Previously: Deluca called Alex a “bad guy,” Alex wanted to make waffles, Asher convinced Michaela that he was more than a meat stick and Wes and Laurel finally hooked up.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 13, Episode 7 – “Why Try to Change Me Now”


The sword has fallen

While I was proud of Amelia for coming clean with Owen about not wanting to have a baby, I was hoping she’d do it more… gently. I really want Owen to find a woman who will want a family with him. That is all this poor guy has wanted, and he keeps falling for these women who don’t. There is nothing wrong with not wanting children, but you need to find a partner who wants that, too, and he just hasn’t.


New tricks

I do not like the new doctor. I do not like the new doctor. I do not like the new doctor. I am proverbially stomping my foot right now about this. I don’t mind if they need to find new ways to teach the residents, to make them all better doctors. I do mind if it is at the expense of Richard. Grey’s Anatomy without Richard does not exist in my world, and I am terrified that is what Shonda is setting up for us. I will admit that I hadn’t considered that Maggie might not be a good teacher because she is so smart, but that part actually makes sense. And her flirting with Arizona was good. Arizona needs to find some happiness. I still don’t like her, though.


Swipe left 

Why is Jackson encouraging April’s Tinder dates?! I do not approve.

Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Guys, is anyone else struggling with this season? Does it feel stagnant to you? It makes me sad. It makes me scared that we’re coming to the end of the line. I am pulling teeth trying to find things worth writing about, not even a new doctor coming in to (most likely) set up Richard’s leaving got under my skin the way would have in season’s pasts.

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How to Get Away with Murder, Season 3, Episode 7 – “Call it Mother’s Intuition” 

Say it ain’t so, Wes

The episode opens with Annalise in jail, being charged with arson and murder. While I was SO HAPPY that Wes wasn’t the one under the sheet, I was less than thrilled to learn at the end of the episode that Wes was the “the traitor.” I’m not hanging him out to dry just yet, though. I think there is a plan in place here that will eventually be revealed, and he won’t be doing what we think he is. Besides, he and Laurel have to live happy ever after with their baby. (I know I am not the only one that melted when he confessed to Laurel that he’d loved her since the first day they met, right?)

Frank’s back

Each episode, I become more and more convinced that Frank set the fire and is also the one dead. He finally comes back to Philly and goes straight for Laurel. He finds her with Wes, so he then decides to go to Bonnie. She called him out on exactly that fact. He cries and pleads with her, but Bonnie is beyond forgiveness, it seems, and kicks him out. He, of course, runs straight back to Laurel. Laurel, who just moments before told Wes she loved him. I hope Laurel doesn’t fall for his tears. I want her with Wes.

Coniver 2.0

Oh, Oliver, sweet Oliver. He and his new boy are about to get down to third date business when he confesses to him that he’s HIV positive. I had high hopes for him, but sadly he tells Oliver he can’t handle it and leaves him. Oliver drowns his sorrows in alcohol and goes in search of Connor. He tells Connor that he knows it’s unfair but he misses him, and they hook up Michaela’s bed. And in that moment we were all just like Asher.

Come at me

This week’s case hits close to home for Annalise who feels that her own “kids” may poison her just like the woman they’re defending, because of the way she’s treated them. In order to clear the air, she wants them all to air their grievances at her. (Like Festivus, minus the pole.) Everyone but Wes lines up and tells her how she’s ruined their lives, and then she just nods and says “goodnight.”

Dead or Alive?
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Source: coliverblogging on tumblr


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