It’s all about the nephilim, baby. Let’s jump right in and see what has happened to Lucifer’s baby mama and what our favorite wayward angel is going to do about her.

Pregnancy Complications

Dagon has given up any pretense of caring about Kelly Kline as anything other than a package for the Lucifer’s unborn. And Kelly? Well, she’s given up too. She tries to slit her wrists in the bathtub with a piece of broken glass, but she should have known it wouldn’t be that easy. The nephilim inside saves her life. And gives her a shiny new perspective on his “goodness.”

Study Session

Sam is hitting the books—hard—to try to find a way to save Kelly and her baby. He figures out the gestational period of the nephilim and that it will be born on May 18th (the date of the two-part season finale—I see what you did there) so they have less than a month to find her. As they muse on that, Castiel finally comes home, and while Sam is delighted, Dean is miffed. He stalks off in a huff, and we all know Cas will follow.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

And follow he does, to return Dean’s gift of a mix tape of “Dean’s top 13 Zepp Traxx” (adorable.) Dean gives it back and relents, telling Cas he can’t go dark and abandon them like that. “Dean, I just keep failing. Again and again,” Cas says, and man, he ain’t wrong. He wanted to come back with a win and he didn’t. He also wonders if Sam and Dean could even kill Kelly, if the opportunity allowed. Dean, of course, says “we” will find another way. And by we? He means Team Free Will. “You, me, and Sam, we’re just better together,” Dean says. And the audience, I’m sure, totally agrees.

Saving Grace

Sam wonders—if they can’t find Kelly, can they maybe track the nephilim itself? He recalls when he and Cas tried to track Gadreel using his grace, which leads him to a revelation: maybe they could extract the baby-to-be’s grace and leave him just a pure human. That way, no one has to die and everyone gets a happy ending (do we need to remind you boys it is never, NEVER, that simple?) Hot damn, they agree. This is it. Dean goes to find Cas in his room—but he isn’t there. (Cas has a room? That isn’t Dean’s? Canon confirmed.) And where is Cas? He and the Colt go off to meet Kelvin. He’s stolen Dean’s sweetheart complete with two bullets, and even though he is doing it to keep the Winchesters safe and keep them from having to kill Kelly, Dean’s gonna be pisssssssed.

Cas Goes Rogue…Again

Kelly and Dagon have a heart to heart about her being “Mary of Nazareth 2, Evil Jesus Edition” (ha!) and Dagon insists Kelly was only spared because the nephilim wants to live to be born. And when he is? Dagon will raise him to be evil. Later, Cas, Kelvin and another angel break into the house where Kelly is being held captive. Of course, Dagon is no fool (even if she does love a second rate game show) and she manages to kill the spare angel and capture Kelvin while Cas, unable to kill Kelly on the spot, spirits her away. And the Winchesters? Sam’s confused and Dean’s, yes, super pissed off and wanting to “kick his feathered ass.”

How Do You Talk to An Angel?

Kelly and Cas talk while they drive a whole lot of nowhere. Kelly thanks Cas for not killing her. Cas, dismayed he couldn’t follow through with Joshua’s plan, feels like a failure again (well, if the wings fit, Cas…) As Dagon feels Lucifer’s wrath for losing “the container” (and it must be said that Mark Pellegrino makes the most of his tiny scene—he was genuinely unsettling) Cas stops in front of a motel to communicate with Joshua. The new plan? Cas will take Kelly and her baby to heaven. Their human selves will evaporate and their souls will ascend to stay. “Your child could bring the universe to its knees.” “Or lift it to its feet,” Kelly says, trying to get Cas to see her baby might not be evil after all. No such luck. Cas is taking her to the angel gate in the sandbox. He wants to end this, once and for all.


Cas’ truck breaks down and he hides Kelly in the motel so he can Google “how to fix a truck.” Kelly tells Cas how the baby brought her back to life after she died. His soul surged through her and it was good. Pure. Cas tells her he used to believe in a divine plan, too, but now he knows everyone is just (pardon the pun) “winging it.” He asks, even if Kelly is right and the baby has the potential for goodness who will raise him after she dies in childbirth? Who will keep him on the righteous path? The baby kicks and Cas feels it, and he is delighted. As he does, Kelly’s eyes go yellow and she has a vision—Cas will protect her and her baby. Maybe her baby doesn’t need a mother. Maybe it needs Cas as a father.


Returned to Sender

Sam and Dean show up at the motel, and Cas approaches the door, Colt and its one remaining bullet at the ready. “Yeah,” Dean says, deadpan and hilarious, “That’s mine.” Cas explains where he’s been and what his plan is to the boys, and they tell him their idea about the grace extraction. What no one counts on? Kelly’s opinion of the whole thing. She doesn’t want them to take away what will make her baby special. The boys convince Cas and Kelly to get in the Impala and head back to the Bunker. And the minute Dean tosses Cas the keys it’s clear—someone’s about the steal Dean’s wheels. Surprisingly, it’s Kelly! And if you thought Dean was pissed before? Look at his face when someone steals his baby.

Baby on Board

Kelly and Cas talk as she drives to the Sandbox. The baby has spoken and she has faith that Castiel will be the one who takes care of her baby and guides him to use his powers for good. Cas and Kelly get to the sandbox where Joshua 2.0 appears to them for a split second before POOF! Dagon turns Joshua into so much dust. And speaking of sand, Dagon pounds Castiel into so much of it, aiming to kill him right before the boys swerve in in Castiel’s repaired truck to save the day.

Goodbye, Sweetheart

Sam pumps Dagon full of traditional bullets and Dean aims the Colt at her, but before he can get off a shot, Dagon wrests it away from him AND MELTS IT IN HALF. NOOOOOOOOOOO! With no Colt, all looks lost as Dagon approaches Cas to kill him. Cas tells Kelly to run and she shakes her head and takes his hand. As the stunned boys watch, she infuses him with the power of the nephilim and Cas’ eyes go gold. “How?” Dagon asks as he stops her. “Call it a miracle,” Cas says and sends Dagon to a fiery death. Cas heals a stunned Dean and thanks the boys for coming to fight for them. “I’ve been so lost. I’m not lost anymore. And I know this child must be born. With all of his power,” Cas says. And he knocks the boys out with his newly infused angelic powers and gets in the truck with Kelly. “What did he tell you?” Kelly asks. “He didn’t tell me,” Cas replies. “He showed me. The future.” And as they drive off into the night we all shiver at what that possibly means.

And what’s going on in the rest of the Supernaturalverse? Maybe we’ll find out a little more in episode twenty, “Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes.” See you then!

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