Previously: Meredith’s memories of Derek’s death made us all cry, we saw Owen’s sister, Wes and Laurel were adorable and Frank and Annalise finally faced off.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 13, Episode 9 – “You Haven’t Done Nothin'” 


*sigh* This hiatus is going to feel like forever. I can understand Jo’s fears of being found out by her abusive ex and I was glad she told him before he had to hear in open court but I honestly felt like her telling him she might run – and if she does, it wasn’t about him – was manipulative. I knew as soon as Alex heard Jo’s secret that he would do anything to protect her, because that is the kind of guy he is. I cannot stand to watch her break his heart again. I was so glad Mer called him out. Alex going to take the 2-year plea deal was stupid; he doesn’t deserve to have his entire life ruined because of Jo’s secret. If she had just been honest with him from the start, they never would have ended up in this situation. How would he have run off and hurt or killed the guy if he didn’t even know his name or even her real name?

Everyone in that room supporting Richard made me cry. I blubbered like a baby; I admit it. Meredith, Alex, Bailey and Richard are Grey’s Anatomy, they are its pillars. I can’t imagine the series without any of them and do not like that there is a possibility of us losing two of them this season. Pierce fighting for him added a new swell of tears, she was protecting her family. Richard is the best teacher because even when his star pupil betrayed him and used his own tactics against him he still taught her a lesson. Bailey needed to be reminded not to take the personal out of what they do and I’m glad he was able to do it for her. I’m curious what she was going to do about Alex.


Fucking Amelia. That is all I’m going to say. I was never a fan, and even when she finally started to grow on me, she did something stupid like that note and made me remember why I never liked her. Rumors are floating around about Cristina Yang returning; praise be to Shonda let it happen! Not for Owen though -I don’t think they need to be together unless she is willing to have a baby with him. I just want her back because she’s Cristina.

I love how Arizona played and told Eliza to her face that she was annoying. She is annoying! I doubt I will ever like Eliza based simply on the fact that she is taking Richard’s job, no matter how cute she is with Arizona.

How to Get Away with Murder, Season 3, Episode 9 – “Who’s Dead?”


Wes is dead. The entire episode was leading us up to this moment and I was still not ready for it. I can’t believe Wes is dead. Laurel is pregnant and he is dead. I was sure it was Nate. And we still don’t know exactly what happened! The episode ended with Nate telling Annalise he was dead before the fire. What does that mean? Who killed him? Did he kill himself? Was he really going to turn on Annalise or was he just biding time until he could sneak away? I feel like I spent months watching this show and know nothing. I have such a love/hate relationship with it right now. I’m so angry. I’m not quite Derek levels of angry at Shonda, but I’m at a solid George level. I loved Wes. I loved him with Laurel. I wanted them to have that baby and be an adorable little family.

Annalise is being investigated by the D.A. She knew who was #Underthesheet when she handed Oliver the phone to wipe it clean. I really hope that doesn’t mean she killed him or had him killed. At the end of the episode she’s still in jail, and the charges are arson and murder, but I think the murder charge is for Rebecca. They found her body with links to Annalise, which is why they brought Wes in to question him.

Oh, Michaela has mommy issues and Connor called Oliver “Ollie” and I melted. That’s all I’ve got, folks. Start crossing off days on your calendar. January 19th is going to feel even longer than it did before. The good news? Scandal finally comes back!

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