You know that old saying? “You’ll be in trouble when father gets home?” This week Sam and Mary find out exactly what that means as the Alpha vamp asserts his presence and takes on the British Men of Letters.

Family Meeting

We pick up right where we left off, with Mary trying to explain her involvement with the BMoL. She’s in, and the boys don’t understand why—especially when she confesses that the Ramiel job was all Brit, all the time. Dean reminds her Cas almost died. Sam reminds her that Wally did die. And when Mary says Wally haunts her dreams? Dean says, “Good.” Ouch.

Hotel BMoL

Mary’s been staying in the BMoL temporary bunker, and let me tell you—those Brits do makeshift right. She gets a Battlestar Galactica looking room, rights to a swanky new vamp killing device, a team of British intelligence, and all the solitude she…clearly does not want. She keeps texting the boys over and over, asking them to please talk to her. Which they’re not. And we’re about to find out why.

Family Meeting (continued…)

It’s hard to pinpoint which part of Dean’s anger toward Mary was more painful. When he told her that she’s been gone their whole lives? When he said that she needed space specifically from them? When he asked her to try to just be a mom and she reminded him he’s not a child anymore? Yep. That was it. Dean’s quiet response of “I never was” was the knife twisted in the gut. And while Sam can appreciate the hunter Mary is, all Dean wants, just as Amara knew he did, is his mom back. Which is what makes him kicking her out (and calling her “Mary” as he did) all the more hurtful.

Brother to Brother

Dean needs something to do with his pain. He needs a case, and he needs it now. Sam agrees that Mary pissed them both off and confused them too, but it’s their mom. They need to try to see her side. Dean’s anger then branches out beyond Mary. He tells Sam to stop being a peacemaker—to stop playing the middle. “For once, why don’t you pick a side,” Dean says, and Sam may do that. But, ever the researcher, he needs to meet with Mary first.

The Reason Why

As Sam meets with Mary her reasoning for BMoLing finally becomes crystal clear: she wants her boys to live in a world that’s monster free. A world where they have choices like college and families. Where they have futures. “That is what I am fighting for.” She tells Sam she isn’t trying to recruit him but she wants to show him how things are changing. And it’s a hell of a sales pitch. Mick Davies tells Sam he is having a briefing with himself, Mary, two BMoLs and Pierce Moncrieff (a second-rate American hunter who fancies himself the “Hunter King of Baton Rouge”) about how they plan to kill every last vamp in the Midwest and then, the USA. And Sam? Sam is listening. And like it or not, he’s impressed.

Ketch as Ketch Can

Mr. Ketch shows up at the HuntCave and buys his way in with an incredibly expensive bottle of Scotch (to be fair, since Dean’s out of booze, the rarity of the bottle wasn’t as big a draw as the availability, I bet.) Ketch tries but can’t engage Dean, until he says that the old guard want to recruit him and Sam, because they know all the American hunters will follow them anywhere. Ketch also knows that the BMoL can give them both plenty of direction for their pent up anger and frustration with plenty of monsters to drop. Because even though the Mark of Cain is gone, Dean still feels the drive to kill, just as Ketch does. Ketch lures Dean out of the HuntCave with the promise of vamps to behead. Side by side.


The last eleven living vamps in the Midwest have a celebrity guest in town—none other than the Alpha Vamp himself (who we last saw in Season Seven and is still played by the formidable presence that is Rick Worthy.) The Alpha wants to take the fight back to the BMoL base because he wants things to continue the old way, hunter on vamp, fair fight, no Weapons of Mass Vamp Destruction. He leaves a weaker new recruit behind for Dean and Ketch to find and then it becomes clear, the difference between them. Ketch truly enjoys punching her and threatening her, Dean just wants her to tell them what he needs to know and he will make her death quick. Remember that psychopath label Toni the Torturer bandied about? Ketch appears to have earned it.

Rats in a Trap

The vamps circle in on the BMoL base, and it takes Mary and Sam to lock the place down and fight the initial wave. Sam is impressed when Mary quickly dispatches a bloodsucker, and approves of her plan to fetch the Anti-Vamp Device and gas the vamps so they can kill them all, until one confesses the Alpha is with them. Then the whole game changes. Apparently the BMoL intel had placed the Alpha in Morocco for the last decade but Sam knows that’s wrong since he last saw him in North Dakota five years before. The Alpha is coming. And with the limited resources they have? They’re all going to die.

The Alpha Bet

Of course there’s one thing that can save them all—the Colt. Jared Padalecki played Sam’s reaction to the Colt so mysteriously, and so well. His eyes teared up amidst his stunned surprise at the sight of it, maybe remembering the time they used the gun to kill a big bad and save John’s soul. The Colt has no bullets, but, luckily, Bobby Singer taught Sam how to make some so they are back in the game. But they lose the element of surprise since hunter Pierce was on the Alpha’s payroll and, after knocking Mary out, he crushes the AVD. The Alpha quickly dispatches of the two BMoLs and tells Mick he’s next, as soon as he tells the Brits to get “off…my….lawn!” (excellently delivered by Worthy.) Sam threatens the Alpha with the Colt, saying he can have Mick if Sam and Mary can leave and return to hunting as usual (Sam’s finally picking a side.) The Alpha? Bets the gun isn’t loaded. But it turns out, as we learn during a very cool flashback, that Mick slipped Sam a bullet and Mary distracted the Alpha long enough for him to load it, and, in a scene reminiscent of the time Dean shot Azazel, Sam drops the Alpha with a well placed shot to the head. The Alpha? Is no more.

“I’m in.”

After, Dean and Ketch finally reach the now ended battle. “When I thought something might have happened to you,” Dean says, looking at Mary, “Nothing else mattered.” He understands they are all adults and Mary—Mom—needs to make her own choices. Sam and Mick stand aside as Dean and Mary talk, and Mick apologizes for the BMoL fail of the evening. Before he can get too far? Sam tells him he knows they are changing the world and he wants in. And if Mick gives him time, he seems sure he can get Dean on board too.

And how easily will Dean capitulate? Maybe we’ll see in episode fifteen, “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell.”

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