Hellhounds. Can anyone watch a hellhound case on this show and not think of Dean being carved to shreds by one while Sam watches on, helpless? It can’t be just me. It looks like this week there is a renegade hound on the loose, and Sam and Dean have to find it before it pulls a Season Three finale on an innocent soul.

The Walking Hunt-ed

Covered in blood and filth and monster bits—how can Dean Winchester pull that look off? Like a pro, that’s how. And carrying a barbed wire covered bat that looks suspiciously like the infamous Lucille from The Walking Dead, saying that Dad loved this thing (an obvious homage to Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing both John Winchester and the aforementioned bat wielder, Negan)? That was funny and hot and a little gross, all at the same time.

Sam even calls Dean out on his boxer rewears (he insists it doesn’t count if you turn them inside out—never thought that the thought of Dean in his boxers would make you say “yuck” did you?) and Dean talks about stealing Sam’s special shampoo. I love this banter between the brothers. Even knowing that Dean will be pissed and/or hurt when Sam confesses that all of these jobs they have been working have been brought to them by the British Men of Letters doesn’t change the fact that silly broments are the best—second only to the brotherly hugs (which I am still waiting for, hint hint.)

From Dagon to Kelly

Cas is still on the hunt for Kelly Kline and her literal satanic spawn. He tracks the case down to the diner where Kelly was saved from the angels that tried to kill her by none other than Dagon, Prince of Hell (there’s something cool about the fact that she’s not a Princess, isn’t there? Equal opportunity evil, I guess.) The foil-hatted manager of the diner shows Cas what happened in the alley the night that Kelly was “saved” and Cas, seeing the yellow eyes, knows he’s in for it now.

Bad Dog

The boys realize that their latest case involves a hellhound killing pretty quickly. They go to visit the vic’s survivor girlfriend Gwen Hernandez, ready to lie to her about how her boyfriend died—after all, if the hellhound was after him, she should be in the clear, right? Right? Nope. We can see through the hellhound cam that Gwen’s being stalked. She wounded the hound in her escape attempt and this bitch holds a grudge.

Master and Servant

Crowley continues to taunt the bound and chained Lucifer, and it continues to be a joy to watch the Marks (Sheppard and Pellegrino, that is) as they face off, more charming than Satan and the King of Hell should ever be. Lucifer insists that his imprisonment is temporary, but Crowley says he is ten steps ahead of him. “And I thought pride was my sin,” says Lucifer. “It’s not pride,” Crowley says, “It’s fact. You cross me, I cross you back. You hit me, I hit you back twice as hard. You make me your dog, I make you my slave.” Crowley sounds awfully confident. But then? So does Lucifer.

True Confessions

After the boys unsuccessfully lie to Gwen and she kicks them to the curb the hound attacks and Sam and Dean barely get to her in time, shooting it as it escapes out the window. Gwen says she never sold her soul so what the hellhound is going on around here? The one who knows, of course, is Crowley. Turns out that Lucifer’s personal puppy, Ramsey, got out and is attacking just for fun. Looks like, as Crowley sings, “a hunting we will go…a hunting we will go…”

Angels on a Mission

Castiel bumps into the angel Kelvin who is also looking for Kelly Kline. Kelvin tells Cas that the angels have unified against the common enemy that is the Nephilim—so much so that they would even welcome Castiel back home if he were to join them in the fight. “And you have the power to do that?” Cas asks. “Oh no, I can’t, I’m just a messenger. But Joshua can.” Apparently the errant Joshua has rejoined the angels for the fight, too, and all Cas needs to do is hear him out—for the greater good. And hear him out he shall, it appears, as Cas and Kelvin head for the playground and enter the portal to Heaven.

We All Make Passes at Boys Who Wear Glasses

Sam and Dean don their hellhound vision wear (the glasses that they made with holy fire back in Season Eight) and all of our nerd loving hearts palpitate with the joy. Sam promises a concerned Dean he will care for Gwen…before realizing Dean’s primary concern is for Baby (as, dare I say it, it should be?) Crowley and Dean hunt the dog, chatting back and forth about who has rubbed off on who the most. Sam and Gwen have a heart to heart about the importance of telling the truth (anvil dropped!) and Sam realizes he has to tell Sam about the BMoL and how they should join them. Eventually Ramsey attacks the car (poor Baby!) and Gwen and Sam dispatch her quickly and, it must be said, anticlimactically (though, to be fair, one of the weapons of attack was the green cooler, and that was awesome.) Honestly? I expected more fight from the Queen of the Beasts.

Free to Be Lucifer and Me

Two of Crowley’s paper-pushers manage to figure out that Lucifer is being held prisoner and decide to free him, one for a price and one to “make hell great again.” Of course, the minute he’s free Lucifer kills them both and waits for Crowley to come on home. When Crowley does, after being thanked by both Sam and Dean (Sam for the hound help, Dean for saving Cas back during the whole Ramiel debacle) he arrives to find Lucifer on his throne. It looks, at first, like advantage Lucifer, especially when he bares his wings in triumph. But Crowley dulls that light and beats Lucifer down with mere snaps of his fingers. Lucifer’s vessel? Is the true warded prison, and Crowley is its keeper. Crowley is victorious. And, he tells Lucifer with relish, he’s just getting started.

To Tell the Truth

Sam finally tells Dean that Mick Davies has been the one feeding them cases since the Alpha Vamp killing. Dean is unamused, and Sam apologizes. Dean doesn’t like them. Doesn’t trust them a bit. But…“We work with people we don’t trust all the time, I mean, hell, I just Liam Neesoned it up with Crowley, so if you want to do give this a shot then fine. But the minute—and I mean the second—something feels off we bail.” “Yeah of course. Deal,” agrees Sam, and then? When Mick calls, right in front of a waiting Dean? Sam picks it up.

We’ve got a two week break before we find out what Mick Davies would be like as a hunter and see the return of Claire Novak on the next episode, “Ladies Drink Free.” See you then!


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