Previously: Shonda put gun control front and center, Liv broke Jake’s heart, and Alice steals Ben’s bracelet.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 19 – “You’re Going To Need Someone One Your Side” 

Church & State

I personally loved seeing Bailey’s and Ben’s friends pull them aside to tell both of them about themselves. The outside perspectives really put them in their place. Now, it seems like they (Bailey and Ben) are finally coming back to the separation between church and state.


Choosing sides

This was so uncomfortable to watch. Both Calli and Arizona rushing to split up their friends–it was awkward AF. Can we talk about how quickly Mer said she would do it? Twice, at that? It was hard to watch. I wanted to be happy for Calli, but it made me feel for Arizona. I feel like I have to choose between the two of them, just like everybody else.


Ten fingers, ten toes

Okay, who else threw something at the TV when Arizona did her paused smile? I knew Shonda would not take another baby from them; she just couldn’t do it. But for a second–just a second, I was pissed. Leave it to Shonda to give us a weekly heart attack.


Scandal, Season 5, Episode 19 – “Buckle Up”

Mean girls

I have officially grown tired of Liv and Abbie and their drama bullshit. After all the stupid high school drama they brought us this season, we were overdue for those two to join forces. Now, to take down Trump, er, I mean Doyle.


Three’s a crowd

Fitz and Mellie broke my heart when they were discussing Liv. She truly is the third person in their relationship. They both care about her, because through her, they care about each other.


Oh, Shit, Shonda! Moment

Full salute

“Major Hunt reporting for duty” – Enough said.



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