Ooops. Sleepy Hollow’s premier was last Friday. I have to admit I haven’t paid much attention to Sleepy Hollow since last season because the storyline was getting bad. I applaud Nicole Beharie, the actress playing Abbie Mills, for exiting if she was unhappy. I will miss Leftenant and Crane. They were the greatest ship that never set sail. But I’m giving Sleep Hollow a second chance. Why? Honestly, because I adore Tom Mison’s eye brows, his childlike wonderment with modern America, and the passion he brings to everything; be it his treason against the crown, or gourmet pastries.

Last season was a mix of Egyptian gods, Pandora and Ragnarok. We left last season with Miss Mills dead, the only demons capable of getting her back was killed, Miss Jennie left for parts unknown to look for a new witness, and Ichabod was willingly kidnapped. And of course, yet another apocalypse was imminent. In episode One, Ichabod escapes his captures and ends up in Washington D.C. He lands at the Lincoln Memorial at the exact moment a Federal agent sees her partner murdered by a demon. (Hopefully Mulder won’t spend half a season convincing Scully of the existence of demons.) They pal around looking for the demon and meet up with a historical demon research group, The Vault. Finally, all the new cohorts confront the demon and Miss Jenny arrives in the nick of time to kill it. Yay, the Scooby gang is back to gather again, even though Buffy, er Abbie, is dead. (But things went so badly for the Buffy gang and they had to bring her back. Hmmmm.) Oh, and we are introduced to the new uber- evil guy, Dreyfus, a businessman who kills when he doesn’t get what he wants. I predict they will kill him off on the last episode this season. (Doesn’t he feel like a cross between Barney Stinson and Corey Feldman?)

Our Favorite Moments:


Crane is being questioned by the Men in Black who kidnapped him. They clearly already know everything that has transpired. But when Crane brings up “Evil”, the interrogator plays dumb. “Evil?” “Yes. Demons, horsemen of the apocalypse, the ongoing success of shows about housewives, you know, EEE-vil.” Oh, I like these writers. Ichabod then escapes by telling the kidnapper that his shoes are untied. Yes, it’s just that easy for our fancy rabble rouser.


Crane’s new partner learns of a government agency called The Vault. It is a laughable resource of the unexplained, but they seek it out anyway. Once there, Jake, the guy in charge of records recognizes Crane as “Captain Brown Beard.” He’s been collecting data on our favorite revolutionary. He’s a bit of a legend. Jake needs a photo.

Don’t say it

During research about the demon that decapitated the Lincoln Memorial. Yes, that’s what happened. Crane discovers that this demon was raised in 1865 by John Wilkes Booth, who killed Lincoln. Diana, our new partner, is sardonic in her disbelief, “Don’t say it.” “President Abraham Lincoln was killed by a demon.” “He said it. (shaking head).” In fact, the demon IS John Wilkes Booth. Ok, so only Jake is easily convinced. He’s so excited. The women are largely skeptical.


The team jumps to the poorly developed conclusion, that copper must be, in the words of Jake, “the demon’s kryptonite.” Crane corrects him, “Or, it is the demon’s weakness…Oh, the Superman, yes.” This is funny to me since last season, Crane schooled Ms. Mills on the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars. He had great respect for Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Yet he forgot about Superman. Alex is more than happy to forge some copper weapons, even if she doesn’t believe there is a demon. “Somebody get me a whole mess of pennies.” (Pssst, pennies don’t have all that much copper since the 1980’s.)

That’s Ms. Badass, to you


The demon gets the jump on the newly formed group, who have separated themselves. In the nick of time, Ms. Jenny shows up to save the day. She’s been off in Tibet learning about soul transmigration or something, to help find her sister. Crane introduces her, “Let me introduce, Ms. Jenny Mills, soldier, scholar, gentlewoman, and all around bad ass.” To which she responds, “Actually, I prefer Ms. Badass.”

Next week, we see the horseman again. Will Crane finally meet his new Witness. Hint: It’s Diana’s daughter, Molly. I promise, if it starts to get bad, I’ll fill this space with pictures of Crane being vexed by modern life, like this:



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