by Kathy Kitzmiller and Shandle Blaha

Previously:  We finally learned why Owen hates Riggs, Richard acted all fatherly to Maggie, Laurel was a badass, and Annalise fought off Philip.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 13 – “All Eyez on Me”

Shandle: I loved Ben in this episode. Yes, that was a stupid thing to do, but I love that he stood up for himself with Richard and then with Bailey. She was right to suspend him, but they all need to realize he isn’t as medically inexperienced as the other residents. And personally, I think the way he opened up a guy’s chest with a clipboard and bare hands was bad ass.

Kathy: Oh, man! I loved him, but I also really agreed with the chief. Well, both of them. I loved how she’s railing at him and then says, “Now, tell me everything.” She appreciated his experience. They definitely handle the married-to-your-boss situation better than I think any couple has.

Shandle: Callie dropped the mic on that hot-for-Mer surgeon. Dream Team, bitch! I love how she is not afraid to take risks and push herself to the limit. When Mer was helping her figure it out it was such a good moment for me. And I hope they show us if that guy can walk!

Kathy: Me, too. It was, of course, about Mer and her feelings, but it was good for her to verbalize. Every time I think Callie has evolved, I realize she hasn’t – because she has always been a bad ass and always will be.

Shandle: It was hilarious to see them all realize that high school never really ends. There are always cliques, mean girls, outcasts, and a social hierarchy.

Kathy: Yeah, and the straight up denial of it is also just like high school. UGH! When does it end?

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 13 – “The Fish Rots From the Head”

Shandle: Well, nothing ruins a good almost-sex scene with Jake like finding out he is ENGAGED. She should have let him finish. One last hurrah.

Kathy: I don’t know. That whole scene was not cool. I didn’t like his “I’m so good and you know you want me” attitude. It was very not Jake.
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Shandle: That moment in the Oval with Fitz was everything. She told him exactly what he needed to hear in order to stop thinking with his small head. Watching him parade those women in and out was gross, and Liv was absolutely right about his actions influencing his men. I was even proud as hell of Susan for being so blunt with him.

Kathy: Even separated, they are still together. They will always be like that. I hope it leads them back to a better place when all of this is over. #VermontforLyfe

Shandle: Cyrus is disgusting, telling that fake story to get the Governor to agree to the master plan was seriously gross. He and David can take a long walk off a short cliff. Their white hats are GONE. I liked that Marcus made them all realize that they needed to do the right thing, too. Even Huck gave him props!

Kathy: What did we call him long ago? Something about being the Master of Manipulation. He played that guy (and me, for that matter) like a fiddle. I totally teared up during the scene when he was talking about his brother, even though I knew damn well he was lying. Fuck David, for real. I’m done with him.


How to Get Away with Murder, Season 2, Episode 14 – “There’s My Baby”

Shandle: Holy. Shit. Give Viola an Emmy, and give me a bottle of vodka. I don’t even know where to begin. What a fantastic episode. The scene with her baby was awful. And it totally makes sense that she has such maternal feelings toward Wes. She lost her baby, just as he lost his mother, and she feels responsible for that. Wes finds Mahoney is his father. I suspected it. That is going to be interesting. You know he is going to search him out.

Kathy: I was not ready for the baby. I knew this was the probable outcome, I just wasn’t prepared. Wes, poor puppy, just feels like he is always running into roadblocks. I’m nervous for him.


Shandle: LAUREL OUTED FRANK. I can’t even begin to think about how that is going to end up. Bonnie put it all together, too.

Kathy: I still can’t believe I was wrong about Laurel and her reaction to Frank. I really thought it was going to go another way. Once again, Shonda has me cheering for the bad guys and their happy ending. She confuses me and my feelings.

Shandle: Asher and Michaela! I ship it. That little butt slap, rawr. And I want to file a formal complaint that we didn’t get to see him shirtless. I loved them all getting drunk together. And with Oliver quitting his job, I think the Keating 5 are gaining a member.

Kathy: I can not think about them together. It’s too weird. She is so uptight, and he is so goofy. I really want to see Oliver come into the circle, but I also want him stay safe. I’m conflicted. Can we talk about the names? #Bosher? NO. #Basher is so much better.


Our Oh shit, Shonda! Moment of the night, from Grey’s Anatomy


Kathy: *GULP*



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