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Previously: Callie and Arizona faced off in court, Liv and Abby teamed up to take down Hollis and Margot cons her way into Alice’s life.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 23 – “At Last”

I thought we hated him. 

Shandle: First of all, NO, MER, WE HATE HIM REMEMBER?! Now, I’ll be honest and admit that he and his accent are sexy as hell but dammit it’s like betraying Cristina by not hating Riggs with Owen. Though I did like that he called her out on her shit and why she was being so awful to Amelia, she needs that. I’m conflicted.

Kathy: I was not pleased, there was a window in this episode for a different hook up and this was NOT it! He looks way too much like McDreamy. I just don’t understand why she is doing this. She will regret it later and we will have to watch her be destroyed all of again. He is not the one for her.

1. Grey's Anatomy 12x23 - Mer & Riggs kiss


Shandle: I hope Amelia and Owen work out and haven’t made a huge mistake by rushing into this wedding thing, but I #TRUSTNOTHING.

Kathy:  These two, I swear. The concept of easing into something is lost on the two of them. They both do this. They are both so impulsive. I don’t see this ending well at all.

Too far gone. 

Shandle: I feel awful for Stephanie. I was hoping it would end differently but I honestly expected this. After what happened with her and Jackson, I wanted her to find love and be happy. That was just brutal. When Amelia told Jo to go get her out of the gallery so she wouldn’t see Kyle die, it was heart wrenching. I was glad she got her have her moment with him and he didn’t die with her thinking he really did hate her.

Kathy: Yeah, I have to admit I went into this storyline knowing he would die. It is Shonda we are talking about here. I realized something last night, watching this episode: Stephanie is the new Izzie.

2. Grey's Anatomy 12x23 - Stephanie crying

Hey girl, I wanna marry you.

Shandle: Jo is really pissing me off. Either marry Alex or dump him. This wavering bullshit is getting on my nerves. I bet she is already married. I am calling it now. That is her big secret and the reason why she keeps saying no.

Kathy: Nice prediction! I don’t care what the reason is. Release him into the wild so the hook up I so desperately want to see can take place. Alex and Mer. Calling it.

Calzona vs. Calpenny, Round 2 

Shandle: I have very little sympathy for Callie. I know we disagreed last week, but here’s why I don’t. She wasn’t ever going to go New York without Penny. She only found that job and was willing to uproot her life after Penny got her grant. If this was an actual opportunity Callie had been searching for because she felt like she needed a change in her life, I’d be more sympathetic, but as it stands, Callie was willing to uproot her child’s life because she didn’t want to have a long distance relationship. I just cannot support that. And I think Arizona had a point when she told Callie that Callie expects her to fulfill her needs. Dammit, if Penny didn’t make me feel sorry for her again.

Kathy: Wait, wait, wait. How could you not see what a bitch Arizona was being this week? Holy hell, she was so twisted and callous. Sorry, but no. Callie didn’t cause this because let’s be clear: their marriage crumbled when Arizona cheated. Let’s not forget, too, that Arizona put Callie through hell. Callie deserves to find happiness. She has been filled with darkness. She has lost so many people, and she found her happy. She shouldn’t get her happy because she has a child? Children are resilient. She wouldn’t die because they moved. There are plenty of children all over the country who have bi-coastal parents. I was watching thinking – “No way will Shandle will be on Arizona’s side this week.” Color me shocked!

3. Grey's Anatomy 12x23 - Arizona

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 21 – “That’s My Girl”

That’s my girl. 

Shandle: I hate admitting it. Loathe it, even, but dammit, if Rowan isn’t a masterful puppeteer. He has been grooming Olivia for this her entire life, and she has been chipping away at the White Hat she wore all season. And now the white gloves are coming off too. Jake saw it all coming and tried to warn her. Even Huck has seen it come out, but Olivia refused to believe it. I’m honestly excited as hell to see her and Cyrus go head-to-head next season.

Kathy: What a shocker. I thought I knew what was happening, I thought I saw all the angles. Silly, silly woman. Huck called it. You don’t take command – you become command.

4. Scandal 5x21 - Eli

Can’t you ever just be whelmed?

Shandle: I feel like this finale was a little underwhelming, especially by Scandal standards. No one even died! I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or if next year the show is going to go all Game of Thrones on us. I’m looking forward to Cyrus and Liv going toe-to-toe in the campaign, though.

