Previously: Mer almost died, again, Annaliese lost her mind for a minute, and Olivia and Jake have angry sex.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 10 – “All I want Is You”

Shandle: I loved Meredith’s therapy session. I feel like she is coming back to us, being her old self again. I love seeing sparks of season one Mer peeking out. And when her therapist asked her if she had feelings for Alex, I almost called you! But, she said no. So, no Merex (isn’t that name of a drug or something?). Sorry, your dreams are dashed.
Kathy: Oh man, that moment killed me. I first shouted, “I KNEW IT!” and then, “Booooooo.” It was not nice, teasing me like that! I mean, look at them here. There is chemistry. You can’t deny it.


Shandle: Alex’s story this episode made me cry! I cannot wait for him to marry Jo and make babies. He is going to be the best daddy. I love that the girl fired him and that he still came back and held her hand. I am so happy Jo is finally over whatever her crap was. Now, they can be happy.
Kathy: Shiny happy for him, I suppose. Although, let’s not forget that Shonda doesn’t really do shiny happy.
Shandle: In other happy couple news, Maggie and Deluca are the cutest. And Richard’s face when he stepped into the Aphrodisiac Elevator after they got off was priceless. I guess I’m glad Callie is happy again, even if it is with Perfect Penny.
Kathy: Richard in the elevator was hilarious. Those damn elevators.
Shandle: FINALLY Owen has told us a little about why he hates Riggs so much. When they did that surgery together it was a thing of beauty.
Kathy: I have to admit, I also really liked Amelia this week. Freshly sober Amelia is my favorite Amelia.


Scandal, Season 5, Episode 11 – “The Candidate”

Shandle: David has painted himself into an awful corner with this Liz/Susan love triangle. I do not want to see Susan get her heart broken. She is too sweet. David USED to be a good guy, too. I am not happy with the way Liz seems to have manipulated him.
Kathy: Disgusted. I am disgusted with him right now. I cannot. Where is his white hat? Can we revoke his Honorary Gladiator card or something? Poor Susan. She is so damn adorable.


Shandle: Fitz dating?! I have feelings about that. I don’t want him with Liv, but this is too weird for me. Also weird? Liv and Jake’s angrysexship.
Kathy: Ew. I am not a fan of this woman. She kind of grates on my nerves. Regarding Jake and Liv, I don’t know what to really say here. Are they punishing each other, or are they trying to find their way back to each other?
Shandle: What the hell is Cy up to? My spidey sense is tingling. He is up to no good. The way he was watching Fitz sleep gave me serious Twilight flashbacks. I couldn’t tell if he wanted to kill him or screw him.
Kathy: Very stalkery vibe. Cy is that character. He’s the wild card you won’t ever be able to peg. He has lost so much, taken so much. I want to hope that he isn’t up to no good, but my gut says he will return with someone to hurt Fitz, Mellie, Liv, or all three. However, that candidate sounds an awful lot like Bernie Sanders. #justsaying
Shandle: He was cute, too. #feelthebern!

Seriously Shonda Scandal Cyrus

How to Get Away with Murder, Season 2, Episode 11 – “She Hates Us”

Shandle: Regarding Wes: so, if I am understanding this correctly, Annalise was involved in a murder trial with some hedge fund guy and Wes’ mom. Rose was his housekeeper. Annalise accidentally-on-purpose befriends Rose. We aren’t sure what her motive is for that yet, but it ends with Rose “killing herself.” I’m questioning if that’s how it all went down.
Kathy: I feel like everything always happens in the very last segment of this show, every week. I think yes, we are grasping the story up to this point. But I feel like there needs to be at least one more bomb to drop. I loved seeing Frank and Bonnie pre-murder everyone. That was interesting. Seeing Sam and Annalise and their pregnant moments was painful.


Shandle: Who the hell took that video? Could it have been Philip? I feel like I need to watch that episode again and see if there are any other suspects.
Kathy: I think you’re right. I think there are probably at least three more people would be suspects. That is why this show is so brilliant.
Shandle: Frank telling Laurel he killed Lyla? Wow. I can’t see Laurel accepting that at all. I feel like that might be the end of her getting #frankedup.
Kathy: I’m not so sure about that. I think it will only bring them closer. Laurel is broken and damaged, and she and Frank are bonded. Plus, I kind of feel like she wouldn’t have asked if she didn’t already know it was worse. Not to mention the rest of the five. That car ride was a great bonding moment, for, you know, a pack of murderers and accomplices.
Shandle: It was like a twisted family road trip!


Our “Oh shit, Shonda!” Moment of the night: Olivia & Mellie are BFFs!

Shandle: Liv and Mellie this episode were EVERYTHING. From the yelling at each other, to laughing on the floor with Mellie’s hooch, to getting down to business and realizing their common ground. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.
Kathy: I have always thought if it weren’t for Fitz, they would make amazing friends. Now that they have gotten their crap out of the way, I think they could get somewhere.
Shandle: The two of them together would be a force to be reckoned with, for sure! #Mellivia4life


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