Previously: Perfect Penny got a win, Liv hucked up and Alice and Ben shared a call.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, Episodes 18 & 19 “There’s a Fine, Fine Line” and “It’s All Right, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”

Church and State

Shandle: This entire season has been leading up to that moment with Bailey and Ben in her office. Every awkward pause, knowing look and word left unsaid between them brought them to that moment: “I am sorry I disappoint you.” (Ben) “So am I.” (Bailey) It’s heartbreaking to see, because I love them, but I just don’t think it’s possible for a marriage to survive when one of them is in charge of the other at work. The balance is too hard to maintain at home. It’s just too hard to slip back and forth between church and state without repercussions. I think that is partially why Bailey wanted to fire Ben. So she could keep her husband.
Kathy: I am having trouble with this. In all the times we have seen the interns and residents do crazy shit, no one has ever gotten this harsh of a punishment. NO ONE. In my opinion, the interns have done far worse than what he did. I think Bailey was hoping Ben would quit. Why be so harsh on him? He made a mistake, but he made a call that we have seen other doctors make all the time. This feels wrong. I mean, for crying out loud, just this episode Miranda violated a DNR; the only reason she isn’t in trouble is because the one-in-a-million chance.

Grey's 12x1819 Church & State

Ben’s big mistake

Shandle: I think Ben has been feeling emasculated by Miranda’s power and surgical abilities all season long. I think that is why he cut that guy open with a clipboard and why he “didn’t see” those elevator doors open. He wants to play in the big leagues without paying his dues in the minors. Yes, he had prior medical knowledge and experience which is valuable, but surgery is a whole new ball game and he wanted so badly to be part of that he let his ambition cloud his judgment.
Kathy:  I can see that, but I can also remember other interns, other residents and other doctors make call just like his, for the same reason he did, and they walked with a slap on the wrist. I don’t think it has anything to do with his feelings about Miranda. I just can’t believe that Ben is that stupid.

Grey's 12x1819 Ben's Mistake

I love New York

Shandle: I was so happy when Penny said she was going to go NY! And then Callie got all lovesick and said she was going to follow her! I was actually super proud of Arizona for being like, “NOPE!” I wish she had discussed that with Callie first and not gone straight to that lawyer. But maybe that slap in the face is what Callie needs to remind her that Sophia has two moms; that just because she and Arizona aren’t married anymore and that Callie gave birth to Sophia doesn’t just mean she can run off with her. That is not is what is best for Sophia. There needs to be a discussion.
Kathy: For the love of all that is holy in Shondaland, how many miscommunications can we flipping have this season? All they had to do was a take a damn beat and talk to each other. What is with all the snap decisions and overreactions this season? I definitely think Callie is losing her crap, I don’t even like her and Penny together, but man, can Callie take a damn minute?

Grey's 12x1819 Arizona Lawyer

Fix us

Shandle: I really liked that conversation with Jackson and April. I think they both finally realized what is important: their child. If they can both put that baby first, everything else will fall into place–if Catherine Avery stays out of it.
Kathy: It’s about damn time. Let’s hope Catherine can keep her damn nose out of their business. I want to see them come back from this deeply. They deserve a bit of a happy ending. After what they went through, they deserve it.

Grey's 12x1819 Jackson's Fix

Chief of Chiefs

Shandle: I don’t care what Richard’s job actually is; he will always be Chief to me and Miranda seeking his help with what to do with Ben proves that. He will always be her mentor. It reminds me of way back when he told her he’d pick her for Chief but she wasn’t ready yet; he saw her potential way back then.
Kathy: Me, too. Richard is the one who holds the hospital together. I don’t know what we would do without the Chief.

Grey's 12x1819 Chief of Chiefs

The Catch, Season 2, Episode 3 – “The Trial”

It was real

Shandle: Alice finally gets a chance to confront Christopher; he tells her what they had was real and how he loves her. He explains it was supposed to be a three-month job and then, instead of letting him implicate himself further to a listening Agent Dao so he can arrest him, she silences him, allowing him to get away. I think he really does love her, but I’m scared if she forgives him and brings him back into her life, she’ll end up hurt or dead. Not to mention if she doesn’t come clean to Val soon about working with Dao to find Christopher, their friendship may not recover from the deceit.

The Catch 12x3 Alice & Ben

Three’s a crowd

Shandle: This week, much to Danny’s chagrin, we are introduced to Shawn, one of the muscles of the P.I firm. Danny is immediately jealous when he sees Shawn and Sophie getting close, so jealous he finally gets the courage to ask her for a drink–but Shawn has already asked her to dinner. For the record, I am #TeamDanny.

The Catch 12x3 Danny & Sophie

Progressive princess

Zara and Ben have concocted a plan similar to Qasim’s to use some creative accounting to help her gain freedom from her oppressive family. He gives her the idea to set up a charitable foundation to help women, and Alice is the one who sets up a fake foundation interested in meeting with Zara. This leads to a quick face-to-face where Alice catches Christopher in the con. Before Zara leaves, she gives Ben a check for $15 million, which Ben lies to Margot about; he actually gives the check to Alice.

The Catch 12x3 Alice Power

The Collector

The mysterious “Benefactor” is mentioned again and we meet Felicity, who is there to collect the $10 million Ben and Margot owe him. Ben is quick to negotiate more time and Margot quickly jumps into Felicity’s bed; during their pillow talk, it is revealed that Margot is some sort of heir to “The Benefactor.” But because she’s a woman, Margot didn’t think he’d allow it, so she went out on her own. This somehow leads to Margot & Co. oweing “The Benefactor” millions of dollars.

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