Previously: Bailey was a badass, Callie dropped the mic, Liv finally told Fitz about himself, Cy was extra sly, Laurel outed Frank, and Viola Davis earned herself an Emmy.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 14: “Odd Man Out”

Shandle: I love what Richard did switching up the Residents, especially since it lead to Jo and Mer having that conversation. I love how protective Mer is of Alex, but she was treating Jo like crap, even before this ring nonsense. Jo does need to get a backbone, too. I have a love-hate relationship with Perfect Penny and Amelia; I rationalized it in my head that if Amelia still hated her, I could still hate her. Now it looks like I can’t use that excuse anymore, dammit.
Kathy: UGGGHHHH I was so over the Mer and Jo shit. I never really saw that much tension – that being said, I should recognize here that I don’t like Jo much either, so perhaps that’s my bias. Penny and Amelia, I kind of thought someone should have put Amelia in her place a long time ago. Riggs seemed a bit suspect. Honestly, I feel a new triangle coming on.

Shandle: And Mer is totally going to say yes to McGrumpy, but how can she date a guy who doesn’t have good hair? It feels wrong.
Kathy: Right? Couple that with their both creepy crystal-like eyes. It’s just too much clear sparkle for one couple. I’m not ready; I found myself yelling at him, “No, she doesn’t want to date you, creeper who shows up at her work! You are NOT McDreamy.”

Sweatpants & TV | Seriously Shonda 3/19

Shandle: Ben has me worried. Last week with the suspension and this week with the tax stuff, something feels off, and I don’t like it. I think he is feeling emasculated by Miranda’s new position. I want them together forever. He was fantastic with Courtney, though, and I’m excited to see him working with Arizona.
Kathy: I think this is more about Miranda than Ben. That scene in her office, he is leaving, and she doesn’t even look up at him? Very Miranda in her last marriage. She lost a bit of her balance this episode.
Shandle: Ohh, nice catch!

Sweatpants & TV | Seriously Shonda 3/19

Shandle: ARIZONA CROSSED THE LINE. I CANNOT EVEN. Do I understand why she felt like she had to do it? Yes, April is being a moron, but that was so not her place.
Kathy: THE BIGGEST LINE EVER. I was so pissed, my face matched April’s face.

Sweatpants & TV | Seriously Shonda 3/19

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 14: “I See You”

Shandle: I love Abby. LOVE HER. Even though I am terrified that she will now be in Cy’s crosshairs for firing him. And Susan yelling at Fitz? “Where can I yell you? Because I’m not done!” YES. Doyle Trump totally played Mellie. I saw that shit coming; I am shocked she didn’t know better.

Sweatpants & TV | Seriously Shonda 3/19
Kathy: Susan was my favorite. I love that she found her voice. At that moment, that’s where she found it. Mellie 100 percent brought this on herself. She absolutely knows better, and I have zero sympathy for her. I have to admit, I am not super into Abby taking this job. I’m not worried about Cy; I’m worried about the things Liv said–about the power.

Sweatpants & TV | Seriously Shonda 3/19

Shandle: I was glad Liv and Quinn had that moment because Quinn was right, Liv has been totally checked out since she came back from the Oval. Quinn looked proud as hell when Liv told her it was because of Quinn that Liv was allowed to be selfish. I also hope Marcus now finally realizes what he has gotten himself into, especially with Huck and Quinn.
Kathy: Watching Marcus find out something terrible in every scene was my favorite thing ever. He had no clue what kind of water he was swimming in. The fight between Liv and Quinn really did feel like a family fight; it was raw, and they knew exactly what to say to each other to cut deep.

Sweatpants & TV | Seriously Shonda 3/19

Shandle: Jake is absolutely up to something. I don’t know what, but he is. I don’t necessarily think Liv spying on him is healthy, but I agree with her Spidey sense. And him calling her sister? I gagged. They really need to stop this sibling thing they are playing, and it is grossing me out.
Kathy: I don’t like Dark Sun. Dark Sun scares me.

Shandle: I was so sad for Huck at the end of this episode, though.
Kathy: Yeah, me, too.

Sweatpants & TV | Seriously Shonda 3/19

How to Get Away With Murder, Season 2, Episode 15: “Anna Mae”

Shandle: Holy. Shit. The writing on this show is so, so good. You think you have a grasp on what is going on and BAM: Twist! Every single thing that has happened this far all ties back to that first episode and that moment when Frank killed Lila for Sam. And why did he do it? That suitcase full of money! He took a bribe to bug Annalise’s room, which led to them causing her car accident that lost the baby. His loyalty to her is out of guilt, and it is why he was willing to go so far for her. Even with the Hapstall case, behind every corner is a new secret: Caleb was the murderer the whole time!

Sweatpants & TV | Seriously Shonda 3/19
Kathy: This damn show, it keeps my head spinning for days. This is the kind of show I will have to watch at least twice to fully see everything. I have to admit Caleb has been on my radar for a while now–since the gun, actually. Frank, all of that just broke my heart. Watching Laurel go through the apartment, I thought he was going to be dead.

Sweatpants & TV | Seriously Shonda 3/19

Shandle: I loved seeing Annalise’s family. Those moments with both her parents; her mom helping her heal after the loss of the baby, finally, and then her dad reminding her why she came home–because her mother reminds her who she is. Her character has more depth than any other I have seen. It is amazing to watch.

Kathy: Nate showing up? Her mom scooping him up to go inside? *swoon* He is the one for her. The scene in the yard, that got me. The baby name surprised me, though. I don’t remember hearing that before and it really surprised me–was that really the name or was she saying goodbye to Sam?
Shandle: Probably a little of both.

Sweatpants & TV | Seriously Shonda 3/19

Shandle: Is Wes going to be a murder suspect now?! He goes to see his “father” and the guy gets shot in the head? Was that Frank? Trying to finally make right his past mistake? Frank will be back right? Right? I can’t not have Frank.
Kathy: Wes is going to lose it soon. This kid can’t get away from the turmoil that is his life. I don’t think he will be a suspect. Ballistics alone will prove he isn’t the shooter, plus he didn’t run and hopefully did not have a gun on him.

Sweatpants & TV | Seriously Shonda 3/19

The Catch

We are sad Murder is gone for the season, but excited to see Shonda Rhime’s new show The Catch starting next week which we will be discussing. Here’s a teaser!

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