This week on Sleepy Hollow we learn who the witness is and that our bad guy, Dreyfus, not only kills business men, he’s holding Congressmen by the balls as well. To his credit, the Congressman is honestly interested in helping the environment and exposing Dreyfus. (Oh, so supernatural threats are the only reason these politicians are corrupt.) The Dreyer sisters, three bustier-wearing witches, who kill those they catch in lies, are loose. Did we mention we’re in D.C, with all the lying and cheating politicians? This could be fun, er, bad. This could be bad.

Jake and Alex try to figure out Ichabod’s history. Jakes decides that Crane must be a time traveler. (The guy is English, is always wearing a stylish coat, but the closet he uses to make an entrance is NOT the Tardis. Close Jake, but Crane isn’t a times traveler or Dr. Who.)

The gang breaks the “glamour” spell that has been hiding the witches in plain sight. They finally thwart the smaller Eee-vil doings, of the witches, again this week. But the uber-EEE-vil dude makes off with yet another piece of his puzzle, and no one even knows the unspeakable plans he has for them yet.

Our Favorite Moments:

Tis Very You

We open with Crane in a dream, seeing who we know to be the Witness, Molly. Crane and Jenny briefly discuss their relocation to D.C. We see Jenny has procured them new digs in a junkyard trailer. Crane with no judgment says, “Tis very you” to Jenny. I love this moment because only Crane can say this with his charm and not for one second do you think he’s calling her trailer trash.

Witch’s Stone

Dreyfus brings an uber-evil knife that can kill with the slightest cut, to three witches. (Rule: Witches have to be single or in threes.) What he wants in trade is the sacred “Witch’s stone” that President Washington entrusted the witches to guard since the Revolution. They finally give the stone to Dreyfus when they learn the stone has nothing to do with witches. I’d be pissed too, if I’d locked myself up in an outdated house for 250 years, to guard something that has nothing to do with my people. I’d be really pissed if the writers made me look extra stupid, by given it a name like “Witch’s Stone”, pish. Seriously, they couldn’t give it a cooler name. It makes a witch look bad. Well, pointing that out worked for Dreyfus anyway.

IMMA check my Tinder

Alex is skeptical of Crane still. She pushes him on his confession that he needs to research a dream he had. “Did you really have a prophetic dream, as in, you saw the future?” He becomes very somber, as he is want to do when thinking about Abbie. “Perhaps. I seek to discover a legacy, all that remains of an important piece of my past…” Alex responds with, “Cool, I’m going in the next room to check my Tinder.” Wait for it. Wait. What! There should’ve been a line there!

Crane meets his Witness

Well, I was mesmerized anyway! Jenny heads to Molly’s school to check on the new witness. Diana shows up and is worried that Molly was hurt, and accuses Jenny of hurting her. Crane can’t help himself and gets out of the car, moving towards Molly. In slow motion. Like a lion on the prowl. Like every fangirl hopes he’d look at them. But Molly’s is ten years old. Eww. When you consider that, it’s creepy. I’m sure it is innocent. He hopes to find a part of Abbie. The connection between witnesses causes Molly to finally speak after 2 weeks.

Breakfast for dinner

After a failed attempt at pancakes by mom earlier in the episode, Molly makes her mom and her breakfast for dinner. Always a favorite. Crane and Jenny wait in the car for the courage to tell Diana about Molly’s destiny. Mom did just do battle with witches and her daughter finally started talking again. Crane, the gentleman that his is, postpones the devastating news until tomorrow. Well next week, we’ll see. Crane also hasn’t fessed up to Alex, Jake or Diana about who he is. Let’s see how that goes over.

Finally, we see our old friend, the Horseman head off towards D.C. (See what I did there?) It would be pointless to call the show Sleepy Hollow if they are now in Washington D.C. and there was no Headless Horseman.

I have a lot of questions after this episode. Why did our forefathers put all the puzzle pieces in the same city? In National Treasure, our Forbearers were smart enough to space them out a bit more. And why does big Eee-vil Dreyfus know about these artifacts and exactly where they all are, while our heroes didn’t even know they exist? President Washington was really bad at leaving messages to prevent the apocalypse. At least they now have a clue that someone is up to unspeakable Eee-vil, with mystical artifacts. How will Ichabod’s eye brows react when they learn about Dreyfus? I bet they’ve met before.


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