can’t see her being all that broken up about him dying. What do you think?

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