Previously: Stephanie suffered a loss, we disagreed on Calzona, Liv took Command, Cy weaseled his way onto the Presidential ticket, Margot played doctor and Ben chose Alice.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 24 – “Family Affair”

Rain on your wedding day

Shandle: I was shocked at how happy I was for Amelia and Owen. I never really had strong feelings about their relationship either way but she when ran from him and came back, I cried. I even loved when Mer realized she needed to be Amelia’s person. Things are never going to be easy or perfect for the two of them but I think they will be better now.
Kathy: That conversation between Mer and Amelia in the room would have felt more meaningful if Mer hadn’t had such a snarky tone. Then again, Amelia was whining, and it just like, come on, get over yourself. I hope they make it. Really, I dont think either of them can handle it if it goes south.

Grey's 12x24 Amelia

Sisters before misters

Shandle: Ugh, so Riggs and Meredith obviously have serious chemistry if they were sexing it up multiple times, and that moment before the wedding was oddly sweet. Even Owen seems to be forgiving him. Am I the only one who remembers that we are supposed to be hating him?! Then Maggie tells Mer that she thinks Owen likes her. That is not going to end well.
Kathy: Where did that even come from? I don’t remember Maggie and Riggs having any interaction except professionally. I still don’t like the two of them together, but when they were talking about their past, it did make me a little warm that she was finally talking about Derek with love in her voice.

Grey's 12x24 Mer

I trust you 

Shandle: Ben and Bailey finally seem to be over their crap! I want them back happy again next season. I was glad Ben did so well with April that Arizona not only noticed but was sure to compliment his work to Bailey. That hug was just what my heart needed for the two of them.
Kathy: When Bailey said she trusted him, I lost it. It’s about time they got over their crap. The story line was a bit over the top, I thought, but it brought them together, so that works for me.

Grey's 12x24 Ben & Bailey

Two happy moms 

Shandle: Arizona did exactly what she said she wasn’t going to do; she fulfilled Callie’s needs. I would be more unhappy about that if I didn’t know this was Callie’s goodbye episode. I’m glad her story ended happily.
Kathy: I am just happy to see Arizona stop being such a bitch about the whole thing. What she said in that last line made me so happy because that is what I have been thinking this whole time. I was glad to see Callie get her happy ending. I have to say, I wish we had seen more of Callie this episode. That felt odd. I know her story line has taken up a lot in the past few episodes, but it’s her last episode and we get less than two minutes with her? Felt wrong.

Grey's 12x24 Arizona

The truth comes out 

Shandle: I called it last week that Jo was married! But it was heartbreaking to learn that she’d been in such an abusive relationship that she had to hide and couldn’t even divorce him. I can’t even be mad at her for not telling Alex. He doesn’t even know her real name! I seriously hope Alex didn’t kill Andrew with those punches.
Kathy: Rolling all the eyes. They have told each other everything, they have been through some seriously ugly shit before, so why hide this from him? Why can’t Alex find someone who is twisty, but not over the top? Now once again Alex is going to be in some sort of trouble because when it comes to women he can’t be a grown up. He is his most grown up with Mer. #justsaying

Grey's 12x24 Jo

It’s a girl!

Shandle: I was on the edge of my seat when we didn’t know what happened to April and the baby. I’m glad they are both healthy. That said, that story line was stupid. They live in Seattle not Siberia. You put her contracting ass in the car and go. You don’t let her convince you to have a baby at home, knowing what happened to the first pregnancy. For a doctor, that was pretty dumb of her. Also, how are they not going to tell us the baby’s name?!
Kathy: Yeah, I was down with them having the baby at home. That, I understood. I have several friends who didn’t make it to the hospital and birthed at home, so that I was down with. It was the “put me on the kitchen island and grab a steak knife” that I didn’t understand. Also, what will this mean for Japril? I was kind of hoping for a kiss in that last scene.

Grey's 12x24 April & Jackson

Shandle: P.S. Kathy, I know you loved that scene where Alex was talking about how he and Mer grew up, and how they’ve been through some shit.
Kathy: I’m telling you, Shandle, this the only way the two of them survive this show. I need them to end up together in the end.

The Catch, Season 1, Episode 9, – “The Happy Couple”

Mommy knows best 

Lesley Nicol as Margot and Rhys’ mom was the greatest part of this episode. Seeing my sweet Mrs. Patmore so far from Downton was a real treat. She exerts her power immediately by ordering her lackey to kill that poor guy after threatening his kids to get some sort of pass code. And even though she and Margot do not seem to be on the same side, she still got Margot out after Alice’s team managed to arrest her – “It’s a prison break darling!”  She is ruthless, cunning, and still manages to be sweet. No one else could pull off this role the way she has.

Adam & Charlie 

I like Rhys pretending to be Adam much more than actual Rhys. I especially love the way he and Charlie pretend to be a couple. Their chemistry was fantastic. Reggie and Leah Wells also had excellent chemistry. I ship their little family with Paul McCartney.
The Catch 1x9 Adam & Charlie


I loved that moment with Val and Alice when Val told her she was going to say the same things about Ben that Margot did but then realized she isn’t horrible the way Margot is. They are so fiercely protective of each other. I need more time between the two of them next season.
The Catch 1x9 Val

The Catch, Season 1, Episode 10 – “The Wedding”

Girl Power

I love that this show, like all Shonda’s shows, has such strong women characters. I love that Sybil and Virginia are both women gangsters ruling their family empires. It is so refreshing to see women in these roles that typically go to men.

Margot & Rhys

Rhys shocked me by being so pro-Alice and by being willing to help her and Ben run away together. He seems to have changed a lot since killing Felicity. I can’t tell if he is conning them both or not, though. Sybil’s entire plan crumbles when she ends up in handcuffs and Margot runs off with her money. I may not be sure about Rhys now, but I am absolutely sure Margot is no good.
The Catch 1x10 Rhys

Alice in chains 

Margot calls the FBI to tip them off about the stolen painting that has been hanging in Alice’s room all season and they show up to arrest her. She tries to get the FBI agent to understand the bigger picture (pun intended), that she was obviously framed but the agent won’t give up. Alice goes to the office to find it being raided by the FBI and when they find all sorts of incriminating evidence, she is cuffed. Just as they are walking her away, Ben shows up and confesses to everything, saving her.
The Catch 1x10 Alice

Sophie & Danny 

FINALLY! I am so happy those two finally kissed. And I had no idea Shawn was gay. That was a great twist. I love that Sophie knew all along but still waited for Danny to muster up the courage to make a move.

Oh shit, Shonda! Moment of the night:

Sarah Ramirez is leaving the show after playing Callie Torres for ten seasons. 
OSSM CallieHave a shot and dance in your underwear in her honor.

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