Previously: Mer decided she wasn’t ready to date, we discovered Susan Ross’ secret, and Alice set the bait for Mr. X.  

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 17 – “I Wear the Face”

Get Over It

Shandle: Meredith is totally right, Owen needs to get over it. He obviously has not dealt with his grief about his sister at all and wants to continue to blame Riggs, which is not healthy. He also cannot blame him for buying Amelia drink. I loved how Owen’s dark-and-twisty made him mysterious at first, but honestly, now he just seems immature. Especially when he’s basically accusing Riggs of stealing his friends. Are we in kindergarten now?
Kathy: Owen is being completely immature, but there is that moment where he says, “If I say WE hate him, then we hate him” or something like that. That is awesome. I think he is really starting to view Mer as his person.

Grey's 12x17 Mer & Riggs

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Shandle: This competition thing always brings out the ugly in the residents, and I don’t like that. I think I might agree with Edwards that Amelia may have chosen Penny to win just to send her away. Now, whether that was a conscious thing or not, I have no idea, but I am not willing to count it out. I kind of hope Edwards runs away with the hot musician.
Kathy: WHOA, I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I felt really bad for Perfect Penny. I think Jo once again started trouble, and once again Edwards followed her into the drama pool. I really, really hope that isn’t why she got it. To be sent away. I would hope that the team would be better people than that.

Grey's 12x17 Perfect Penny


Shandle: April is an idiot. Didn’t I say that once already? She heard Catherine Avery’s plan and had zero faith in Jackson. This tells me they were absolutely not meant to be married. I get that we were seeing Jackson’s reaction to Catherine’s plan to sue April for custody and she wasn’t, but even though Jackson has had his asshole moments, taking her baby was never a thing he would ever done.  Until now, maybe. I am really over the two of them. Well, mainly just her. Though I was glad she and Arizona patched things up.
Kathy: Oh, man. We are so opposite this week. I am so mad at Jackson! Why did he not go to April in person and talk to her about it all? Catherine scares the hell out of me. I think the restraining order was a bit much, but I totally get her fear. I wish the Chief had stepped in.

Grey's 12x17 Japril

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 17 – “Thwack!”

The Breakfast Club

Shandle: When all of them were around that table discussing what to do about Andrew, it was like some twisted covert Breakfast Club meeting. I loved it. The whole gang is back together again!
Kathy: Did you catch that quick glance Liv gave Abbie? She knew Abbie was going off the rails. She did not like the moment Abbie and Fitz shared during that meeting. For a split second, I confused it for jealousy, but I quickly realized it wasn’t when I heard Abbie start ranting to Liv.

Abby Gets Teeth

Shandle: I was really proud of Abby this episode, even though the end result didn’t go well. I love that she stood up to Liv. I love that she realized her place of power in the Oval and took a page from Liv’s playbook to handle it. Those things Liv said her on the couch were so hurtful, and the fact that Liv didn’t even realize she was hurting Abby scared me. And then the end where she tells Abby never to cross her again – I’m scared their friendship is over.
Kathy: That whole couch scene felt so off. Liv is usually more respectful than that. That being said, I am not proud of Abby at all. I kind of wanted to punch her in the face. They both know better. Liv warned Abby the power would go to her head. In the scene in Abby’s office, she became Cy. Abby is the new Cy for me.

Scandal 5x17 Abby

You Can’t Sit With Us

Shandle: Poor Marcus, he tries to so hard to be a Gladiator and they keep shutting him out. In this case, though, I think he will be especially glad to have plausible deniability. He is excelling at his job, though. He managed to get Mellie a meeting with that cardinal who will likely endorse her for President. He is wearing that white hat well. Speaking of Mean Girls, Vargas is getting tired of Cy pushing him out of his brother’s campaign. Now he has dirt on Cy’s naughty affair with Tom and is going to use it against him. I can’t wait to see who wins out.
Kathy: Tom. What in the hell was that about? I was so blown over by that. I was laughing hysterically and had to rewatch it twice to make sure it was, in fact, Tom. No. Just no. As for Marcus, I get that they are trying to protect him, but I think Quinn realized he needs to know things. I think they all want to include him,but they are so afraid to hurt him. I hope they include him soon before he leaves. I really like him and honestly, he seems to be the only Gladiator left.

Scandal 5x17 Marcus

The Catch, Season 1, Episode 3 – “The Trail”

Oh shit, Shonda! Moment of the Night: Liv Hucks Up.

Shandle: That white hat is dead and buried now. That is not to say Andrew did not deserve to get his head smashed in with a chair, but it really should not have been Liv playing bam-bam on his head. I knew when Huck didn’t kill Andrew after he had Liv kidnapped and forced Fitz into that war with Angola that he would weasel his way back in. Nothing they gave him was going to be enough, and Liv knew it. It’s just too bad she didn’t outsource his murder to Huck or Jake. This is really going to mess her up, maybe even beyond repair. I mean, she ran to Rowan for comfort. Rowan. And he as the proud Papa welcoming her home? It sent chills down my spine.
Kathy: I knew she was going to snap. I really thought it was going to be on Abby, when they were in her office and she wasn’t facing Liv. I thought Liv was going to bash her head in. Andrew was a monster. He deserved what he got. Liv is in the dark place now. I don’t know how she will come back from this. She has always stayed at arm’s length from this life. Now she is in it. She has done some bad shit before, but this? This will break her.

Scandal 5x17 Liv

The Catch, Season 1, Episode 3 – “The Trail”

Gordon Bailey’s Day Off

We finally meet Val’s soon-to-be ex husband Gordon, who is the silver fox-looking Alan Ruck (Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.) He and his sister, Susan, come to enlist Val and Alice’s help when Susan, who has MS, gets sick after a clinical trial. Alice goes undercover to get the drug and discovers that they are poisoning patients to make the trial fail. It’s a win for the team. They have a case against the drug company, and now Susan can get the help she needs. Before they go, Gordon hands Alice the signed divorced papers for Val, explaining that he still does not want the divorce and that he regrets cheating. Alice gives the papers to Val, and while there is obviously still love between Gordon and Val, she seems unable to forgive him.

The Catch 1x2 Alice

Agent Dao Gets Personal

Agent Dao, listening in on Alice’s calls, also begins to track Michael Thorn and comes to tell her his suspicions. He tells her that he killed someone close to him once and that is why he wants to bring Thorn down. Alice agrees to share information with Dao if it helps them catch Ben. Alice and Ben share a phone call where he begs her to leave him alone so she doesn’t get hurt, I’m guessing by Margot.

The Catch 1x2 Ben&Alice


The Princess & The Con

Ben, now Michael Thorn, gets closer to the Princess and discovers that her head of security is stealing from her family. Margot and Reggie help out Qasim to Princess Zara, who sends him home to face her brothers. Qasim misses that flight when Margot shoots him dead. Then Ben moves in to swindle her out of even more of her fortune.

The Catch 1x2 Princess


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