It ain’t easy being BMoL, as we find out in this episode, which also features the welcome return of a friendly face, an update on the Prince-of-Hell-fated Kelly Kline, and a sexy times hookup no one saw coming.

No Anarchy in the UK

And you thought the British Men of Letters was a nightmare? Well, you’ve got nothing on Mick Davies, who’s dreaming of his past days as a boy in Hogwarts…I mean, Kendricks…when the Dolores Umbridgian headmistress Dr. Hess tested both his and his best friend’s loyalty to the BMoL code by making them fight to the death. Mick won, obviously, but he lost, too. Not just his best friend, but his sense of right and wrong. A sense the Winchesters have reawakened, for better or for worse.

Come On, Eileen

Yay! Eileen Leahy is back! She, like I imagine most hunters in the know are, is working the Kelly Kline/Dagon case, on the search for Lucifer Jr. to be. She gives the boys good intel, and gives Sam a little grin that Dean dubs “cute” and Sam seems a touch smitten by, and am I the only one who thinks they would make an adorable couple? That said? Stay away, Sam. We all know where relationships with you lead and we want Eileen very much alive, thanks.

Mi Casa es Su Casa

Sam and Dean go back to the HuntCave and hear “Hello, boys,” and for once? It’s not Crowley. It’s Mick, who has made himself at home and told the boys that their key (much like his, I assume) opens every door of every Men of Letters chapter house all around the world (I wonder if that’s foreshadowing?) Mick thinks he’s alerting them to the nephilim situation but of course, they know. Mick is confused as to why they let Kelly live—once again stumped by their mercy. The boys say they’re handling it, and Dean suggests they drink. A suggestion he will come to regret fully.

Mommie Dearest

Dagon is trying to be a good doula but Kelly is having mysterious pains and wants to see a doctor. Dr. Cheerful (not his real name) does a sonogram and sees some anomalies but before he can say anything, Dagon mind suggests to him that everything is okay and that’s all he says. Later? One of Dagon’s demon hirelings kills the doc, cleaning up the mess. Unfortunately for him, he ends up the new mess as Eileen runs him through (after getting Dagon’s digits.) And Sam and Dean immensely approve of Eileen’s catch. Especially Sam, who seems to be all shy smiles and clinking beer bottles with her. (I’ll say it again: che-mis-try.)

Ma’am, Yes Ma’am

Mick tries to argue with Dr. Hess that he’s trying to bring the American hunters on board but she has one conclusion—either Sam and Dean capitulate or he turn them over to Mr. Ketch (“assimilate or eliminate”.) Problem is? He’s grown to like Sam and Dean. He even tells them about his past as an orphan, adopted by the BMoL, who gave him a life and taught him the code. When Mick heads back to the BMoL compound, it appears he has been assigned a shadow—Renny Rawlings, Dr. Hess’ favorite lackey. Looks like Mick is no longer trusted. That can’t bode well for him.

Let’s Play Master and Servant

Lucifer tells Crowley that even subservience is better than being in the cage. Crowley has won. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. Crowley holds a meeting with his “loyal-ish” subjects, eager to show them that Lucifer has been humbled. Of course, with his back to Crowley, Lucifer flashes quick grins, mouthed “me”s, and red eyes, letting them know who will ultimately prevail. Later, a demon analyzes him in private, saying the vessel is healthy but the security system remains intact. The demon lies to Lucifer that he can crack it, and Lucifer is gleeful, excited to be both free and a dad.

Mary, Mary, Not Contrary

Mary and Ketch seem to be bonding over their shared monster hunts. So much so? They end up knocking boots. Mr. Ketch seems a little enchanted by Mary, who apparently just needed release and doesn’t want Ketch to think it means anything. Ketch demurs, saying that they’re both not built for that, but Mary disagrees, undoubtedly remembering how much she once loved John. Ketch says he notices she took his advice and chose hunting over the boys, but Mary, irritated, again disagrees. She wants both. She wants to have it all.

Party of Five

Mick brings Renny to meet Sam and Eileen, who, along with Dean, are going to trick Kelly Kline into going to her doc’s office so they can nab her. Renny knows Eileen is the “Banshee Girl” and starts to tell her how he was in the top of his class at Kendricks (a fact he is very proud of) but she interrupts him with “No one cares,” earning another flirty smirk from Sam. Mick gives Sam the Colt, presumably to kill Dagon, while Dean snatches Kelly. Dean and Sam try to convince Kelly of the impending doom, but she won’t give in. Renny makes to kill Kelly and Dean stops him before Dagon shows, tossing them all in the air. Eileen sees the Colt on the ground and goes to get off a perfect shot but as she does, Dagon fades away and instead? Eileen accidentally shoots Renny. Mick makes to kill Eileen in retribution, citing, as always, the code, but Sam and Dean manage to convince him that the only code he needs to follow is his own. The one that tells him right from wrong. And Mick, clearly conflicted, lets them go, eventually driving Eileen briefly into Sam’s arms (swoon) and then back to Ireland (booooooo.)

Make Your Stand

After a brief moment of Dagon telling Kelly that birthing a nephilim is always fatal (yikes) we see Mick head back to the BMoL compound, entering the situation room to find Ketch waiting for him. Uh oh. And so is Dr. Hess. Double uh-oh. Hess has been tasked to fix the situation, which she feels is a mess. Mick pleads for her to listen, but she sees hunters as dogs, meant to obey, and they do not. She demands Eileen be found and killed, and the Winchesters will be investigated and if found guilty of…something…they will be executed. And finally Mick has had enough. He defends Sam and Dean to the nines, saying that he is no longer the boy he was—he’s a man now, and he has his own code. Which apparently will die with him, because, sadly, Ketch puts a bullet in his brain.

Loose Ends

Back at the Bunker, the boys discuss, as they have all episode, the missing Castiel, hoping that though he is still MIA that he is all right. Sam hands the Colt over to Dean, who looks at her with relish. “Welcome back, sweetheart,” Dean says, cocking the gun with something akin to love. Back at the BMoL compound, Hess talks to Ketch, letting him know he needs to exterminate all of the American hunters. And, as she tosses a file about Dean on the table, she tells him, “Every…last…one.”

Will Mr. Ketch be able to pull the trigger on Mary and her boys? Or is it going to be total rebellion over at the BMoL? Maybe we’ll get some clues next week, during episode eighteen, “The Memory Remains.” See you then!



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