Previously: Mer went out on a date, Jackson was an ass, David got dumped, Mellie ate a burger, and Alice found out who Mr. X really is.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 16 – “When It Hurts So Bad”

I am going to need people I want to hate to stop making me like them. I’m looking at you Thorpe and Perfect Penny. First Thrope totally handled the morning-after freak-out Mer had better than most men, at least men on TV. I was so proud of her for recognizing that she wasn’t ready for that level of intimacy yet and he was totally understanding. Also? She was all of us with that freak-out-cleaning-binge. Then Penny had to be all perfect about Callie’s mess up. Ugh, do something terrible so I can hate you again, please. And how gorgeous was Sophia?!

Grey's 12x16 Callie

I loved seeing Mer, Amelia, and Maggie back together again. I feel like they all really grew a lot in just this episode in their respective relationships; Maggie breaking up with DeLuca since he was being all aloof and Amelia telling Owen she needed time since she was newly sober again. Healthy relationship choices–what show is this again?

Grey's 12x16 Meredith

April is an idiot. Moments after telling Riggs how scary Catherine Avery is, April lets Catherine manipulate her into some bonding moment? I knew before Catherine told Jackson what she was doing, because, unlike April, I wasn’t born yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, Catherine telling Jackson they were going to sue her for lying? Fucked up. But, April got herself caught in that snare.

Grey's 12x16 Catherine

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 16 – “The Miseducation of Susan Ross”

Mellie reading mean tweets? THE BEST. I loved that Marcus called her “the worst” too, because sometimes she is. I sense a little spark there. Mellie needs a man who won’t take her shit, and Marcus could be fun.

Scandal 5x16 Mellie

Susan’s secret. I thought she was perfect, even though I know no one is, I thought she was close. At first, I felt be betrayed, but then it grew on me. Susan’s been through some shit and came out the other side shining. I like this dirty secret side to her; it makes her more relatable. And let’s be honest, compared to just about everyone else’s secrets on this show? She’s still pretty much a saint. Plus, she called David a prop–yes, girl, yes.

Scandal 5x16 Susan

I thought for sure Papa Pope made the clinic lady lie about Edison! Especially after that speech he made to Edison about being a boss. Um, Rowan, your command is showing. But really, it was Sly Cy who sent his lover boy Tom to do the dirty work and make Vargas demote his brother and promote Cy.

Scandal 5x16 Cy

The Catch, Season 1, Episode 2 – “The Real Killer”

I loved the bonding Alice and Sophie did this episode. I got that “new kid” feel from her last week so I’m glad to see Alice ask her for help, and boy, did she deliver. Not only did she find the forger of the painting which led Alice to Christopher/Ben, she helped her set the bait in that obituary. While a little too neat and tidy for real life, it was perfect for the show. I also can’t be the only one that knew that client of Alice’s was the killer all along, right?

The Catch 2x1 Alice

I’m glad we are seeing more of Christopher/Ben’s “real” life and his relationship with Reggie and Margot, as twisted as it may be. Margot does not seem like a woman you’d want to cross. I was honestly scared she was going to slit Christopher/Ben’s throat shaving him. Sonya Walger is playing her beautifully. I think he does really have feelings for Alice and regrets what he did to her, probably for the first time in his life. I agree with what Sophie said, that the painting was a sign that what he felt was real.

The Catch 2x1 Ben

I’m intrigued by Agent Dao’s desire to catch Christopher/Ben so badly. It seems way more personal than business. I also have a feeling he is going to regret bugging Alice’s house once she finds it, which she absolutely will.

The Catch 2x1 Agent Dao

Oh shit, Shonda! Moment of the night:

Liv this episode. Holy shit. She took off the white hat and put on that black skull cap. And when did Huck become the moral Gladiator of the bunch? Was there an episode of with some Freaky Friday action happening that I missed? The fact that Liv was fine with ruining not just Susan’s life, but her daughter’s is low. I was so glad Huck made Quinn see it and that she went to Abby about it. I even liked Liv and Fitz keepin’ it real at the end, but I’m still wary of this new color on Liv. I need her back in white please.

Scandal 5x16 Liv&Fitz


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