Who’s up for a thrilling game of demon, demon, who’s got the demon? On this episode of Supernatural we see how, even in death, hunters cannot escape the monsters on their backs, we get the meeting of mom and almost mom, and Billie tries to reap what the yellow eyed demon once sowed.


Fantastic Mr. Fox

I know our boys weren’t anywhere to be found, but I loved the opening montage. Not only because we got to see young Mary’s sweet, sweet ride, but because we got to see the evolution of a hunter. The romantic (sometimes literally) existence of Asa Fox was something to admire, until that crash shot of him dead, hanging in a tree. It was a reminder, as Dean would say later, of what really happens to hunters and how their lives are rarely long and never peaceful. That said? Not to devalue poor Asa, but as long as I never have to see a salted Winchester on the pyre it’s a (vicarious) hunter’s life for me.


I Kissed the Sheriff

I have made no secret of my love for Jody Freakin’ Mills, and this episode just furthered it. The way she greeted our boys and offered to feed them (and got kisses, swoon). The way she kinda-sorta thanked Dean for killing Hitler (which was adorable). The way she subjected them to a chick flick and found out, delighted, that Dean is “more of a animated Japanese erotica chick” (which was hilarious). The whole exchange was wonderful. More Jody, please. Even with Mary back in the picture the boys need the mother figure in her.


Hunters, Gatherers

The whole hunter wake thing? Kind of the funeral I want to have. Lots of joking around, lots of stories being told, and a general feeling of, as the title of the episode foretold, celebrating of life. It should surprise absolutely no one that the Winchesters are legendary, but seeing the other hunters’ reactions to them was truly satisfying. And the wendigo drinking game? Looked fun! I wonder what happens when you say “demon.” Oh. Wait.


Wonder Twin Powers Activate

Was anyone else intrigued by the story of the offspring of the witch? I have always wondered why there weren’t more good witches in the Supernaturalverse, since there is so much magic being thrown about. I can usually take or leave hunters of the week but these two weren’t only easy on the eyes, they had a reasonable sense of humor and good taste—the way they spared Sam an awkward conversation about being Lucifer’s vessel may have been pointed but was necessary. I would not be averse to these two coming around again. Unlike the supremely annoying hunter Tracy from Season Nine. If I never see her again it will be all too soon.


Wayward Mom

Mary’s attendance at Asa’s funeral? Surprised the boys, and really, really surprised Jody (“wow” would be pretty much all I could say, too, if my friend’s mom came back from the dead and looked that great.) Then surprise gave way to hurt, and Dean’s hurt was palpable. “So, you’ll text us once a week, maybe, but you’ll drive all the way to Canada to see some dead guy? That’s awesome,” Dean said, before walking out. Ouch. Thankfully, Jody, aka Mom #2, is on the case. She reminds Dean that she would give anything to have her family back, but it would scare the hell out of her. She offers to be there for him, to talk about absolutely anything, and it’s touching.


No One Ever Is To Blame

What’s not so touching? Asa’s mom’s reaction to Mary. She hates her, because she thinks she drove Asa into the hunting life. Um…Lorraine, is it? I know you’re grieving and looking to blame someone but maybe you shouldn’t lash out at the one who saved your kid from being werewolf chow. As Mary walks off in defeat, it is Sam’s turn to be the listening ear. His kindness about Mary’s needs, recognizing that Mary, who saved Asa when Dean was just a baby, is a hunter through and through and she and Dean just both need a little space was wise indeed. He takes Mary to say goodbye to Asa and what begins as a peaceful moment gets interrupted as hunter moments always do—there’s a dead person on the ceiling and for once it’s not Mary.


Big Bad Billie

As Dean gets some air, guess who shows? The bad-assiest of reapers, Billie! She came to reap the dead guy inside and cannot help stopping to taunt Dean about the fact that something is afoot inside and he is shut out. “You can huff and puff, but that house is on supernatural lockdown.” Man, I love her sass. Eventually she manages to send Dean on a one-way trip outside but rather than being magnanimous I think she’s just amused. Or maybe she’s hoping she’ll finally get her wish and a Winchester will finally make her to do list. (Side note? The first thing Dean says upon his magical arrival? “Where’s my brother?” Sorry, Mary, Sammy always comes first.)



Let the games begin! The crossroads demon Jael, who had a particular hatred for Asa and a bent for hanging people from things, gets the hunters and Asa’s mom playing an almost Agatha Christie like game of “Who’s Possessed?” (Here’s my problem with this, though: none of these hunters are packing even a little bit of holy water and none of them have the anti-possession tattoo or charm? Not even the witch twins? I’m not buying it.) Jael takes turns possessing people and it’s mostly okay until he possesses Jody. NOT COOL, JAEL! Kim Rhodes owned her scene as Jael the demon, telling people’s secrets with a wicked grin. The only way out? All of the hunters work together to exorcise the demon, saying parts of the exorcism in turn as Jael tried to take them out. Unfortunately, one thing cannot be cast away—the fact that fellow hunter Bucky killed Asa. That confession is gonna follow him.


Mothers’ Day

Lorraine forgives Mary, finally. Jody and Mary spend a little time bonding and it’s rather lovely. “I don’t know what’s going on between you and your boys,” Jody says, “But I gotta tell you—mom to mom? They are good men. Best I’ve ever met.” “I know,” says Mary. “They’re not the problem.” It’s such a brief moment but I love that the Winchesters’ substitute mom gets to tell their real mom about how her sons have turned out, and Mary’s acknowledgment of their quality amidst her own troubles. The boys don’t get enough mother love. It’s nice to see some here.


Reaping: The Benefits

It is, at last, Billie who calls Mary’s bluff. Billie tells Dean that he owes her one for getting him inside to help the others, and the one she wants is Mary. “See, I’m a big believer in what dies? Stays dead,” Billie says, and doesn’t Mary just pervert that all over the place. She tells Mary she knows she doesn’t belong on earth—that she doesn’t fit in. That she belongs back in heaven. That she’s all alone. Of course, she isn’t. Her boys are there. Billie offers her “mercy” in a one-way trip back to Heaven. Thankfully, for Dean and Sam’s sakes, Mary tells her she is just going to have to wait. Of course, she’s taking off again, but before that she allows the boys to buy her breakfast with bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. And between Sam, Mary and bacon? Dean’s surrounded by three of the loves of his life.

And what has Lucifer been up to the whole time one of his creations has been taunting the friends of Asa Fox? Guess we’ll find out in the next episode, aptly titled “Rock Never Dies.”


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