Kathy: Yes! I was a little surprised myself. There was no real scandal on Scandal. A bit odd for them. I feel like we are in for it next season.

I support your choice.   

Shandle: Fitz surprised me. I thought for sure when he found out about Liv’s abortion he was going to be angry and lash out at her, but he wasn’t. He told her he supported her choice and even acknowledged that she didn’t need him, too. It was a powerful moment for the two of them. I was also shocked that he seemed to understand what Mellie was saying and calling him out on his whiny rich white boy attitude while being the most powerful man in the world. It sucks it took him to the end of the term to realize how good he had it, but maybe now he’ll appreciate it. I felt like he honestly realized he didn’t listen to the women in his life.

Kathy: Oh, Vermont. My sweet Vermont. What a beautiful and political moment. A Republican president supporting his lover’s choice and even noting that she didn’t need his support. Did you hear what he said to Abbie? There might be jam jars in my future. I think Fitz will rescue Liv, now. He has to.

Mr. Vice President

Shandle: I saw Cyrus’ plan coming from a mile away. I can’t be the only one. He is a snake in the grass and he is power hungry. Being in the Oval and playing Dark Lord (David made me laugh out loud when he called him that, by the way) is what he has always wanted. Poor Vargas has no idea who he’s gotten into bed with. I also hate Cy for making me feel bad for murderer Tom. Their creepy-killer bond was oddly sweet.

Kathy: My skin crawled when Tom was taking about the baby he found on the train. I really don’t understand what all these guys see in him. How does he get laid this much? Cy: what a monster. I saw it coming, but still it shocked me.

Bitch baby 

Shandle: I feel bad for Jake. He is far from perfect, but I believe he truly wants that mediocre house and life with Liv, and she is too much like her father to ever be happy with it. He was absolutely right when he told her that he went from being Rowan’s bitch to hers. And where the hell was his wife? Joining a ticket days after you killed your father-in-law died seems a little insensitive.

Kathy: Hey, yeah! Where was his wife? I was a little surprised at how quickly he buckled. He stayed, and I’m not sure why. He doesn’t fear Liv like he does Rowan, so why stay at all? Something more is happening there. An angle we can’t see yet.

5. Scandal 5x21 - Liv

The Catch, Season 1, Episode 8 – “The Package”

I choose you 

I actually gasped out loud when Alice walked into her house and Ben was standing there with Agent Dao. I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to turn on his “family” and give them up to the FBI, but it looks like he realized how dangerous Rhys really is after he killed those two U.S. Marshals.

6. The Catch 2x8 - Ben & Dao

Sibling rivalry

Margot and Rhys are constantly trying to out-con the other, and it’s getting exhausting. Margot resents him for coming and taking over her territory, and Rhys is still bitter she and Ben left the “family business” to go out on their own. I am excited to see “Mommy” next week, though. Lesley Nicol aka Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abby is playing their mom. Not only have I missed her since Downton Abbey finished its run, I am excited to see her in such a different role as the matriarch of a crime family.

Sophie’s secret 

This week, Kelsey, a friend and ex-bandmate of Sophie, comes to the team for help when her producer leaks a sex tape of Sophie to get her name into the press. Alice and Val are able to help Sophie, and the producer is arrested, but honestly, what excited me about this case was learning about Sophie’s past as musician. Danny begs to see video of her singing. He finally gets a chance the end of the episode, and his face as he watches her is the cutest thing. He is totally smitten. It was like cartoon hearts were popping out of his eyes.

7. The Catch 2x8 - Sophie & Danny

How does that make you feel?

Margot is playing Alice’s therapist (she threatened the actual therapist and paid her off) and discovers that Ben wasn’t just lying to Alice about who he was pretending to be (Christopher), but that he had been lying to Margot, too, about not loving Alice. She is very hurtm not only by his betrayal, but by the fact that he told Alice his real name, putting her and the entire Kensington syndicate in jeopardy.

Season 2 

Congratulations to Shonda and the cast and crew of The Catch on being picked up for a second season! More cons are coming our way!

8. The Catch 2x8 - Cast

Oh shit, Shonda! Moment of the night:  Jerrika Hinton aka Stephanie Edwards of Grey’s Anatomy liked Shandle’s tweet!

9. Oh Shit Shonda Moment


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