Previously Amelia and Owen tied the knot, April went into labor, and Alex went all Rocky on Deluca.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 13, Episode 1, “Undo”

The Tao of Alex

I feel like Meredith summed it up best when she said he was one of the worst people and now he is one of the best. I really do not want this to be the end for him. I want him to be successful and happy, but he absolutely has to face the consequences for what he did to Andrew. Thank Shonda, I am not the one having to decide what those consequences should be. There is no way I could be unbiased. I loved that we got to see Mer visit Alex in jail. “We’re grown-ups. We can’t run. We have to face up to the stupid things we do. Supposedly if we face up to them something good comes out of it. I don’t know what.”

Sisters before misters

I really hope Meredith doesn’t lie to Maggie again. I understand why she did it, and in that moment I likely would have done the same. She needed more information. She was stuck trying to be a good Person to Alex and a good sister to Maggie. I really want them to be good. I want Maggie’s crush on Riggs to disappear so that when the inevitable happens and she finds out Riggs wants Mer it doesn’t ruin them. I love that Mer pushed him away and lied to him. She really has grown and is trying.

Indestructible Meredith Grey

Oh Riggs, you know so little about what Meredith has survived, don’t pretend like you know her. I do not like where this is leading. I do not ship this at all. I see him trying to change my mind with his little dance and “Oh forget I asked.” Don’t be cute. I won’t fall for it.

Coffee & Sunlight

Richard will always be everyone’s father and the way he helped Jo through this was so sweet. “With a little coffee and sunlight your troubles will get smaller and the world will keep standing.” Truer words have never been spoken, Chief. (He will always be Chief to me.)

What’s in a name?

I was so glad we got to see April and the baby happy and healthy, but that name? Harriet? I don’t like it. There. I said it. I also know I was not the only one screaming at the TV for Catherine to give April her damn baby.

Previously Wes watches his daddy die, Frank disappears, and Annalise and Nate lived happily ever after.

How to Get Away with Murder, Season 3, Episode 1 – “We’re Good People Now”

Positive affirmations

OH. MY. GOD. WHO DIED?! God, I missed this show. I can’t take my eyes off Viola Davis, she is amazing, and in this first episode she looked stunning! Everyone looked bright and shiny until those final moments, I can’t wait to see how they all darken again. My first instinct is that it’s Nate who is dead. But, let’s back up and dissect what happened first.

  • Someone is dead.
  • We cut to Frank taking Wes to meet his daddy, Wallace.
  • Wallace gets shot (by Frank? Annalise seems to think so.)
  • Frank cuts and runs. (RIP, Frank’s Beard.)
  • Fast forward 4 months to September.
  • The Keating 5 in Annalise’s new pro bono law clinic.
  • We learn how they each spent their summer.
  • We learn the Keating 5 were at the bottom of their class.
  • Annalise is almost fired but convinces the new university president to do this law clinic.
  • Someone is sharing photos of Annalise with the words “Killer” on them.
  • The PI Annalise hired to find Frank finds him but then Frank kills him.
  • Fast forward two months to November?
  • Annalise’s house is in flames and someone is dead.

How I spent my summer vacation

I loved the format of this episode, though I read that many found the flashes back and forward confusing. I thought it was great for creating tension. I like how we learned what happened over the summer to each of the Keating 5. Laurel went to Mexico and hates Frank. Wes has a girlfriend! Asher asked for a loan since his mom cut him off. Michaela drives drunk and is saved by Annalise. Connor asked Annalise not to hire Oliver.

The end of Conniver?

This cannot be the end of for them. It cannot. I love that Oliver was all, “I can be bad too,” but he was right that Connor needed to be angry. Oliver lied to him for months and because Connor has so much guilt he refuses to accept that he is allowed to be angry about that. I do not want them to break up, but I really do understand Oliver’s point about them not being healthy. It’s not  healthy that Oliver lied, that Connor forgave him that easily, that Connor continually tries to protect Oliver, that Oliver desperately wants to be one of the Keating Club and that he’s willing to bend his morals to do so. Even after Annalise promised Connor she wouldn’t hire him, she does because she is afraid Oliver will hack them or learn too much. As much as I want them to be together, I can’t see it being a healthy relationship with Annalise in the way.

Franked up

I hope that Frank isn’t the one who set Annalise’s house on fire and killed whoever is dead. I hope there is some twist and he isn’t as horrible as he seems right now. I am pretty sure he killed Wallace, but in some sick way to protect Annalise, not just because he’s a killer. I may be in serious denial about how bad this guy is. Okay, I am in serious denial. I love me some Frank.


I don’t think the person responsible for the signs is Frank. I think the signs are someone/thing completely unrelated that will shock us all. Maybe Sam had a love child and they found out he died? Maybe another client of Annalise’s? Maybe someone from that DA’s family? I know she is trying to be a “good person” this season, but I think her past sins will definitely come back to haunt her.



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