Previously: We were on different sides for the Japril episode, Shonda reminded us how she brutally killed Mark, Jake got a girlfriend, Cy was slimy, we met Frank pre-murder, and Laurel shined.

Scandal was not on this week, so we are still anxiously awaiting Liv’s confrontation with Fitz. 

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 12 – “My Next Life”

Shandle: I love how Richard was trying to make Deluca his bitch after he found out about his relationship with Maggie. It was cute, him being all protective over her. Maggie has grown so much. She seemed so innocent before, and now she is complaining about not having sex.

Kathy: I loved that she took him to dinner. She realized it was more about being sweet, and let him have it.

Grey's Anatomy - S12E12 - Richard & Maggie

Shandle: I really loved Meredith this episode. She has grown into such a good doctor and teacher. I feel like when she saw her first case again, it brought her some closure about Derek. I think it helped Amelia, too. She finally seems to not be haunted by Derek’s shadow.

Kathy: The parallels in this episode were awesome! First patient ever, death. Of course, they had to shove Derek in our face. As for Amelia, hmm. Still over her.

Shandle: Finally we know the exact story about Hunt’s sister!

Kathy: Yeah, and now, knowing it, I’m like, really, Hunt? Get over yourself.

Shandle: Me, too. That does not seem like something worth hating the guy for FOREVER.

Shandle: I’m glad Jo and Alex seem to have worked things out. I really want him to be happy. AND NOT WITH MEREDITH.

Kathy: *side eye* I have feels. I am keeping them to myself for now.

Shandle: Uh oh, I may alone in my Jo love.

Kathy: Hmmm…

Kathy: I can’t help but think April is NOT pregnant. Because her being so scared emotionally that she creates a fake pregnancy is a real possibility. I mean, we have seen it before.

Shandle: Oh man, that would be a twist!

How to Get Away With Murder, Season 2, Episode 13 – “Something Bad Happened”

Kathy: I love when Annalise plays law enforcement. She always pulls it off with this look on her face like, “You forgot who I was, didn’t you?”

Shandle: She is such a badass.

Kathy: Laurel, man. I just really love her. She is the glue of the group, and I never saw it coming. You know what she is? The next Analise.

Shandle: You’re totally right. I didn’t see that coming, either, but she really is a natural leader.


Kathy: Well, we finally know the whole story with Wes’ mom, and I have to say, I am again left with a WTF feeling about how the characters are reacting to things. Why wouldn’t she just tell him? She did nothing.

Shandle: I think she feels guilty for not calling 911 and for manipulating her into agreeing to testify. Rose didn’t know the ICE was from her. She was scared for her life. She ruined Wes’ life.

Kathy: Bonnie–dun dun DUNNNN. She is going to kill someone, again.

Shandle: Laurel?! I feel like she is in love with Frank.

Kathy: Me, too. She will be back. Let’s just hope it’s before Bonnie kills one of them.


Kathy: Call 911! Damn, she just got healthy. I really hope that someone happens to be there and comes to her rescue, but I am thinking a kidnapping scenario is more plausible.

Shandle: Freaking Philip. I agree. I think he is going to kidnap her, too. But what is his end game?

Kathy: I don’t really know. I can’t figure out how he really plays into it all here. To what end, Philip? To what end?

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