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My oldest child just left home to go to college. It’s fairly traumatic for parents to think about their child wandering around unsupervised, so there’s a lot of advice you want to give them. A lot. I’ve found that Stranger Things actually contains important life lessons not just for college students, but for all of us.

1. Always eat a healthy breakfast.


2. There is a strict code for mornings.



3. Bad things happen when you ditch your friend for the guy with good hair.

kids in the hall

4. Stock up on the essentials.


5. Multi-colored lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore.

christmas lights

6. If you party too hard, don’t be surprised if you don’t get your security deposit back.

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7. Protect your friends. Always.


From David Harbour’s acceptance speech at the 2017 SAG awards on behalf of the Stranger Things cast:

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