Nothing like a good old Monster of the Week episode, eh? And to end it with one of the sweetest brotherly scenes we’ve seen in ages? Yes, sir. May I have another?

Bunker Down

With Cas still MIA, the boys have been running solo in their quest to learn more about Dagon and how to kill her. Unfortunately, there ain’t much in the lore on her at all, so Dean relies on the distraction of cleaning the Colt to keep him busy. Thankfully, “Mick” (RIP) provides the boys with a case to solve that will get them out of the Bunker and on the road. Which will provide ample opportunity for Ketch and his cronies to search the place in their absence.

On the Job

The boys head to Tomahawk, Wisconsin to investigate some mysterious disappearances that have begun again after a twenty-year safety period. After a weird interaction with the town Sheriff, they head to the latest vic’s best buddy, Darren, who tells them about Black Bill, the local urban legendy, goat-headed monster who kills people in the woods. Fortunately, Dean’s got the Colt, so he can take the night off….from research. That pretty blonde waitress? She’s his plan B. How cute is flirty Dean? The cutest. That’s how.

Master of the Pan Flute

The next morning, after an “awesome, awesome, so awesome” night, Dean meets back up with Sam at the diner to talk “goat dude.” Sam thinks they are dealing with a satyr—half man, half goat, who leads people to the woods for orgies and then eats them. They’d ask old Darren about it but he’s been got, too. They visit the meat packing plant where both Darren and his friend worked and find out Sheriff Bishop owns the joint. Seems fishy that they talked to him about Darren and then he disappears, huh? And speaking of Darren? Maybe Black Bill ain’t so much the boogeyman after all, since Darren ends up with him in a meat locker, and gets run through. The segueway between Darren’s death and the ketchup splatter on Dean’s lunch? Kind of hilarious. (Sorry, Darren. RIP.)

Home Invasion

“Now, remember your orders. By the time we leave, Dr. Hess wants to know everything about our ‘friends’ the Winchesters—their allies, their habits. How does Sam get his hair so shiny? How many ratty flannels does Dean own? So work quick, work quiet, and leave no trace.” Mr. Ketch has led a BMoL contingent to the Bunker, and they’re turning over every copy of Busty Asian Beauties to get Winchester intel. And it all seems to be going very efficiently, until Ketch finds a copy of the photo of Mary with her arms around little Dean, right next to a cassette copy of Seger’s “Night Moves.” Then, Ketch pauses. Methinks someone is carrying a bit of a torch, and it ain’t Dean and his flashlight.

Rec Room

Turns out the Sheriff’s family estate has a “straight up murder room” in the basement. But why? Bishop tells the tale. Apparently, his family kept the god of sacrifice, Moloch, prisoner in the basement, feeding it the blood of townsfolk once a year in exchange for it making them rich. The family would pretend to be Black Bill to capture their victims. Bishop? Just wanted it all to stop (thus the 20 year period of no murders) so he tried to starve Moloch to death. Unfortunately for everyone, somehow Moloch is free. But if the Sheriff didn’t let him out, who did?

Upstairs, Downstairs

Bishop and the boys hear a noise upstairs in the house. Dean, cocky with the possession of the Colt, goes to investigate while Sam watches Bishop in the basement. Dean cases the upstairs, seeing the Black Bill costume and approaching it gingerly. Unfortunately, Pete, the meat-packing plant manager who is behind it all, makes to jump him and Dean falls over a staircase railing, ending up out cold. Pete locks Sam and the Sheriff in the basement and takes Dean to be Moloch’s next meal.


Pete tells Dean that he is a secret Bishop too—that he and the Sheriff have the same dad, but that he grew up in a double wide instead of home in the family estate. He’s just fulfilling his destiny. “That’s what we do, right? Hunting people. Killing them. The family business,” Pete says, earning a glare from Dean for the utter perversion of the Winchester motto. Pete locks Dean in with a hungry Moloch, bathing him in red light and leaving him with only a meat hook as defense. The scenes with Dean in the meat locker trying to outwit Moloch were tense and a little scary, just the way I like my Monster of the Week episode scenes to be.

If Not for You Meddling Kids!

Sam and the Sheriff track Dean’s cell phone to the plant, finally intersecting with Pete and ripping the Black Bill mask off his face like a live action Scooby Doo episode. Pete tries to use the Colt to kill the Sheriff but Sam is faster, and shoots Pete dead. Sam busts into the meat locker, just as Dean is about to be dinner, and shoots Moloch with the Colt, echoing Dean’s earlier line, “(The) Colt. Dusts anything.” And brother saves brother once more. As it should be.


The Sheriff promises to take care of the Pete situation, saying it is his legacy to do so. As Dean and Sam return to the Bunker they talk legacies, too, with Dean wondering if they will be remembered a hundred years from now. Sam thinks not, which bums Dean out, but Sam reassures him. “The people we saved. They’re our legacy. And they’ll remember us and then I guess we’ll eventually fade away, too. That’s fine, because we left the world better than we found it, you know?” Indeed you did, boys. Indeed you did.

The Winchesters Were Here

And then? The most touching broment we’ve seen in a while. As Dean wonders if more hunters will move into the bunker after they’re gone, and keep up the good fight, Sam says he hopes so and they drift off for a moment in thought. Dean pulls out his knife and Sam asks what he is doing. “I’m leaving our mark,” he says, and begins to carve D.W. into the table, just as he did as a boy in the Impala. Sam adds his initials too, and the intercutting of present day Sam and Dean with their boyhood selves is utterly charming. Alas, the all too brief moment is ended as the boys report in to Mick—and end up with Ketch, who says he is now their new contact in the BMoL. And, as Ketch stares at the photo of Mary as he listens to the boys talk smack about him via the secret microphone he planted under the table, we realize—that can’t be a good thing.

Will Mr. Ketch be able to exterminate the Winchesters? Or will his fascination with Mary be his downfall? Maybe we’ll find out more in next week’s episode, “The Future.” See you then.


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