Previously: Shandle was recovering from surgery so there was no Catch (sorry, everyone!). April’s baby got a clean bill of health, Callie and Arizona tried to make people take sides, Liv and Abby were at war, and Mellie and Fitz shared a moment on the tarmac.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 22 – “Mama Tried”

Sorry, not sorry

Grey's Anatomy 12x22 Mer

Shandle: I am not sorry at all about Callie. She made her bed and now has to lie in it. She rushed into this idea of running across the country to follow Penny without even considering that Arizona wouldn’t want to be away from their daughter. They got married and agreed to raise Sophia together; Arizona has just as much say in Sophia’s life as Callie does. Penny was only going to be gone a year; you do the long-distance thing and do not uproot your daughter’s entire life for that. You just don’t. She hasn’t even been with Penny that long! I get that Callie is in love with Perfect Penny but she has responsibilities and a life and cannot just follow her heart and run off. It’s irresponsible and not fair to anyone.

Kathy: I think I can empathize with Calie more because I come from divorced parents. My father lived a semi-long distance away; every other weekend and every other Wednesday we saw it. So for me the offer of summers and school break sounded extremely reasonable. They tried to make this about Callie and Penny, but Callie also had a job to go to. A career change–I view it with more logistical nature because my father worked far away, which meant he lived far away. Just like my mother met my stepfather, and we moved away. It’s not ideal, but its logical.

Grey's Anatomy 12x22 Arizona

Shandle: Arizona is not perfect, far from it, but she was right when she told Callie that she would have never let what happened in court happen to her. They made Arizona out to be some kind of villain for having a career. I was proud of her for recognizing while she was on the stand that no matter what happened, her daughter would live a happy, healthy life but that the baby in danger wouldn’t. That is a mother, putting children first, always.
Kathy: I’m with you, but she could have stepped out and used the phone; her place should have been there, dealing with her daughter. I am actually pissed Arizona won. I still harbor feelings over how it all went down from the beginning, though. I always felt like everything was about winning for her. I have never gotten a genuine feel from her.

Kathy:*side note, I love how we viewed this episode so differently. This is what Shonda wants in the end, to create conversation.*

Guitar hero

Grey's Anatomy 12x22 Stephanie

Shandle: I was sad that Stephanie dumped Kyle–and then to see him come into the hospital so sick was heartbreaking. I hope he forgives her for dumping him with a note. Jo was a very good friend not letting her drunk-dial either.
Kathy: I hope he forgives her, too. I like them together; he is the perfect balance to her.

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 20 – “Trump Card”

Art imitates life

Shandle: I don’t even know where to begin! I loved so much about this episode. Shonda is a genius writer and is totally mocking Donald Trump in Hollis Doyle in the best way possible. I love how Liv made him out himself like that, knocking him out of the race. And it helped bring Abby and Liv back together again; for that, I am grateful Hollis exists in Shondaland. I only wish so much of Hollis wasn’t a real live embodiment of Trump.

Kathy: I just wish Olivia existed in our reality and could take down our real-life version of Hollis. It was nice to see Abby and Liv together, but she still holds that secret. I want to trust her, but I just don’t know right now. #TRUSTNOTHING


Shandle: GO, SUSAN! Her telling David off and dumping his sorry ass had me cheering from my couch. I was so proud of her. She has integrity, actual integrity which, let us be honest, is in short supply lately on this show, even from our Gladiators. And that moment with Mellie and Marcus? I ship it. #Mellie4President #Melcus

Kathy: I totally ship it, too. They were adorable together. I loved when Susan looked for a seat and Mellie was: Here, girl, sit right here. *pats couch* So hysterical. I am really sad to see her drop out, I love both Mellie and Susan. I kind of wish they were running together–wait, is it possible for a three-person ticket? #MellieSusanMarcus4Prez

Here comes the sun

Scandal 5x20 Jake

Shandle: Oh, Jake. I hope Liv can save this mess you’ve gotten yourself in to. I knew Rowan was running you and planning to use Edison and you, so he could run the Oval. I hope Edison passes along your message to Liv and she can bring you back into the light.

Kathy: Oh, Edison, this was the first episode I actually really liked him.  I absolutely loved seeing him talking to the press. He said ALL of my feels–ALL OF THEM. Oh, Jake, sending an S.O.S. It broke my heart.

The Catch, Season 1, Episode 7 – “The Ringer”

Quick catch up from last week: We finally met the mysterious Benefactor who happens to be Margot’s brother who is in town to collect the bracelet Alice managed to steal from Mr. X. There is some almost-incestious sex with Felicity sleeping with both Rhys and Margot; later she tells Rhys about Alice right before he shoots her in the head. Rhys is finally bringing some much needed danger into this show. And Val and Agent Dao sleep together!

Pick a side

The Catch 1x7 Alice & Ben

I hope Alice stays strong and stays away from Mr. X. They are on opposite sides of the fence and he isn’t willing to work for the FBI against his “family.” There is no future for them the way things are.

Honor among thieves

The Catch 1x7 Reggie

I missed Reggie. I love Reggie. This week’s con was pretty fantastic; I love a good poker game. I cannot believe that Margot wasn’t smart enough to see what her weasley brother was up to, though. Now he owns a hotel in LA and is going to steal her territory. I feel like this isn’t the first time Rhys has screwed them over either and likely won’t be the last.

The doctor is in

Rhys spills the beans to Margot about Alice and Mr. X still having contact, which is dangerous for her entire Kensington crime syndicate family. Alice has convinced Agent Dao that Mr. X is a small fish in a much larger pond and convinces him to go over the sharks instead. Val convinced Alice to see a therapist, and whens he walks into the appointment, Margot is playing doctor. She wants to know exactly how much Alice knows about Mr. X, his “family” and the organization. I can’t see this ending well for Alice at all.

Oh shit, Shonda! Moment of the night: Liv and Abby discuss her abortion.

Scandal 5x20 Abby

Liv proudly proclaiming that she was not ashamed of her abortion was everything. I was so happy Abby didn’t tell everyone in the Oval about it, not because she didn’t want to shame Liv or hurt Fitz, but because she realized Rowan is up to something and that he is the real danger.


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