Let me tell you—parenting sons? It ain’t easy. And mine aren’t even the spawn of Satan! In this week’s episode it’s all about family, as we see the return of some wonderfully familiar faces.

Mother’s Helper

Sam and Dean have a new case to solve, and they want Mary in on the job. Mary, though? Is melting rugaru brains with Mr. Ketch, and lies to the boys about it, saying she needs to rest after Ramiel. The gentle (but flattered) way she refuses? It’s like they invited her to a barbecue (which they kind of are—it’s just not steaks that are getting salted and burned.)

All Hail the King…s?

Oh, man, I love seeing Mark Pellegrino back as Lucifer (I must say, no one else comes close for me, though Misha Collins’ later work was impressive.) And how, exactly, has Crowley captured him? He perverted Rowena’s spell when Lucifer was cast out of the POTUS, sent him to a captivity chair made with chains from the metal of the cage, and even repaired and fortified old Nick’s meatsuit to contain him. And all this accomplishes is Lucifer’s smirking thanks to Crowley, and the some taunting about how this is going to end.

Be Prepared

Dean suspects Mary’s sudden need for rest is a whole bunch of boloney, but Sam still wants to believe his mom is telling the truth about needing some “pay per view and magic fingers.” The boys go on the job themselves, investigating the latest vic, a Timber Trooper leader who bought it in a museum bathroom. Turns out that one of the museums latest traveling exhibits is a boat called The Star, and Dean remembers it is the very one that was supposed to carry one Gavin MacLeod (aka: Crowley Junior) to his death. (Recapper’s note? Man, they discussed ghosts and people that are supposed to be dead but aren’t in extremely loud voices in the museum. And conference calling the king of hell? Out in the open? Discussing Lucifer? Not exactly your subtlest, boys.)

Proud Papas

Crowley takes that call amidst hearty chuckles and snide threats from Lucifer, who also drops the bomb that he’s going to be a daddy before finding out Crowley already is one. “Oh my dad!” Lucifer says. “I love that! You and I both single fathers!” It should be said that Mark Sheppard could have chemistry with a doorknob but the repartee between him and Pellegrino is just delicious.

Seize the Dagon

“Before kids your life is yours. Once they show up, life as you know it is over.” “Yeah. Pretty sure that’s the way this is gonna go.” Ain’t that the truth, Kelly Kline? Angels are watching over Kelly, and not in a good way. And just as she is about to get run through by not one but two of them, she is saved by, as we knew she would be when Ramiel spoke of her, Dagon, another of the Princes of Hell. Dagon blasts the angels into smoke with just her bare hands and tells Kelly, “Come with me if you want to live.” Dagon tells a terrified Kelly that there is no black and white, no good versus evil. Kelly’s son, whom Dagon vows to protect, could “save us all.” Sure. That doesn’t sound ominous.

Grandmother of Gavins

Rowena helps the boys find Gavin. Gavin sees The Star and tells the boys her story, that she was populated with normal folk heading for the new world, including Mistress Alloway, who taught everyone in the village. Gavin spies a locket in the exhibit catalog that he gave to his true love Fiona and learns the truth. Though Gavin wasn’t on the boat (thanks to a quick cameo by one of our favorite departed redheads, Abbadon) Fiona was. She snuck aboard to be with him and drowned at sea. She’s the ghost with the unfinished business. And Gavin needs to help them set things right.

Hot for Teachers

Fiona strikes next at a girl’s school, killing one teacher and trying for another before the Winchesters (partially) save the day. Gavin summons Fiona and learns that she was tormented on the ship—even passed around by the crew for their sexual abuse. Gavin is horrified. Mistress Alloway even said she deserved it for throwing herself at Gavin, which inspired Fiona to kill teachers. The Winchesters tell Gavin only he can make it right—save everyone Fiona has killed—if he is willing to go back to his proper time and get on that boat. Yes, he will die, and yes, they feel terrible about it. But it’s the only way.

Not Without My Son

Gavin knows the boys are right, and he wants to be with Fiona for eternity. He agrees to die, and the plan is set—until Crowley shows up and forbids it. It turns out he does have a soft spot for the boy and he wants the Winchesters to stop messing with his family. “Let him go, Fergus,” Rowena says. “He’s not like us. He believes in things. Let him do what he believes is right.” Crowley tries to zap him away but Rowena literally stops him in his tracks. Later, at the Bunker, the boys use Henry Winchester’s spell to send Gavin back in time to be with Fiona. The boys see the glyph glow and Gavin turns into a spirit, reunited with Fiona. It’s poignant, to see a good guy lose and win at the same time.

To Tell the Truth

Mr. Ketch tells Mary that she is different when she talks to the boys. Softer. Weaker. And doesn’t she want to be the hunter he knows she is? The real her? The best her? Mary walks away without a word but has made it clear. Nothing comes before her family. She goes back to the Bunker, dealing with Dean’s dramatic greeting before both boys smile and welcome her back. She’s brought burgers and beer. And honesty, apparently. She tells them the truth about working with the BMoL, and they are unamused. (“Don’t give me the face,” she tells Dean, who promptly gives her copious amounts of angry, gorgeous face.) She begs them to hear her out despite their strong misgivings, and they do, but not without ample more face time.

Best Served Cold

Crowley tells Rowena it was a low, even for her. He asks her why she sent his son—her grandson—to his death. She did it, she says, because she knows Crowley cared for him, just as she once cared for the boy Oscar that Crowley made her kill to remove the Mark of Cain. And this leads to a montage of family in turmoil. Mary pleading with the boys. Crowley, alone, missing Gavin. A guarded Kelly and her unborn Nephilim. And Lucifer, remembering one of the ones he created too, whispering a chilling, “Dagon.”

The plot she does a thicken! We’ll see where it’s headed next time in episode fourteen, “The Raid”.


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