It’s an episode that starts with a wounded angel, ends with another, and introduces us to a new one (with a familiar face) in between. If you love all things wing? This is the episode for you.

Blood at First Sight

Cas wakes up in the woods after one hell of a night, unable to find Lucifer after their fight. And then? In Missouri? A couple discovers each other and falls in love on the spot. Why? Because Cupid willed it so. Unfortunately, Cupid has grace and Lucifer needs it, so he cuts his throat and takes it. Cupid, now human, can’t tell Lucifer where to get seconds so Lucifer runs him through the chest. Not with a blade. With his fist.

Finally at the Bunker, Cas explains where he’s been for the last few weeks and lets the boys know that Lucifer is loose, and the apocalypse versions of Kevin Tran and Michael are working on an Earth invasion using their angel tablet. Dean looks like his head is going to explode. I FEEL YOU, DEAN!

Cas confesses he was going to work with Lucifer, which Dean deems stupid, and he ain’t wrong. The boys don’t believe for a second that Lucifer wants to help. Neither do I.

He’s Only Human

Lucifer is three things: cold, hungry and broke. He tries panhandling but people find his vibe off-putting, according to another street dude. (Props, as always, to Mark Pellegrino, who demands people’s money for his cup in the most humorous of fashions.) His fellow down-and-out takes him to the dumpster behind an Italian restaurant to eat day old lasagna and tells him of Sister Jo, a faith healer with a decidedly angelic glow. And suddenly Lucifer finds it isn’t pasta he’s hungry for.

Daily Prophet

“It’s a long shot at best,” says Castiel, about whatever plan Team Free Will has concocted. “You know what? Most of what we do is long shots. You get used to it,” replies Dean, and ain’t that the truth.

And this plan is? Bringing our old friend Donatello back to the Bunker to decipher the demon tablet, hoping there is a rift spell on it to get them to apocalypse world to save Jack and Mary. They’ll grab Lucifer and use his grace to open the door between universes, save their captives, and slam it shut before Michael comes through and takes over Earth. “Now it’s gonna be harder than it sounds,” Dean says and I don’t know, Dean. It sounds pretty impossible.

But Donatello is willing to try in exchange for wings. Not angel, mind. Just chicken. Later, the boys learn of Cupid and discover that Lucifer is topping up. If he restores his power? “We’re boned,” says Dean. “Epically,” replies Cas and I am glad they’re reunited for deadpan moments just like that.

Taming of the Shrewd

Sister Jo (played by a very welcome Danneel Ackles—yes, that last name is, in fact, familiar for a reason) heals the sick for the reward of their gratitude. Oh no, wait. She does it for cash. She’s no faith healer—she’s the angel Anael, turning a profit to keep her vessel extraordinarily beautiful, apparently. She doesn’t flinch in the face of Lucifer, which surprises him, and she convinces him to keep her on tap, taking only sips of her grace, allowing her to heal and doing it again, which surprises us. She’s a business woman through and through, and in Lucifer? Opportunity knocks. (Ackles and Pellegrino have great chemistry, it must be said. She is not just stunt casting.)

Playing Ketch

Ketch meets with a disgruntled Asmodeus, who wants a weakened Lucifer found and killed. (Even he can’t disagree with Ketch, when Ketch calls imprisoning Lucifer monumentally stupid.) Later, when the boys track down where Sister Jo was practicing her craft, they burst in to see Ketch on the hunt, too, and don’t let Sam’s little grin fool you. They are not amused.

“Who are you working for?” asks Sam, and Ketch changes the subject, saying they should team up with a little “Huzzah!” Cas? Who seems more seasons four and five Cas lately than he has in a long time? Touches his forehead and knocks him out. It’s in the trunk for you, mister!

No Tell Motel

Sam finds that Sister Jo has used her credit card to catch a room for the night. She and Lucifer have a decidedly sensual experience extracting her grace, passing out on the bed like they have done something involving his other angel blade, if you know what I mean. They talk about feeling graceless—human—and how emotions and stuff suck. But Anael envies humans a little, because they have choice. She used to be a button pusher in Heaven with no possibility of ascension, so to speak. She wasn’t devastated—she was liberated. Lucifer? Can’t relate. But when he finds his son? The fun will really start.

Fly Chicken Fly

Asmodeus impersonates Cas and casts a spell on Donatello to get him to report back to him, without Donatello even knowing it. I must say, seeing Asmodeus with fried chicken in his hand? That’s gotta be an intentional nod.

Later, the boys track Anael back to the motel and trick her into meeting them. She seems scared, telling them that Lucifer is weak and she needs their help. Of course, when the trio corners Lucifer they find out he’s not weak at all. After some snark about Sam’s leave in conditioner (ha!) Anael helps Lucifer knock the boys to the ground where Lucifer proves his power by clenching their insides with the magic of his fists. And who comes to the rescue? Arthur himself. He throws a demon bomb at Lucifer but misses and Anael and Lucifer get away. (How did Ketch get out of the truck? “I’m Ketch,” he says, simply, and that’s as good a reason as any.) Ketch confesses who his boss is and tells them he has found his line in the sand—he will work with them to prevent Lucifer from walking the earth once more. “I’m the lesser of—well—at least three evils,” Ketch says. Man’s got a point.

A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall

Anael tells Lucifer she is still on his team, relishing her new importance. They meet with Dumah and a couple of other angels and present his plan. Lucifer observed how angels were created by God, and he will make more. Also? He’ll give them their wings back. All they have to do? Is make him the undisputed ruler of Heaven. And Lucifer takes the throne, with the paltry few angels left kneeling before him, Anael by his side.

Lock and Loki

Ketch returns to Asmodeus to report back, and we’re all wondering whose side he’s really on. He tells Asmodeus that he can’t kill the devil at full power, despite how good he is, but Asmodeus doesn’t seem concerned. He has procured an archangel blade, the only thing that can destroy an archangel. But, Ketch reminds him, the lore says it must be wielded by another archangel to be effective. Again, Asmodeus is blasé. See, the Prince of Hell has a trickster up his sleeve. He has an archangel imprisoned in hell. Because, and how AWESOME is this, Gabriel is alive.

I can’t wait to find out what happens next, but I will have to, and you will too. The next episode, “Only The Best Intentions” doesn’t air until March 1st. See you then!

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