By Shandle Blaha

Previously: Arizona crossed the line, Abby fired Cy and How to Get Away with Murder ended for the season with Wes covered in blood.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 15 – “I Am Not Waiting Anymore.”

I hate that I liked it, but I liked Meredith in the car eating junk food with McGrumpy. And, I suddenly noticed his jaw line and wanted to bite it. I am having seriously conflicting feelings about this. I loved seeing her laugh and smile, but #MCDREAMY4LIFE. I love Maggie, I do, but she needs to realize that Alex knows Mer in a way she doesn’t and that Maggie likely never will.  Alex and Mer have been thru some shit together. That bonds people. He is her person. 

Grey's Anatomy 12x15 - Alex

April and Jackson: I just cannot with them right now. I want to punch them both in the face. Arizona, too. Can I just knock all three of their heads together? Just, ugh. Watching Jackson tell April he didn’t want anything to do with their baby was harsh. Then, he shows up at her door (thanks to fatherly advice from Richard), starts to apologize, and then is an awful asshole. I may not like April but when she told him it was her body, that was exactly what needed to happen. Maybe she needs to remind Arizona of that, too.

Grey's Anatomy 12x15 - Richard

I was glad DeLuca stood up for himself and doesn’t want favoritism. It makes me respect him.

Amelia didn’t annoy me this episode. I was waiting for her to throw a tantrum about Meredith dating. She shocked me by loaning Mer an outfit. Then later, Amelia walked out on Owen’s drunken stupidity. I was proud of her for putting herself and her sobriety first. Owen is hurting, but Riggs was kind right. No one even knew he had a sister. He just ran away from it all.

Grey's Anatomy 12x15 - Amelia

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 15 – “Pencils Down”

Papa Pope almost had me this time! You’d think I’d know better, but when he was being the voice of reason with Liv and telling her not to destroy Edison, I actually believed him. And then, BAM! Jake is stealing money from his fiancee to funnel into Edison’s campaign and they are in cahoots with Rowan.

Scandal - 5x15 - Liv

David, David, David. It is way too late for him to tell Susan he loves her and dump Liz. He had that chance when Susan asked if  he was cheating the first time, and he lied. I was happy Susan trusted her gut and dumped him. Then Liz consoles Susan, tearing up and calling David an ass. He has really dug that grave deep.

Scandal - David

Liv is trying to make Mellie seem more likable and convinces her to go to Gettysburger, where Mellie gets caught in a lie on camera. #Burgergate leads to Liv having to reduce to dirty laundry trading with Alex Vargas to hopefully keep Mellie in the race. What happened to her white hat? And what kind of dirt could there be on Susan? Meanwhile Cy and Alex are butting heads about who is more evil who can run a better campaign and I am loving seeing Cy struggle to maintain his power.

Scandal - 5x15 - Mellie

Um, that scene with Liv and Jake in the bathroom? That is second time Kerry Washington has made me question my sexuality this season.

Catch, Season 1, Episode 1 – “The Pilot”

I love that Shonda writes such badass female characters, and she came out strong with Alice Vaughn. I love the premise of the show so far, too. She’s a top private investigator, and he is a con man who swindled her out of her life savings. Alice Vaugh is the new Shondaland heroine, and her “Gladiator” team consists of her best friend Val, who is  more excited about Alice’s upcoming wedding than Alice is, Sophie, the voice of reason, and Danny, the rule breaker. They are on the trail of mysterious Mr. X, who just happens to be Con man Christopher, Alice’s fiancee.

The Catch - 1x1 - Alice

Christopher has another woman in his life, Margot, who seems to be the brains of this con against Alice and her team. Christopher’s friend Reggie reveals Chris’ name is actually Ben, and he thinks Ben developed real feelings for his mark, which is pretty much breaking the only rule they teach in Conman 101. Alice and her team manage to stop Ben’s con of stealing a valuable technology from a client, but it is only the beginning. I personally love a good cat and mouse game, so I’m excited to see more of this.

The Catch - 1x1 - Reggie


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