So. Much. Happened! There’s no time to waste, kids. Let’s get right to it.

Comeback Kid

We open with a struggling artist named Derek Swan, who seems to have a buyer for one of his pieces, until that buyer shows up and it’s none other than Jack. Jack knows Derek dreamwalks into other worlds, and he wants him to be his guide to find Apocalypse World. Derek, after an appropriate amount of cash is laid out (don’t know where Jack got that!) dreamwalks to the right spot, and Jack clasps his head and goes yellow eyes and Jack can see it all too! Unfortunately, it seems to go right through Derek’s head and Derek screams and the screen cuts to black. When we return, Derek the dreamwalker is dead, his eyes burned out, and we’re left to wonder just how dangerous Jack really is.

Psychic Hotline

Back at the bunker, Dean calls Patience Turner to see if she can provide some insight into Jack’s location, but alas, no answer. Sam says that Cas is in Tuscon, working a lead (but we all know it’s just voice mimicking Colonel Sanders and Cas is still in hell lockup.) The real lead, though, is held by Jody Frickin’ Mills, who calls Sam and Dean, telling them about Derek’s mysterious death and that someone looking just like Jack was spotted at the scene.

Perfect GPA (General Psychic Ability)

Patience is trying to balance life as a straight A student and a woman with supernatural abilities. She tells her dad James that Dean called her looking for help, and James is glad she didn’t answer.

Later, Patience has a vision of the woods and a shadowy figure and Jody being run through with a blade. Patience decides to go to Jody’s, and James is much less than supportive. He tells her if she chooses the life and leaves she can’t come back. Stunned for only a second, Patience squares her shoulders and marches on, ending up at Jody’s door. “Something bad’s coming,” she tells Jody. Indeed it is, Patience.

Only In My Dreams

The boys go to the crime scene and Dean sees a painting of Apocalypse World. The boys talk it out and Dean thinks that Jack is looking for his dad. Sam still believes in Jack so he encourages Dean to pursue Kaia Nieves, an orphaned dreamwalker that Derek had been corresponding with for months. And where is she? She’s in court appointed rehab group for an addiction to amphetamines, covered in scars and bad in attitude. Kaia doesn’t want to sleep, it seems. Apparently she only dreamwalks to “The Bad Place”. And she isn’t using that term lightly.

Break Out

After group, Kaia meets the new kid. Guess who? It’s Jack. Jack tells Kaia he knows who she is—that Derek said she was the most powerful dreamwalker he had ever known. Jack offers to break her out just as Sam and Dean arrive and he does so easily. Kaia appreciates Jack’s efforts but doesn’t want to go with him. He tries to force the issue but Sam and Dean interrupt and Kaia flees.

The brothers want to know what the hell is going on and Jack confesses he wanted to do one good thing—find Mary. He tried to open doors to other worlds and had minor success but couldn’t see into them. He needed Derek and Kaia to be his eyes. Derek showed him Apocalypse world, and Mary, in the makeshift iron maiden that once held Lucifer, begging for help. Jack goes yellow eyes and shows the boys exactly what he saw, and though both boys are deeply shaken, Dean is thoroughly rocked.

Hitch a Ride

A hitchhiking Kaia is kidnapped by angels who want to use her as bait to attract Jack (Side note? They tortured and killed Derek, not Jack. Whew!) The boys and Jack are on the hunt for her too, and as they search in Baby they commit to finding Mary, with Dean adding, darkly, doing “whatever it takes.” Jack doesn’t understand why they would think he killed Derek. Dean confesses he thought Jack was looking for Lucifer, and Jack is puzzled. “I was scared. I was upset. But why would I look for him? He’s no one to me. You—Castiel—you’re my family.” “Yes we are,” agrees Dean, telling Jack he did a good thing by finding Mom. Jack and Sam have a little moment of pleasure at Dean’s coming around (with adorable tiny smiles to boot) and all is well, until Angel Radio pierces through Jack’s brain, letting him know about Kaia.

Alone Again, Naturally

Kaia (and it must be said that young actress Yadira Guevara-Prip makes us feel real sympathy for Kaia here) tells the angels their plan sucks. That no one ever comes to her rescue. Of course, she’s wrong. Dean gets the jump on one of the angels and holds him to his angel blade (not a euphemism) while the female angel tries to get Jack to come to Heaven. “Come home,” she says. “I am home,” Jack replies, and the knock down drag out begins, right before Kaia’s wide eyes.

Jack uses his slo-mo telekinesis powers (looking undoubtedly cool as usual) to save both Sam and Dean, but the female angel escapes. They leave, intending to take Kaia to a sacred space where the walls between worlds are thin, but once again Kaia wants out. She doesn’t want to dreamwalk anymore. She only ever goes to “The Bad Place”—wherein lies only pain and suffering and monsters and death.

Kaia apologizes, saying she can’t help them. Sam wants to find another way but, shockingly, Dean pulls a gun on Kaia, first telling her and then screaming at her to get in the car. Kudos, as always to Jensen Ackles for that moment—he stunned me with Dean’s desperate rage. Why doesn’t he have an Emmy already?

En Route

Sam is frustrated with Dean’s course of action, but they still drive on. Jack tells Kaia that he thinks they can help each other, and pleads with her to give him five seconds to show her all the places her power can lead her. He goes yellow eyes and so does Kaia, and they see things that leave them both smiling and excited. “Our powers can be good,” Jack says. “We can do good in this world.” She’s convinced. Of course, that female angel, who has now rustled up a small army, is convinced of Jack’s powers, too.

Ship of Fools

Sam shepherds Jack and Kaia onto an abandoned boat, warding the place up while Dean tries to stall for time. Dean, realizing there are too many angels, races to the boat too, wondering how long the sigils will hold. The quad runs upstairs, Sam warding along the way, eventually trapped on the top floor. The angles put their blades point to the ground and strike the ground with their hands and the sigils begin to run. Kaia, now completely on board, agrees to work with Jack to open a door to another world. “What if something goes wrong?” asks Sam. “Something already is going wrong,” shouts Dean and man, he ain’t wrong. (Recapper’s notes: I have so many questions about this “angels melting sigils” thing. Why does that suddenly work? And why didn’t the boys just blast them back to Heaven as Sam suggested? There were only six of them and they had Jack’s help. Seems a little too convenient, but the tension of the scene was truly compelling so I guess I’ll just let it go.)

Sliding Doors

Jack and Kaia get to work. At first all she can see is The Bad Place, but then she focuses and can see doors to multiple worlds. Jack guides her to Apocalypse World and Kaia struggles to hold onto it, but she keeps vacillating between it and The Bad Place. Finally? She breaks through, screaming. The angels disappear like so much smoke. Even their angel blades are melted. And our foursome? Kaia ends up on the side of a decidedly Earth looking road. Jack ends up on the floor of Mary Winchester’s prison.

And Sam and Dean? They end up in what we know is The Bad Place. The look around, confused, jumping down into a pit in the ground. But this ain’t no ordinary pit. As the camera pulls back we can see what it is—a gigantic three-toed footprint.

ARRRGGGHHH! Mini Hellatus is upon us! See you in January for the backdoor pilot, episode ten, “Wayward Sisters.” Happy holidays!

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