Previously: Bailey suspended Ben, April and Jackson finally talked, and Alice lets Mr. X escape from Agent Dao.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 18 – “Trigger Happy” 

I personally loved the message in this episode about gun violence. I get that not all fans will appreciate that, but the gun violence in this country is an epidemic that needs to be dealt with. I love that Shonda and ABC put that Brady Campaign message after it. I love her unapologetically pushing people to have those conversations.


Grey's 12x18 Mer

I loved Meredith and Stephanie this episode. First Stephanie accidentally sexting Mer and her playing it cool, and then during that surgery when Meredith was trying to get her to talk about Guitar Guy was hilarious. Later, with Stephanie and he making out in that recording studio, I may have said, “YOU GO, GIRL!” to my TV.

A family affair 

Grey's 12x18 Family

Is Maggie pregnant?! I feel like she is, and maybe she doesn’t even know it. Her reaction to those little boys was really out of character for her. I loved that moment she had with Meredith, though, and even the one with Riggs. Maybe she just finally realizes what it’s like to have a big family?

Couples therapy 

Grey's 12x18 Calzona

  • Ben killed me this episode. Did he really think Bailey was going to be happy he essentially found a way around his punishment? He’s right that she can’t make that call, but she was also right about how it would look to have him in the operating room. I really hope they can figure their way through this issue.
  • Callie and Arizona are a mess! This is going to get so much worse before it gets better and I hope that they both realize that Sophia is the priority. And Penny? Stop making me like you. What she said to Callie was exactly right.
  • I was happy that Alex and Jo got over that hump with the gun. I totally get why Jo felt like she needed that before but was glad to see Jo ready to let her past go.
  • April and Jackson might have finally figured it out! I hope so. I hope they can be what they need to be for their baby.

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 18 – “Til Death Do Us Part”

Rowan’s bitch 

Scandal 5x18 Jake

I enjoyed learning more about Jake this episode, where that twisted love he has for Rowan began. I had no idea he and Rowan went back so far either, and I love that Charlie was with Jake way back then. The ties run deep. And learning about his childhood, god, it makes me like him even more that he came from such a dark place and became our sun. As much as it pains me to admit this, Rowan was fantastic in those flashbacks, too.


Our ‘oh shit, Shonda! moment’ of the night was Liv breaking Jake’s heart.

What Liv said to Jake in the church before the wedding was so harsh, and it is a testament to Kerry’s acting ability that we were able to see and feel the layers to that performance in that moment. I could see that anger and passion but also feel the yearning to stop hurting him while she kept pressing on.

The Catch, Season 1, Episode 5 – “The Laragan Gambit”

All about Benjamin

Catch 1x5 Ben

We learn a little more about Mr. X’s occupation; The Benefactor is part of a larger syndicate of criminals, but he and Margot are freelancers who once used to work for The Benefactor. When he is tasked to steal a bracelet from a rich ambassador, we find out that their syndicate isn’t the only crime game in town. There are two other large criminal organizations and everyone wants this bracelet, which Alice sneakily steals from Ben.

Best friends forever 

Catch 1x5 BFF

Val finally finds out that Alice is still in contact with Christopher, and is hurt that Alice lied; Val doesn’t know the whole truth, though. Val thinks the only reason that Alice is talking to him is because Alice is working with Agent Dao. Later, after removing Dao’s bug that he’d planted in Alice’s house, Val meets Dao at a bar and pulls the “If you hurt her I’ll kill you” BFF card on him.

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