If you know me, you know I’m a Sam girl, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the utter glory that is Dean Winchester. And if you love Dean? This episode is a real treat. Yes, the boys work together (blessedly) and yes, they do so to take down the worst evil in human history, but the real draw of this one? The many faces of Dean. Proud, pouty, stern, deadly, snarky, delighted—they were all there for our viewing pleasure. I’m grateful for director Nina Lopez-Corrado. She knows what a girl wants.


Life of Pie

Dean’s not hungry? FOR PIE? Something ain’t right. Dean doesn’t want to talk about Mary desserting…I mean deserting them, so instead he wants to focus on a new case: two spontaneously combusted bodies, dead in an antique shop at 3:00 AM. Sam tries and tries to get him to talk about how he feels about their mom to no avail. As Dean says, when it comes to sublimation, “That’s kind of my thing.”


Abandon Ship

Sam and Dean breaking into the antique shop was hunting at its finest, and the two of them falling into their favorite roles (Sam immediately checking the computer while Dean goes on walkabout mode) was comfortably wonderful. Even more so? Dean looking at a model of a ship with affection, accidentally breaking its flag, trying to fix it and then knocking it over (and over and over.) Jensen Ackles has such great comedic instincts. He made the whole thing look so natural it made me laugh out loud. He broke it? And I bought it.


Golden Thule

Turns out the antique shop had a whole secret room loaded with Nazi memorabilia (now short one pocket watch) which leads the boys to the obvious conclusion—the Thule are back in the picture. And what could they be looking for? Apparently a flighty young woman whose Tinder date ended up way hotter than he looked online. It appears that the young woman, Ellie, is wanted by one of Hitler’s immortal inner circle (and his son, Christoph) and for some reason they want her alive. And they can smell her blood and track her with it. Ew. That’s a little too Twilight for my taste.



Thanks to the Thule, we got a little cameo from Aaron Bass! He’s now in Berlin, halfway through the Judah Initiative ledger, and by that I mean that he and the golem are killing the Thule one by one (or maybe some by some, if it’s the golem’s turn.) Apparently the Thule are closing ranks for an initiative of their own, Das Blut (“The Blood.”) Uh oh. As Sam says, “That sounds nice and ominous.”


Der Führ-her

When Ellie is finally captured by Thule Jr., Sam and Dean are in hot (extremely hot, like, so-handsome-I-can’t-stand-it hot) pursuit. They end up catching Ellie (and Christoph) and try to get her up to speed about the Thule, straining her credulity to the max. When Christoph refuses to say why the Thule want Ellie and the pocket watch, Sam and Dean good cop/bad cop him—Dean makes to kill him while Sam turns Ellie away, saying, “You’re not gonna wanna watch this…” (God, I love watching them work together! They are so in sync right now.) Christoph tells them that the plan is to resurrect Hitler using his relative’s body, and adopted Ellie turns out to be his great, great grandniece. The watch is “like a horcrux”, Christoff says, which confuses Dean until Sam tells him it’s a Harry Potter thing (“You would know that,” Dean scoffs.) What Dean now knows? The watch holds Hitler’s soul.


She Did Nazi This Coming

When Ellie cannot take it anymore, she storms off to an adjacent room. Sam has a heart to heart with her, letting her know she can handle being someone’s vessel. When she questions him he tells her he knows she can, because he was Lucifer’s. And if you think she didn’t believe you before? She definitely cannot handle you know. Finally, blessedly, Dean tells her meltdown time is over, and she better be prepared to be bait. “There are times when you run, and there are times when you stand and fight. Now is one of those times when you fight.” And he means, like, right now, because the Thule have found them all. Leading to…


Fight! Fight! Fight!

Did anyone else appreciate the kickass Thule vs. Winchester brawl of the ages? I have to hand it to director Lopez-Corrado and the stunt coordinators because that was one hell of a good looking knock down drag out. The Winchesters pretty much gave as good as they got in that one, and though the Thule thugs ended up leaving them before it was finished (mostly because Ellie ran away and Commandant Nauhaus captured her—again) I loved seeing the boys kick a little ass.


The Golden Snitch

After Christoph manages to dodge a bullet, almost literally, and take out the dude that his father sent to kill him, he turns coat and says he’ll help the Winchesters find Ellie in exchange for protection. “Do you know what it was like to have a Nazi necromancer for a father?” he asks Sam and Dean, and I’ll bet they’ve never heard that before. The boys decide to believe him and head to find Ellie, cuffing him to Baby as they weapon up. With a grenade launcher. The delight on Dean’s face as he held it, the gentle rebuking of Sam to put it down, and (as seen above) Dean’s annoyed face at having to listen to substitute dad Sam cracked me up all over again. “Let’s go kill some Nazis,” Dean says, and now? Now I’m having fun. And, despite the loss of the grenade launcher, so is Dean.


True Blood

It turns out Ellie was never meant to be the vessel at all! Commandant Nauhaus just wanted her blood to prep himself to be the vessel. And what a vessel he is. I’m not sure I expected Hitler to be so…goofy. We get a kind-of-too-long scene of “Hitler” laughing like a maniac and jumping around as he greets his former (and current) inner circle. Finally, the boys make their way in and get nabbed almost immediately, seeing the newly infused Commandant. “Hitler?” Sam asks. “Hitler,” Dean agrees. Surprisingly, Ellie manages to get enough of her strength back to shoot one of the Thule which gives the boys enough of a distraction to take out the rest. Finally, satisfyingly, Dean gets the new Adolph on the ground. “Heil this,” he says and shoots him dead. “Dude,” Sam says, incredulous. “You killed Hitler!” “Yeah,” Dean agrees with a delightful grin. “Awesome!” And I laughed again. Man, I love that face. There is nothing quite as sweet as a happy Dean Winchester.


Dean Killed Hitler

In the end, the boys follow through on their deal and let Christoph run away from them (and the remaining Thule.) Sam tries to calm Ellie down, and she tells him she’s going to be okay. They chat a bit and then the most unrealistic thing happens in the episode because Ellie lets Sam leave without offering herself as a token of her thanks. (Seriously? You’re not gonna go for that?! I’d believe in reincarnated Hitler first.) Sam heads back to the Impala and Dean tells him there is a bakery that boasts the best pie for 1,000 miles. “I killed Hitler. I think I deserve some pie,” he says. “Did I mention I killed Hitler?” “I’m never going to hear the end of this, am I?” Sam asks. “Probably not,” Dean says, as Baby carries them off to their sweet ending.

Next week we see the return of two fan favorites: Jody (yay!) and Billie (uh oh.) See you next time for episode six, “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox.”

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